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Subject: Legatum Homeopathicum newsletter #5
Date: February 13th 2013

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Legatum Homeopathicum

Wednesday 13th, February 2013

Dear subscriber,

although we HAVE been mostly sitting on our glutei maximi for the past two weeks, our fingers have been hitting the keyboards, doing honest work on some of our projects currently in progress.

Those of you familiar with the great debate on homeopathy might welcome the news of the flurry of questions and answers unleashed by this debate, which you can read and ponder on in the two new sections – Questions from Dr. Joe Schwarcz to Dr. André Saine and Questions from Dr. André Saine to Dr. Joe Schwarcz.

But beware! Do not even think about clicking any of those links if you don't have plenty of time at your disposal as these are SERIOUSLY long articles – speaking of which, we would like to publicly thank and applaud Dr. André Saine for standing the ground for homeopathy and doing it in a spectacular fashion, obviously saving no time and effort in carefully and skillfully answering the questions submitted by Dr. Schwarcz and preparing the questions of his own. (Have you ever seen references within a QUESTION? I haven't, till I've read André's list of questions.) With his efforts, he has equipped us with top-notch fly flap we can employ to smack our opponents' heads for a long time to come. Thanks, André, much appreciated!

NOTE: You still have some time to submit your solution of the PRIZE CASE published in the previous issue of this newsletter. The results, so far, are not much to be happy about, so if you believe you can increase the percentage of correct solutions, please send us your best shot on the case. (Secret hint: Read the recommended article and the previous issue of our newsletter to improve your chances.) The deadline for submitting is February 22nd, 2013 23:59 UT (Greenwich time).


Project Remedies – update.

A new optional attribute "Provings mixed with" has been added to the basic remedy template in Project Remedies. The attribute serves to point out possible remedies, the proving records of which are usually mixed with the (records of) remedy at hand. This information has a practical application in cases where the well-chosen remedy does not act, in which case, it pays to dig deeper and check, if in fact, the deciding symptoms do not belong to some other remedy.

Some examples of such cases: Baryta carbonica includes records of Baryta acetica; Calcarea carbonica includes records of Calcarea acetica; Ferrum metallicum includes records of Ferrum carbonicum and Ferrum aceticum; Bufo rana includes records of Bufo sahytiensis etc.

Beside this change, the remedy lists have been re-generated from the current remedy records. Any volunteers willing to participate in filling the missing remedy information, please apply here.

Question for André Saine

Q: What exactly is happening when there is a strong aggravation of symptoms after the remedy, but no subsequent amelioration? Some teachers claim it is a sign the case is incurable, but I find that difficult to believe as a general principle (for example in cases of eczema).

A: There could be many reasons why there is an aggravation of symptoms, e.g., the natural course of the disease, a response to a new stress... Read the answer »

Do you have a question of your own? You can submit it here.

Recommended article – choosing the remedy

I believe that most of our failures to find the curative remedy can be attributed to insufficient case taking (the origins of which, I am quite sure, P.P.Wells would have traced to his favorite unholly trinity of " negligence, indolence and ignorance".) When enough symptoms have been gathered, it is USUALLY not difficult to find the remedy, but paucity of symptoms beats even the best of us.

Sometimes, we THINK (as in "I think, therefore I am wrong") we see the remedy right away and fail to ascertain that ALL the relevant information has been gathered, as was the case in this SHORT instructive article by Baron von Boenninghausen... Read the article here. »

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