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Subject: Legatum Homeopathicum newsletter #2
Date: January 2nd 2013

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Legatum Homeopathicum

Wednesday 2nd, January 2013

Dear subscriber,

one of the measures of a person is the extent to which they use their free will – the decisions made and actions performed OUTSIDE of scope of their usual duties, reactions to the external stimuli and other "must-haves". How many of that have YOU (yes, you with that stupefied expression on your face :-) done recently? Let's summarise it – EVERYONE is SO BUSY with whatever they do, we get it. On the other hand, there is an undeniable effect of Parkinson's law (work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion), so could it be, if you REALLY wanted, you could, just may be, spare a few hours of your time once in a while and devote it to furthering the cause of homeopathy? We KNOW for sure there are many people out there who could be really helpful – and we don't ask that you need to be a genius, just perform an honest bit of work.

We have been busy ourselves and we hope to get you energized with the coming of new year, so please hit that keyboard and let us have your comments on the upcoming projects.


Project Remedies still taking shape.

There have been some improvements of the description of Project Remedies – examples (Sulphur, Phosphorus, Lycopodium, Sepia, Pulsatilla) and clearer description of the goals of the project have been provided. Also, there is an important modification of the basic remedy data template, namely the addition of DISTINCTNESS attribute, which indicates the level of ambiguousness of the remedial source substance. Remedies marked as DISTINCT are clearly identified and the medicinal effect should be as described in materia medica. Remedies marked as GROUP cannot be clearly linked to a SINGLE substance, but rather consist of several distinct substances which may produce markedly different medicinal effects. Remedies marked with VARIANTS have two or more forms, variants or distinct modes of preparation which may or may not cause the difference in expected medicinal effect. Please review the changes and post your comments now. Read More »

Announcing new section – Question for André Saine

Dr. André Saine was very kind to agree to answer ONE question per issue of our newsletter (or as his duties will permit). André is very experienced Hahnemannian prescriber (that's why we like him :-), a homeopathic scholar and someone who will answer some TOUGH homeopathic questions for you. So, go hard and submit your questions here.

Recommended article – Importance of a single symptom

A highly educative article authored by legendary A. Lippe explaining some of the essentials of Hahnemannian homeopathy – points covered include case taking, totality of symptoms, why pathology is no basis for prescription, and important clues to one of the essential secrets to successful prescribing – understanding of characteristic symptoms (which, as an inconspicuous side note, could be beautifully represented in Object Repertory :-) As is customary with Lippe, this article is dense with precious information and it is to be studied and re-read for deep understanding. Read More »

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