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Subject: Legatum Homeopathicum newsletter #33
Date: August 28th 2014

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Legatum Homeopathicum

Thursday 28th, August 2014

Dear subscriber,

after summer vacations we are back with our newsletter to rekindle your homeopathic zeal :-)

One of the big problems homeopathy faces today is a great diversity in the way it is practiced and taught – with each group claiming their approach "works". We too are convinced it does work, but to what end?!

As far as we are able to observe, many proponents, students and practitioners of homeopathy have little to no understanding about how homeopathy came to be, how it progressed from the initial phases to the later developments. And why should we, you may ask? Isn't it enough to know the current BEST form of homeopathy? Why should we trouble ourselves with clumsy tinkerings of the past when we now KNOW BETTER?

Amusingly enough, in the light of SOME (mostly technical) progress, every new generation seems to consider itself far superior in ALL respects to the preceding generations and mentally picture them somewhere between mentally handicapped and the way we imagine people of primitive tribes of Papua New Guinea to be. The reality? If the readers of our web site be considered a representative sample, the statistics show the majority has great problems READING the articles that their predecessors had to WRITE. I have heard many complaints that these articles are so difficult to read and understand... and they are – if you are unusued to thinking and reasoning. Where is the supposed progress then, where the moral or intellectual superiority?

If we are taught in schools that even the best minds of ancient times, such as Aristotle, advocated geocentric model of universe then it comes without saying we are bound to take their wisdom with a lot of reserve. Unfortunately, the joke is on us as the system DID NOT refer to the physical universe, but rather to NON-PHYSICAL spheres of which current science knows nothing at all. Aristotle is quoted writing that according to "current astronomical demonstrations... the size of the sun is greater than that of the earth and the distance of the stars from the earth many times greater than that of the sun, then ... the sun shines on all the stars and the earth screens none of them." – which by itself implies his astronomical knowledge was quite a bit better then to propose geocentrism. In other words, it is often our own ignorance when we interpret old authors in a way, that makes them look like old fools.

Homeopathy, an eminently important discovery in the field of medicine, is quite young compared to ancient teachings, yet already suffered the same fate as happened to ALL true teachings and discoveries given to humanity. After the death of its author (and even during his life), new ideas are inserted, original teaching is mangled, twisted and misinterpreted in so many ways until the whole thing looks like an old superstition with no sensible rationale.

Alas, both PRO and CONTRA homeopathic camps fail to recognize that Hahnemann's homeopathy is a result of very strict rational thinking and experimenting, conducted with greatest care and precision. Many proponents of homeopathy choose to BELIEVE as one believes in some ideological dogma, without any need for UNDERSTANDING, which lead to the unfortunate situation in which we find ourselves today. We need to understand WHY we do things the way we do them, it is not enough to follow the teachings!

Hence the need for historical context, the need to study the Organon and reliable old authors. If homeopathy should achieve anything in this era, homeopaths need to be well-versed in basic tenets of natural sciences, logic, philosophy etc., in other words it requires people of some experience and wisdom; people that were not born yesterday. Otherwise it will attract the wrong sort of people which, with their fancy ideas, bring homeopathy more harm than good, even if they mean well.

If you have any comments, questions etc., feel free to contact us.


Question for André Saine

Q: Why did the great masters (Lippe, Hering, Guernsey…) prescribe the homeopathic remedies the way they did (high potencies, rarely repeated)?

A: See the answer in this Youtube video. The answer includes pertinent points on the posology of the homeopathic remedies and its historical context.

Do you have a question of your own? You can submit it here.

Recommended article – Dunham's Retrospect

A valuable article providing historical context to the problems we face TODAY and proving that history indeed tends to repeat itself (until we learn the lesson).

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