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Date: April 16th 2014

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Legatum Homeopathicum

Wednesday 16th, April 2014

Dear subscriber,

thorough study of Materia Medica, the original source of symptoms of our remedies, understanding which the key and characteristic symptoms of a remedy are, and then using this knowledge when prescribing the similimum for a disease – this is the key task of each homeopath.

It is certainly not an easy task, significant time and energy is needed to do so, but it can be mastered, and all the effort will pay off when providing the right remedy which will result in quick relief in a patient.

The following article (by E.J. Lee) summarizes some of the key principles of homeopathic prescription and how the study of Materia Medica and its remedies could be and should be approached. It provides insights to work with contradictory symptoms present in one remedy; draws our attention to a detailed study of remedies – how else could we notice that two or more drugs having the same symptoms, that are equally characteristic, differ in character or concomitants?!; and teaches us how to differentiate when the symptom present in more drugs is characteristic for one of them only.

Conducting detailed analysis of the patient/case and finding the most similar remedy by in-depth understanding of the remedies and their characteristics is an imperative for all practitioners seriously following Hahnemann’s rules of homeopathy instead of escaping to palliatives and allopathic prescription.

The principle of similarity (Similia similibus curantur) is the cornerstone of homeopathy and most people seem to believe they understand what it means and hence have the idea about homeopathy. Yet, the mental image they formed is deceiving and they DO NOT really understand it, unless they have EXPERIENCED it or LIVED it. Conducting a proving (even a short-termed one) and trying to RECORD the symptoms / states experienced is a real eye-opener as it reflects the difficulty of describing the changed state which is perceived so clearly, using words which but poorly mirror the reality.

Recovering the REAL MEANING i.e. the true experience behind the words of Materia Medica is the core task of its study. Compare that understanding to a mechanical symptoms shuffling as it is regularly practiced today and you'll have a good idea why modern homeopaths cannot imitate the success of their predecessors.

If you have any comments, questions etc., feel free to contact us.


Question for André Saine

Q: Could you provide some guidelines that would improve our chances in determining the correct posology (potency, frequency of repetition and way of administration of the remedy) in any particular case of acute or chronic disease?

A: Here is the short answer to this question: The homeopathic physician must use every contact with a patient to determine whether posology is optimal, which means that the potency, repetition and way of administering the remedy... Read the full answer »

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Recommended article – Boenninghausen's Hooping Cough

Beside providing a manual for treating whooping cough (pertussis), a disease which is again emerging, the major point of illustration is to SEE how the master approaches the problem and how he DIFFERENTIATES among the various states / stages of the disease and the remedies that come into consideration.

If you don't have time to go through the complete article, at least take a look at the parts starting with homeopathic treatment (and the description of the remedies) which provide the most juice with regards to the topic set in the editorial.

Read the article here. »

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