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Subject: Legatum Homeopathicum newsletter #37
Date: February 25th 2015

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Legatum Homeopathicum

Wednesday 25th, February 2015

Dear subscriber,

while 2015 is well in progress, we thought we could have a look back/ flasback into 2014 (and even beyond) at the content that was provided over the last couple of months.
Despite we have to sadly admit that due to a limited and ceased support of volunteers we were not able to issue any new pages and volumes of The Homeopathic Physician, or to progress much with the Project Remedy, there was still some new (old ;-) and valuable content added anyway:

1. the most important – a refurbished version of Hahnemann's Organon – a combined version of editions 5 and 6, with clear distinction between the updates.
2. a thorough treaty from Brigham on Catarrhal diseases of the nasal and respiratory organs.
3. and furthermore – the newsletter articles – hope you were enjoying them as much as we were and hope you found them useful.

Regarding the articles in particular, we thought it would be helpful to refresh your memory a little – by means of the following quiz. All correct answers will be included in a draw, and the lucky winner may win and actually choose from ONE of the three books:

  1. Dunham's Science of Therapeutics
  2. Lilienthal's Treatise on Diseases of the Skin
  3. Elizabeth Wright-Hubbard: Homoeopathy as Art and Science

To start with the quiz, please proceed here. Remember to consult the older issues of our newsletter, if in doubt with the answers.

If you have any comments, questions etc., feel free to contact us.



Question for André Saine

Q: Could you describe your homeopathic protocol for surgery i.e. what remedies to take before / after surgery to prevent complications, facilitate healing etc.?

A: With patients who are about to have surgery, I use a basic protocol that I learned from the American homeopathic surgeons of the 19th century. However, I adapt this basic protocol to each individual patient, greatly depending on the sensitivity and circumstances of the patient, his or her acute or chronic remedy picture and the type of surgery... Read the full answer »

Do you have a question of your own? You can submit it here.


Recommended article – Local Application of the Drug to the Sound Skin

In this article, Dr. Lippe again shows us his deep understanding of Hahnemann's teaching; includes direct references to the Organon.

Read the article here. »


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