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In all cases where we find the peculiar mental symptoms so characteristic of this drug, we have in it a curative agent which acts with the utmost promptness.

Even in chronic cases (so-called) it acts curatively, provided the symptoms calling for its exhibition are present, and this, notwithstanding the statement made by many authors that Aconite is never to be thought of except in strictly acute cases.

In suppression of the menses from getting the feet wet, or by sudden checking of the perspiration, this remedy must be thought of first: Young girls for various reasons will sometimes foolishly plunge their feet in cold water to stop the monthly flow, and as a consequence, severe congestive headache! supervenes, with fever, restlessness and great excitability, followed later by epistaxis and palpitation of the heart. In such cases Aconite is the remedy. Should the patient be of a plethoric habit the drug will act all the more promptly.

Another sphere for the action of Aconite is in suppression of menses from the effects of fright. In such instances this remedy will be found invaluable, provided we have the mental symptoms so peculiar to it, and also the dizziness on rising up from a reclining position, and the red face changing to a pale, colorless hue.

In these suppressions, either from fright or from exposure to cold winds, young girls will often seek our advice under great alarm.

They fear that the flow will never be re-established, and that in consequence they will,sooner or later, become the victims of Phthisis Pul. Or they are fearful and full of tribulation, lest their friends will give them the credit of being in the family way. Aconite is the remedy here, and a few doses in a high potency will be generally all-sufficient to restore the menstrual function, and with its appearance dissipate also the mental symptoms.

WOMB.Aconite gives us stitching pains in the right side of fundus; they are sharp and shooting. Kali curb, has stitches in all portions of the womb, and in the Kali patient we find the menstrual flow is so acrid as to cause the inner portion of the thighs to be covered with an eruption: With these pains we are likely to have great sensitiveness to touch of the abdominal walls.

Helonias has nipples very sensitive, cannot bear the clothing to touch.

Aconite also gives us pain like labor in the uterus; these are of a pressing nature, causing patient to bend double like Colocynth., but this position while it relieves the Colocynth. patient does not relieve the Aconite patient.

OVARIES.—Inflammation of these organs from checked perspiration, or from sudden checking of the menstrual flow from fright, or riding in cold winds, or from getting wet when overheated, with fear on the part of the patient that she will not recover, accompanied with bitter vomiting and cold sweat, Aconite promptly administered will bring complete relief.

VAGINA.—Walls of vagina become very dry and hot and of course, very sensitive to the least impression. Helonias has hot burning vagina also, but instead of dryness there appears a curdy deposit like aphthae. The Helonias patient is not excited like the Aconite patient, but, on the contrary, is languid and weak

In pregnancy when labor pains are exceedingly rapid and violent, overwhelming the patient, face and sometimes the whole body bathed in a hot, steamy perspiration, patient screaming out with anguish, says she will surely die, face red, eyes glistening, thirst inordinate, breath short, but withal no progress in labor, Aconite will quiet the storm.

When the first milk is being secreted after parturition and the patient is very feverish and delirious also, breasts hard, hot, milk scanty,Aconite, one dose will bring such marked relief that it is scarcely ever necessary to repeat it. During labor, piano music is unbearable to the Aconite patient, and she cries out against it vehemently.

This drug is especially applicable in persons having dark hair and eyes, and in plethoric persons who lead indolent lives.

Arnica follows admirably after Aconite, and Sulphur antidotes the abuse of the drug.

There is a wide difference between the mental symptoms of Aconite and those of Helonias. The former is all excitement; the latter apathetic, languid, prostrated.


Source: The Homoeopathic Physician Vol. 01 No. 12, 1881, pages 569-571
Remedies: Aconitum napellus
Author: Carleton Smith, C.
Year: 1881
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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