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 +{{anchor:​s2}}VIVUS AND PODOPHYLLUM.
 +{{anchor:​s3}}C. CARLETON SMITH, M.D., PHILA,
 +| //​{{anchor:​s4}}Mercurius Viv.// | //​{{anchor:​s5}}Podophyllum.//​ |
 +| {{anchor:​s6}}MENTAL. ||
 +| {{anchor:​s7}}FEARS he will surely lose his reason, and that he will become insane. | {{anchor:​s8}}Low spirited, fears he will die. {{anchor:​s9}}Becomes hypochondrical if his illness lasts long. |
 +| {{anchor:​s10}}HEAD. ||
 +| {{anchor:​s11}}Frontal headache as if head would split open, with much fullness and heat, in the evening or later in the night. {{anchor:​s12}}Headache as soon as he lies down at night; has to sit in chair, with sore mouth and aching in bones of extremities. | {{anchor:​s13}}Temple throb, hot head and eyes ache, especially in the morning. {{anchor:​s14}}Rolling of head from side to side. {{anchor:​s15}}Child grinds its teeth and whines, especially at night. {{anchor:​s16}}Slow dentition. |
 +| {{anchor:​s17}}EYES. ||
 +| {{anchor:​s18}}Pustules appear on the cornea, lids become crusty; agg. eve. and night. | {{anchor:​s19}}Scrofulous ophthalmia always worse in the morning. |
 +| {{anchor:​s20}}MOUTH. ||
 +| {{anchor:​s21}}Very foetid breath. {{anchor:​s22}}Tongue quite yellow //all over,// (//merc. iod.// only yellow at //root//) very moist and flabby. {{anchor:​s23}}Saliva foetid and profuse. | {{anchor:​s24}}Breath foul, with white, dry tongue. {{anchor:​s25}}Salvia copious, but not foetid. |
 +| {{anchor:​s26}}THROAT. ||
 +| {{anchor:​s27}}Throat very sore; left side generally worse; agg. {{anchor:​s28}}From swallowing saliva or liquids; agg. {{anchor:​s29}}From exposure to evening air. | {{anchor:​s30}}Throat sore; worse in right side, and in the morning, and swallowing liquids. |
 +| {{anchor:​s31}}STOMACH. ||
 +| {{anchor:​s32}}Nausea vomiting bile, having //bitter// or a //sweet// taste. {{anchor:​s33}}Fullness in stomach at times but flatus not quite so marked as in Pod. | {{anchor:​s34}}Nausea with gagging and retching; vomits blood; retching is very painful. |
 +| {{anchor:​s35}}ABDOMEN. ||
 +| {{anchor:​s36}}Liver so very sensitive to pressure he can not lie on right side, nor bear the least touch of finger. {{anchor:​s37}}Costiveness with ineffectual straining. {{anchor:​s38}}Colic very similar to worm colic, as we find it in children with hard, tense abdomen. {{anchor:​s39}}Stools are small and crumble; sometimes //black,// sometimes gray approaching white; again they are watery corrosive, slimy, bloody, with much tenesmus; never guishing either sour or entirely odorless. {{anchor:​s40}}Agg. eve. and night, until 3 A.M. (Time similar to //rhus. tox//). {{anchor:​s41}}After stool great tenesmus with cutting pain. {{anchor:​s42}}Sour sweat, trembling of body, and burning in anus. {{anchor:​s43}}Rectum becomes prolapsed, and so inflamed in some cases as to become //black// from the terrible straining which the patient can not avoid. | {{anchor:​s44}}Flatulency confined to //right// side of abdomen; palpitation with morning drowsiness. {{anchor:​s45}}Liver feels hot and becomes sore with twisting pains; relief from rubbing over region of liver. {{anchor:​s46}}Constipation,​ dry stools, and quite hard. {{anchor:​s47}}Stools chalky and very offensive with gagging, profuse , painless, gushing stool, greenish, or yellow, or mixed with blood smelling like carrion; worse in the morning. {{anchor:​s48}}After stool the patient is greatly exhausted, and pains continue of a cutting nature, weakness even after a natural stool. {{anchor:​s49}}Prolapsus recti with the diarrhoea and from the least exertion. {{anchor:​s50}}(The foulness of Pod. is almost indescribable,​ and not to be compared with any other drug unless it may be //​Psorinum//​. |
