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Subject: Legatum Homeopathicum newsletter #35
Date: October 29th 2014

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Legatum Homeopathicum

Wednesday 29th, October 2014

Dear subscriber,

we have been thinking about potential new topics of this editorial, but there is an overall feeling that the topics that were already discussed were not thoroughly understood, so it seems rather pointless to come with always new topics while the old ones still did not sink through. Exhorting you all the time to read The Organon seems kind of annoying (you should! :-), but what else can we do?

Consider this: Lippe, one of the most enlightened homeopaths, said in 1883 that "it is now over 50 years since I first read the Organon. I just begin to comprehend it."

What does it tell us? The laws of homeopathy, despite their (apparent) simplicity, are of DEEPLY PROFOUND character. There are MANY LAYERS of understanding to be discovered. In a way, homeopathy is similar to mathematics.

1+1=2 (or 1+1=10, in computers, which, perhaps surprisingly, are based on EXTREMELY primitive arithmetics)

Simple enough. But it does not JUMP at you, that this arithmetic example IMPLIES the existence of dizzyingly complex world of numbers, their operations etc. Yet, it is so.

Most people probably do not consider mathematics as a simple thing. If it's also your case, you really should START WORKING with an assumption that you DO NOT understand homeopathy, at all. Lippe was not joking and neither do we.

If you have any comments, questions etc., feel free to contact us. And read The Organon! :-)



Question for André Saine

Q: Could you comment on situations when a change of potency (rather than a change of remedy) is called for? For example, when a patient improved after a certain remedy, but is now relapsing (with the same symptoms) and a repetition of the same remedy brings aggravation and only a small healing response, is a change of potency warranted in such a situation?

A: As the responses to previous doses of the same potency of a remedy become less long and less important it will be soon the time to... Read the full answer »

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Recommended article – Lippe's comments on the third paragraph of the Organon

In this highly recommended article, Dr. Lippe presents his comments on the third and other paragraphs of the Organon, illustrating some pertinent points with clinical examples.

Read the article here. »


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