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Subject: Legatum Homeopathicum newsletter #22
Date: October 9th 2013

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Legatum Homeopathicum

Wednesday 9th, October 2013

Dear subscriber,

Project Remedies has been updated with an addition of 50 new remedy records. Many existing remedies records have been updated and corrected and the remedy name lists have been re-generated – see Official Remedy Name List, Extended Remedy Name List and Complete Remedy Name List.

Project Remedies is an important project that organizes and structures existing homeopathic remedy information – naming, origin of the substance, taxonomical information, relationships among remedies and reproducibility of the remedies for the purpose of their manufacture and usage. It is a basic information sheet that provides essential IDENTIFICATION information of the remedial substance.

How does it help you? Notwithstanding the necessities of clarity and order, in several practical ways:

  • If you wish to purchase certain remedy from your homeopathic pharamacy and they tell you they have no such remedy, you can check for alternate naming and ask them to check once again. For example, the pharmacy may hold Sumbulus moschatus under its botanical name Ferula moschata or Mercurius iodatus ruber as Mercurius bi-iodatus
  • If the remedy did not work and appears to be indicated, you can check whether the symptoms indicating it do not actually belong to another remedy, the proving of which was just mixed in. For example, materia medica records of Baryta carbonica often include symptoms of Baryta acetica or Mercurius solubilis includes symptoms of Mercurius vivus.
  • If the remedy did not work, it may be the pharmacy prepared it from a different substance than the one used in the original proving. For example, remedies like Sanicula aqua, a specific mineral spring water in Ottawa, USA, can hardly be reproduced today, because a) the spring is no longer in use b) even if it was, its composition might have and most likely has changed throughout the years and its medicinal effects no longer match those recorded in materia medica. For the remedy to produce its described effect, historical remedy kits must be sought, e.g. Fincke's.
  • For your education and practical application, you should have some general idea of the remedy you prescribe to your patient. For example, how many homeopaths know Tarentula originates from an UKNOWN tarentula species specimen which was also ROTTEN (on arrival). For the remedy to have effect as described in materia medica, it MUST be prepared from the exact same specimen!

You can use the search function of Legatum Homeopathicum web site to locate the remedy record or check the remedy lists. Official Remedy Name List contains most commonly used or most proper remedy names, Extended Remedy Name List includes alternate naming (e.g. "Ritalin" will send you to "Methylphenidate hydrochloride") and Complete Remedy Name List includes also common names (e.g. "garlic" will send you to "Allium sativum").


Pure Homeopathy: Our Legacy from the Great Masters of the Past

Instead of the usual question and answer by André Saine, we are offering you one of his older articles concerning his ideas on what constitutes the pure homeopathic healing art.

Read the article here. »

Recommended article – The Advantages of The High Potencies

An article by C. von Boenninghausen, where he shares his rich experience using high potencies, discussing the advantages of using them compared to low attenuations. Boenninghausen was one the first homeopaths who adopted the use of high potencies on a large scale, so his thoughts on this topic especially merit careful consideration.

Read the article here. »

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