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Date: May 22nd 2013

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Legatum Homeopathicum

Wednesday 22nd, May 2013

Dear subscriber,

there are many issues homeopathic practitioner may encounter, which are seldom mentioned and SHOULD serve as a reminder there is still so much work to be done in homeopathy.

One of those issues includes the use of certain terms, words in homeopathic literature/knowledge base, i.e. repertories or materia medicae, such as the word "tenesmus" mentioned in the previous issue of our newsletter, or the word "wart" as I will show in the example below. Some may think I am cherry-picking the issues, but the actual problems encountered in practice, and this is indeed one of them, are really about details like these, and if homeopathy should ever become the SCIENCE of therapeutics as it professes to be, it has a long way to go in structuring and integrating its basic data (e.g. words, terms and expressions describing certain signs and symptoms, be it disorders of the physical body or mental states of the patients) in order to be able to exploit its potential to the maximum extent.

I will illustrate the problems on the case I was involved in, indirectly, some two years ago. The patient of my friend (a student of homeopathy) wanted to get rid of the "warts" (of many years' standing) on the palms and fingers, and I was asked to help analyze the case. The case notes and some photos of the problem arrived by email – this one is pretty illustrative.

The moment I looked at it, the word "corns" came in to my mind, as this was the EXACT SAME TYPE of eruptions I used to have on my soles during my childhood. Unfortunately, as I have soon found out, there is no rubric involving "corns on the palms or fingers" in any of the repertories I have, but I was able to find ONE record of such symptom in the materia medica, specifically "Palms and soles spreckled over with corns;" in Clarke's and Kent's MM of Kalium arsenicosum.

I believed I would fare better with the search for "warts on palms" (or fingers), but there were only a few remedies (8) in the repertory and less than 15 remedies came up in the materia medica search. (NOTE: The rubrics of ANY repertory are INCOMPLETE. If in doubt, always search your materia medica for the best results.)

Read the full article here »

Homeopathy versus Speculative Medicine – A Call for Action

Instead of the usual question and answer by André Saine, we are offering you one of his older articles, which concerns the basic schism of homeopathy today – the difference of opinion between traditional Hahnemannian homeopathy and so-called progressive trends, represented by Scholten, Sankaran etc. Read the full article here »

Recommended article – Hahnemann's Chronic Miasms

Diving deep into the miasm problem, we offer this particular Homoeopathic Physician article from the pen of P.P. Wells for your consideration. Although I am not so convinced Dr. Wells managed to show the importance of the miasm in the process of prescribing, he most certainly demonstrated the EFFECTS of an acquired miasm (vaccine-induced, in this case) on the development and progression of the case.

Interestingly enough, the article references two other articles by Boenninghausen and Dunham which were already featured in the Recommended article section of our newsletter. For your convenience, these have been linked from the article, so you can refresh your memory without the need to search for each particular text. If you wish to improve the quality of the articles on Legatum Homepathicum, you can add your interlinks too.

Read the article here. »

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