Legatum Homeopathicum newsletter #1

From: "Legatum Homeopathicum" <newsletter@legatum.sk>
Subject: Legatum Homeopathicum newsletter #1
Date: December 18th 2012

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Legatum Homeopathicum

Tuesday 18th, December 2012

Dear subscriber,

this is the first issue of Legatum Homeopathicum newsletter. The purpose of this newletter is to inform you about Legatum Homeopathicum activities – the progress of our projects, pointing out new or recommended articles, latest homeopathic news and research etc. – but most importantly keeping the homeopathic spirit alive, encouraging your collaboration and participation on pro-homeopathy activities.

While we have received many positive responses upon commencement of Legatum Homeopathicum activities, we feel the actual engagement is still quite low and we would like to encourage you to get more involved. There is a lot of work to be done, great projects waiting to developed and this would go so much better if more of you started to participate. If you are willing to help, but don't know where to start, just send us your application and we will direct your attention to the tasks which might be suitable for you. If you have a great idea or something to share, feel free to make a contact.

So, enjoy the Christmas season and we will be back with more stuff in 2013!


Project Remedies now in pre-launch phase.

Project Remedies, which aims to create order out of a jungle of homeopathic remedy names, is now in pre-launch phase. We would like it to become a reference for homeopathic remedy naming, so we want your feedback (use the Discussion at the end of the page or contact us directly) regarding the current setup of the project, the information about remedies that will be recorded etc. Once the project is launched it will be much more difficult to make systematic changes, so please post your comments now. Read More »

Debate about Homeopathy – André Saine vs. Joe Schwarcz

Original LH transcription of a talk that took place on the premises of McGill University, November 27th, 2012. The topic of the talk was "Homeopathy: Mere Placebo or Great Medicine?", the opponents were Dr. André Saine and Dr. Joe Schwarcz. Read More »

Recommended article – Hahnemann's Three Precautions

A very interesting and highly recommended article from the pen of famous C. von Boenninghausen concerning not only "Hahnemann's Three Precautions", but also a personal story of his own serious ailment and that of his son which led him to the study of homeopathy.Read More »

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