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Subject: Legatum Homeopathicum newsletter #19
Date: August 28th 2013

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Legatum Homeopathicum

Wednesday 28th, August 2013

Dear subscriber,

homeopathy has been around for 200+ years, but the actual practice of homeopathy did not change that much over time. Modern homeopath usually relies on a homeopathic software, uses repertory a lot more than our predecessors (who, ironically, having had very simple or no repertories at all, surpassed modern homeopath in results without breaking sweat), but the PROCESS did not see much improvement as opposed to mainstream medicine which has made considerable advances from the times of Hahnemann. While we may assert that mainstream medicine has not seen much value for the enormous amount of money being poured into it every year, there IS some apparent progress, while homeopathy seems to be stalling and barely surviving.

Our case taking and case analysis tools are still very primitive and there has been little to no effort invested into making homeopathy more accessible and easier to practice. We assert, that at its current state, homeopathy remains extremely difficult to learn and practice with high level of success (as we could observe from the results of our simple test case). We may rejoice at the marvelous results of a few gifted homeopaths but if the MAJORITY remains underperforming, it means a bad reputation for homeopathy. Bad reputation means no financing for homeopathy, which means further stagnation.

We need to:

  • collect and radically restructure the data accumulated from provings and clinical experience with the aim of improving clinical success while simplifying the process
  • streamline and structure the case taking process, providing basic information framework on which we can rely when taking our cases
  • streamline and structure the case analysis process and integrate it with the case taking process
  • integrate all this into homeopathic education while aiming for CLARITY of the principles and PRACTICAL SUCCESS
  • make homeopathy more SCIENTIFIC – it IS about individualization, but it DOES NOT mean every individual should practice it as they please...

For all this to happen, we either need a lot of enthusiastic homeopaths willing to do the work for free (not realistic, given our experience with Legatum Homeopathicum project) or a lot of investments (difficult to obtain, given the prevalent status of homeopathy). We believe it is either one of these or homeopathy won't survive for much longer. What do you think? Let us know at info (at) legatum.sk


Question for André Saine

Q: What strategy would you recommend in cases of eczema, when, after taking a homeopathic remedy, a terrible aggravation occurs (such as from having eczema just on hands to having it almost everywhere)? Would you wait, antidote, prescribe a new remedy on the current image or something else? Waiting seems like a tough option since the clients are usually unable to resist taking SOMETHING to suppress it, not to mention the doctors screaming hell when they see a patient in such a state. Also, there is a more shadowy option of an aggravation without a subsequent amelioration, which is a real trust breaker. Any good ideas how to manage such cases?

A: First, you have to be very careful not to provoke strong aggravations with homeopathic remedies in patients suffering from eczema, asthma, psychosis, suicidal ideation, or in the ones having violent or destructive tendencies. The posology must therefore be... Read the full answer »

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Recommended article – THE STUDY OF MATERIA MEDICA

Here we have another article on the study of materia medica, this time authored by Edmund Jennings Lee – the author of the first of the BIG repertories which served as a basis for Kent's repertory, which in turn was used as the foundation for modern repertories, such as Complete Repertory or Synthesis. Article is illustrated by many interesting examples allowing fine discrimination among the remedies of our vast materia medica (many of those were provided by Ad. Lippe).

Read the article here. »

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