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Subject: Legatum Homeopathicum newsletter #25
Date: November 20th 2013

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Legatum Homeopathicum

Wednesday 20th, November 2013

Dear subscriber,

we have worked hard to be able to keep our promises (see previous issue) and the repertory additions provided by André Saine are now available on our web site. AEON GROUP, the developer of Mercurius homeopathic software, has implemented these additions to their, already updated, Kent's repertory and included this repertory in the basic version of their software, which is freely available for Legatum Homeopathicum mailing list subscribers – you. Proceed here to get the software.

The original additions were built upon Complete Repertory 4.5 (authored by Roger van Zandvoort), which originated from Kent's repertory, so the structure is similar, but not exactly the same. Some rubrics and categories were therefore mapped to the original Kent's structure, in order to avoid too many rubrics which say the same thing in two different ways. For example, "Male" category in CR is "Genitalia Male" in Kent, "URINE, PROFUSE, increased" in CR is 'URINE, copious' in Kent etc. Not all the rubrics were mapped in this way, but a healthy portion of them (Kent's rep. had over 64 000 rubrics, now, with the additions, it has almost 87 000). Still, you will need to use the Group rubrics function for rubrics that remained unmapped. For example, there are two rubrics for "sensation as if something was alive in abdomen" – "Abdomen, alive, sensation of something" from Kent, "Abdomen, alive in, sensation of something" from the additions, so to use it, you will add both of them to your repertorization desktop, select them and just group them into one rubric.

Developers of homeopathic softwares can download and use the additions database as they see fit, the data files are available here, in several common formats.

Some repertorial statistics:

Repertory statistics

As can be seen from the stats, with the additions come 270 new remedies and over 22 000 new rubrics. The rubrics have been expanded in all directions, so you'll have a greater variety of characteristics to work with (for example, "Extremities, ganglion" branch has 5 rubrics in Kent, 9 rubrics after the additions, with expanded number of locations of ganglion), completely new rubrics have been added (such as "Abdomen, loose sensation, symphysis pubis" with Trillium pendulum in grade 3 – a top characteristic you can meet with in pregnant mothers). Of course, many remedy additions have been made to the existing rubrics, the source of which is mostly André Saine's Materia Medica Pura Project; the number of clinically verified remedies has also increased nicely (grade 3 and 4}.

If you have any comments, questions etc., feel free to contact us.


Question for André Saine

Q: When a patient gets an acute disease almost immediately (1-3 days) following the first dose of the chronic remedy, how would you interpret this? Is it a good sign, bad sign, no sign at all (with regards to the effect of the chronic remedy)?

A: There are a number of different scenarios that could be associated with the development of an acute disease after the intake of a remedy indicated for the chronic disease of a patient. Read the full answer »

Do you have a question of your own? You can submit it here.

Recommended article – The Value of Symptoms

We consider this article by J.T.Kent to be of prime importance to all homeopaths – it deserves to be studied and re-studied many times. When we take our cases, we end up with a pile of symptoms, but they do not all have the same value, hence they should have different weights in the case analysis process. Kent's division of symptoms among generals, particulars and common symptoms might not suit everyone, but he provides a framework upon which we can build our own understanding of the problem at hand. He also provides many examples which make his points much easier to understand.

Read the article here. »

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