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 +====== CLINICAL CASES ======
 +{{anchor:​s2}}Apis—Tonsilitis;​ Lach.{{anchor:​s3}}—Sore Throat
 +{{anchor:​s4}}BY WILLIAM A. HAWLEY, M. D., SYRACUSE, N. Y.
 +{{anchor:​s5}}APIS MELLIFICA.{{anchor:​s6}}—Thursday,​ January 6th, 1881, late in the evening I was called to see Mr. P., aged about thirty. {{anchor:​s7}}I found him suffering from tonsillitis,​ the right tonsil being so swollen and sore as to make deglutition of solids impossible and fluids almost so. {{anchor:​s8}}The whole fauces looked very red, and the uvula was much swollen. {{anchor:​s9}}He described the pains as stitching, especially on swallowing. {{anchor:​s10}}I gave him Hepar Sulph. 30th, once in two hours. {{anchor:​s11}}Calling the next morning I found he had had a restless night and was feeling no better. {{anchor:​s12}}Examination of the throat by daylight showed uvula looking like a sack of water and he described the pains as “burning, stinging.{{anchor:​s13}}” I gave him Apis Mel. 70 M. (Fincke) a few pellets dissolved in half a tumbler of water, two teaspoonfuls once in four hours. {{anchor:​s14}}The next morning, January 8th, I found he had rested well all night, and had eaten breakfast without difficulty. {{anchor:​s15}}He got Sac. Lac. and resumed his business on Monday.
 +{{anchor:​s16}}Jan. 13th, 1881. {{anchor:​s17}}A gentleman called on me to prescribe for his wife who is very fleshy and three or four years past the climacteric. {{anchor:​s18}}She had a swelling of the left labium vaginae which he described as hard, hot and of a bluish red color. {{anchor:​s19}}The side and the color determined the prescription and she got Lachesis 30th, in water, once in two hours.
 +{{anchor:​s20}}On the 15th he reported not much change except that it did not seem quite as hard, and she got Lach. {{anchor:​s21}}CC,​ in water, once in two hours.
 +{{anchor:​s22}}The 17th he reported again that there was less soreness but more swelling and the heat and color about the same. {{anchor:​s23}}Gave Lachesis CM. once in four hours. {{anchor:​s24}}Next day I saw the patient for the first time, and on examination found the swelling was not, as I had supposed, phlegmonous;​ but, while it was enormous, it was puffy and very sore when sitting, with a burning pain. {{anchor:​s25}}This decided a change to Apis mel. 70 CM., in water; a dose once in four hours, which, in two days, ended the case.
 +{{anchor:​s26}}LACHESIS.{{anchor:​s27}}—One day last week a lady, unaccustomed to Homoeopathic treatment, said to me during a casual conversation,​ “Doctor, I wish you would give me something for my throat I have had a very troublesome throat for several weeks. {{anchor:​s28}}There is a sore spot; I can cover it with my finger, so (putting the end of her finger on the left side of her neck just below the angle of the jaw). {{anchor:​s29}}It feels as if there was a lump in it that I want all the time to swallow; and when I swallow, it prickles like needles in it.{{anchor:​s30}}” I gave her a few pellets of Lachesis CC, with directions to dissolve in a gill of water and take two tea-spoonfuls and repeat after four hours, if not better. {{anchor:​s31}}The next day I learned from her daughter that her throat was quite well. {{anchor:​s32}}The fourth day after, I saw her and inquiring after her health, she replied, “my throat is quite, well, but, doctor, was there any thing in that medicine that would make my gums sore?​{{anchor:​s33}}” I said, “Yes, if you have been mercurialized.{{anchor:​s34}}” She admitted that she had been under the free use of “blue mass.”
 +{{anchor:​s35}}How are the Milwaukee tests?
 +^ Source: | The Homoeopathic Physician Vol. 01 No. 05, 1881, pages 195-197 |
 +^ Description:​ | CLINICAL CASES; Tonsilitis; Sore Throat |
 +^ Remedies: | Apis mellifera; Lachesis |
 +^ Author: | Hawley, W.A. |
 +^ Year: | 1881 |
 +^ Editing: | errors only; interlinks; formatting |
 +^ Attribution:​ | Legatum Homeopathicum |
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