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Date: September 24th 2014

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Legatum Homeopathicum

Wednesday 24th, September 2014

Dear subscriber,

beside identifying the proper similimum for the case at hand, we also need to pay attention to and educate our patients with regards to possible obstacles to cure i.e. removing any influence that could cancel the curative reaction taking place after the correct remedy. Or, as Hahnemann writes it in paragraph 259 of the Organon – "Considering the minuteness of the doses necessary and proper in homoeopathic treatment, we can easily understand that during the treatment everything must be removed from the diet and regimen which can have any medicinal action, in order that the small dose may not be overwhelmed and extinguished or disturbed by any foreign medicinal irritant."

Green tea, beer, a little bit of liquor, (spiced) chocolate... perfumes... Nice, tasty, aren't they? Not according to Hahnemann! ;-) When it comes to question of antidotes, we are all aware of evils of coffee, camphor, strong medicines and drugs, may be black tea. But celery, onion, woollen clothing, long siesta (yep, laziness is evil – not only physical, but mental and moral too! :-), reading obscene books, etc...? They are all considered forbidden and potential antidotes when it comes to homeopathic healing. And there are more of them – listed in the footnotes of some of the paragraphs of the Organon, primarily in a long footnote of the paragraph 260. Did you notice it before? In any case, now, with the recently published full text of the Organon (the 5th and 6th Edition combined) – please read here – it is easy to look up.

Hahnemann, strict and precise as usual, conceiving homeopathy a truly holistic healing art, suggests the following areas we should keep in mind, to "remove all the obstacles to cure", in addition to a proper prescription and dosage:

  • keeping away from medicinal and strong substances, food, drink, flowers, odours etc. (btw. just to give you another example: we had several experiences with vinegar and pickles that were antidoting the medicine – the food article that Hering forbids, see the recommended article. Quite difficult to identify, nevertheless, we discovered the culprit – with detailed observation of the case and its development...)
  • as much as possible, avoiding any strong emotions and subjects that could arouse them
  • no over-exertion of mind and body
  • active exercise, where appropriate
  • good sleep
  • quality nutrition
  • a proper place for living

You can read all about it in paragraphs (and their respective footnotes): 259, 260, 261 and 262, with additional hints in paragraph 125.

Again, we can see that classical homeopathy is complex (not complicated!) and Hahnemann’s teaching gives us valuable guidance for not only healing the patients, but for our lives too. Wishing you success! :-)

If you have any comments, questions etc., feel free to contact us.



Question for André Saine

Q: Is psoriasis fully curable? Have you, in any of your cases with psoriasis, found it to have link with Obssesive Compulsive Disorder / Neurosis, mind symptom of forebodings (in the sense that one has fears which he is not able to explain – like fear of dogs, fear of tall buildings etc.) and the stress it creates?

A: Yes, I have seen psoriasis disappear completely following homeopathic treatment as it is with other autoimmune diseases... Read the full answer »

Q: With rising antimicrobial resistance of many bacteria, viruses etc. to allopathic drugs, is it your experience that the infections connected with these are also increasingly difficult to treat homeopathically? In other words, is there any relationship to a widespread (mis)use of antibiotics and difficulty of homeopathic treatment of acute infections?

A: It is my experience that microorganisms that are drug resistant are also more resistant for our immune system to deal with.... Read the full answer »

Do you have a question of your own? You can submit it here.


Recommended article – Hering's guidelines on homeopathic diet and regimen

This is Hering's take on regimen and diet during homeopathic treatment – an excerpt from his Domestic Physician.

Read the article here. »


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