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Subject: Legatum Homeopathicum newsletter #10
Date: April 24th 2013

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Legatum Homeopathicum

Wednesday 24th, April 2013

Dear subscriber,

we thank all of you who have participated in our last research. We are glad to learn that most of you (if we consider the answers representative) are happy with the way things run on Legatum Homeopathicum. In case you are not, you still have a chance to express your opinion, the questionnaire is still open to receive your ideas and opinions.

With regards to ideas you have come up with, three of them have especially caught our interest:

  • Providing more articles with solved cases.
  • Provide / organize help and mentoring with (difficult) cases.
  • Create a course of classical homeopathy for beginners.

There is no problem satisfying the first point – the solved cases will continue to appear in the recommended article section of this newsletter, but, of course, you are free to browse the resources section and read any article you wish, without the need to wait for us to pick one for you.

As the mentoring of cases goes, this part would require an on-going time and effort and, is currently not feasible, given the financial requirements it would entail. Those qualified to mentor are usually extremely busy, their time is precious and it is dubious – even if they agreed to do it for free – whether their efforts would be well invested as there are great differences in understanding the basic tenets of homeopathy among homeopaths and questions such as "What remedy would you recommend for disease X?" are, unfortunately, not rare.

For those who are serious about learning, we can recommend live webinars by André Saine, the sample of which you can see here. These are great – if you can afford it.

Regarding the creation of course of homeopathy for beginners, that would most certainly be a worthy goal, but it takes time to do something like this – especially if it is to be done right. If there are some of you who feel qualified and willing to participate on creation of the material of this kind, please let us know.


Another Debate about Homeopathy – André Saine vs. Steven Novella

Original LH transcription of a talk that took place on the premises of the University of Connecticut, March 22nd, 2013. The topic of the talk was Homeopathy: Great Medicine or Dangerous Pseudoscience?, the opponents were Dr. André Saine and Dr. Steven Novella. Read More »

Question for André Saine

Q: Can you recommend any literature where we can learn what states are healthy / normal and what is pathological – for example how often is a normal urge to urinate, to defecate; what sexual desire/frequency is normal; is it normal to feel nervous/restless when hungry; how soon should one fall asleep when going to sleep and many other questions of that kind?

A: You should find answers about the normal functions of the human organism in textbooks of physiology. If this is not sufficient for a rare aspect of a function then the answers... Read the full answer »

Do you have a question of your own? You can submit it here.

Editing and creating new pages on Legatum Homeopathicum

We were also surprised to find out many of you are unaware they can easily edit or create new pages on Legatum Homeopathicum and were interested to learn how to do it. You can easily modify most of the pages by clicking the "Edit this page" icon on the toolbar on the right side of the page (it looks like a pencil). If you see a "Show pagesource" icon instead (magnifying glass), it means this page can only be edited by administrators. You can still see the Old Revisions of any page, by clicking the appropriate button on the toolbar.

If you just wish to fix a typo or make a small change in the text, you can do that without further ado; if you wish to explore more formatting options of the wiki engine, please read formatting syntax manual.

Recommended article – Involuntary proving and a cure with Chlorine

Some of you have asked for more clinical cases and this article from Carroll Dunham provides both a clinical case and a (fragmentary) proving of a substance used to cure it, thereby illustrating a the basic homeopathic law upon which prescriptions should be based – similia similibus curantur. Another distinguishing feature of this case is the use of unpotentized solution of the remedial substance.

Read the article here. »

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