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Date: June 5th 2013

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Legatum Homeopathicum

Wednesday 5th, June 2013

Dear subscriber,

"If our school ever gives up the strict inductive method of Hahnemann, we are lost, and deserve only to be mentioned as a caricature, in the history of medicine."

This was the admonition of Constantine Hering uttered not long before his earthly demise and it served as a motto of what we consider one of the best homeopathic magazines ever published – The Homoeopathic Physician. The featured authors included perhaps all the homeopathic heavyweights of the period – a true all-star team including names like Ad. Lippe, P.P. Wells, E.W. Berridge, E.B. Nash, H.C. Allen, C. Pearson and later also J.T. Kent.

The magazine fiercely defended the true Hahnemannian homeopathy, preserving intact “the strict inductive method of Hahnemann” and promulgating the homeopathic method relying solely on The Law of the Similars, The Single Remedy and The Minimum Dose. It was also an official magazine of the International Hahnemann Association (IHA) which was formed in the same year (1881) with the same goals as the magazine – preserving the true homeopathic method.

Thanks to the diligence of our proofreaders, we can now bring you the complete Vol. 1, while seven other volumes are in different stages of processing. It takes of a lot of hard work of many people to be able to deliver this content, so we hope you'll enjoy it and use it for the advancement of homeopathy. If you'd like to help with the proofreading, you are welcome to join the team.


André Saine's first answer to a post-debate question

Speaking of hard work, as you may know the last March André Saine debated Steve Novella of Yale on whether homeopathy was a great medicine or a dangerous pseudoscience. Following the debate they both agreed to ask each other a question monthly, with the obligation that these Q&A will be posted on their mutual websites. Dr. Saine certainly saved no time nor effort on fighting our cause and you can read the first part of his very interesting reply on our web site.

Read the article here. »

Question for André Saine

Q: According to Hahnemann's case books and 5th and 6th Edition of Organon, Hahnemann often used frequently-repeated (even several times daily) doses of the indicated remedy in chronic diseases (solution in water and succussed before each new dose). Reading the old American journals and cases of eminent homeopaths like Lippe, it seems to me they still preferred the “watch-and-wait” method of the 4th Edition of Organon (albeit giving them in water, instead of dry dose). Can you give any clues on the most efficient method and / or your experience with this?

A: It is important to understand that for both Hahnemann and Lippe when a pellet of a remedy was stirred in water and a teaspoon was given at regular time intervals, it was still considered one dose. Hahnemann had almost every one of his patients with a chronic disease to repeat the remedy once or more daily in water... Read the full answer »

Do you have a question of your own? You can submit it here.

Recommended article – IN MEMORIAM

This article is one of the first to appear in the first number of the first volume of The Homoeopathic Physician. Written by famous Ad. Lippe, it is devoted to the memory of one of the giants of homeopathy, Constantine Hering. His death, together with ever increasing practice of mongrel homeopathy and medical eclecticism, seems to have been one of the impulses for the commencement of this stricly-Hahnemannian homeopathic magazine.

Read the article here. »

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