 +| {{anchor:​s51}}URINE. ||
 +| {{anchor:​s52}}Scantiness of urine, with much urging (similar to //nux//). | {{anchor:​s53}}Urine quite scanty, but frequent, especially at night and during pregnancy. |
 +| {{anchor:​s54}}GENITALS. ||
 +| {{anchor:​s55}}Shooting pains from both ovaries toward the hips. {{anchor:​s56}}Vagina becomes prolapsed and also uterus. {{anchor:​s57}}Soreness of the genitals internally and externally. {{anchor:​s58}}During pregnancy, stomach becomes very sensitive to touch or extra pressure of clothing accompanied with sore mouth, tender gums and teeth. | {{anchor:​s59}}Dragging pains in ovarian regions. {{anchor:​s60}}Prolapsus uteri with severe backache over region of sacral bone, especially after confinement and from standing over the washtub. {{anchor:​s61}}During gestation can lie only on the abdomen especially the first three or four months; passes water often, followed by prolapsus of womb. |
 +| {{anchor:​s62}}CHEST. ||
 +| {{anchor:​s63}}Cough with sensation of burning and rawness of the bronchia, but no phlegm is expectorated;​ cough comes in convulsive paroxysms preventing conversation on the part of the sufferer. {{anchor:​s64}}Whooping cough comes in two distinct paroxysms and then a rest. {{anchor:​s65}}On awaking, great agitation of the heart causing the patient to feel that death was imminent. | {{anchor:​s66}}Cough loose during dentition. {{anchor:​s67}}Palpitation from any exertion, accompanied with troublesome flatulency; heart feels as if moving upward into the throat. |
 +| {{anchor:​s68}}FEVER. ||
 +| {{anchor:​s69}}Pulse generally full and strong; chill mostly in the evening, sometimes 5 A.M., on getting out of bed. {{anchor:​s70}}With the heat there is constriction of chest. {{anchor:​s71}}Sweat usually cold, and gives no relief to existing symptoms. {{anchor:​s72}}Patient gets chilly after a stool. {{anchor:​s73}}Agg. from draft of cold air coming in contact with body through seat of out door water closet. | {{anchor:​s74}}Pulse slow; sometimes can hardly be felt; almost collapsed. {{anchor:​s75}}Chill 7 A.M. {{anchor:​s76}}Heat accompanied with delirium and talkativeness. {{anchor:​s77}}Soon forgets what has passed. {{anchor:​s78}}Sweet on the legs which is warm while the feet are cold: cold sweat of head; sweats while she sleeps. {{anchor:​s79}}(//​China.//​) |
 +| {{anchor:​s80}}AGGRAVATION. ||
 +| {{anchor:​s81}}Worse from making any sort of motion: worse eve. and night and after getting warm in bed (rheumatism). {{anchor:​s82}}Agg. from //sweet things// --candy. | {{anchor:​s83}}Worse from traveling over uneven ground, and from making mis-steps (//bry//.) Worse usually mornings. {{anchor:​s84}}Worse from sour fruit, especially when combined with milk. |
 +^ Source: | The Homoeopathic Physician Vol. 01 No. 02, 1881, pages 57-60 |
 +^ Remedies: | Mercurius vivus; Podophyllum peltatum |
 +^ Author: | Carleton Smith, C. |
 +^ Year: | 1881 |
 +^ Editing: | errors only; interlinks; formatting |
 +^ Attribution:​ | Legatum Homeopathicum |
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