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 +====== BOOK NOTICES, REVIEWS, ETC ======
 +{{anchor:​s2}}HOMOEOPATHIC THERAPEUTICS,​ as applied to OBSTETRICS. {{anchor:​s3}}By //Sheldon Leavitt//, //M. D.,// Prof, of Physiology and Clinical Midwifery in the Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital, Chicago, pp. 121, price $1.00? {{anchor:​s4}}Chicago;​ Duncan Brothers. 1881.
 +{{anchor:​s5}}This new advocate for professional favor claims that, only “the most //​characteristic//​ features of a limited number of remedies, and those only, are embraced” in its design. {{anchor:​s6}}In pursuance of this object, there is given the condensed symptomatology of ninety odd remedies, with a repertory. {{anchor:​s7}}The indications for the remedies are short but in the main good; the repertory will be found especially useful. {{anchor:​s8}}This brochure will be of service to those who are in the habit of searching for the //​simillimum//;​ to all such we recommend it.
 +{{anchor:​s9}}THE GUIDING SYMPTOMS of our MATERIA MEDICA. {{anchor:​s10}}By C. Hering. Vol. III. Philadelphia. {{anchor:​s11}}The American Homoeopathic Publishing Society.
 +{{anchor:​s12}}This,​ the third volume of the “Guiding Symptoms,​” has recently appeared, after much delay. {{anchor:​s13}}Let us hope that the other volumes will be more speedy in coming forth. {{anchor:​s14}}The homoeopathic profession should subscribe for this work; it is needed by all. {{anchor:​s15}}And they should demand that the work be given them as Dr. Hering left it. {{anchor:​s16}}The editors say in their preface: “Actuated,​ as we have been, by the spirit of the departed author, it has been our aim to complete the volume just as it would have been had Hering lived.”
 +{{anchor:​s17}}This volume carries the work from //Bryonia// to //​Chamomilla//,​ inclusive. {{anchor:​s18}}We hope, now that a third volume is out, that there will be a large increase of subscribers to the work. {{anchor:​s19}}Send your orders to J. M. Stoddart //&// Co., 727 Chestnut street, Philadelphia.
 +{{anchor:​s20}}Dr. Hering wrote, in preface to the first volume: “This work will especially commend itself to the busy practitioner,​ because it is an attempt to give our materia medica in such a form as will make the selection of the curative medicine in any given case as easy as possible. {{anchor:​s21}}It is a //​complement//​ to all other works on our materia medica, being principally a collection of cured symptoms. {{anchor:​s22}}A symptom only cured has never such intrinsic value as //one produced and// cured, and yet, such a one must not be ignored.{{anchor:​s23}}” Clinical symptoms are useful in aiding us to use proved drugs. {{anchor:​s24}}No drug has yet been exhaustively proven. {{anchor:​s25}}Clinical symptoms are to the therapeutist as crutches to the lame, an assistance; let us beware lest we rely so much on our “crutches” that we neglect to seek sound limbs. {{anchor:​s26}}Those who advocate the use of unproved drugs, relying upon clinical symptoms solely, may be said to prefer “crutches” to sound limbs.
 +^ Source: | The Homoeopathic Physician Vol. 01 No. 11, 1881, pages 559-560 |
 +^ Description:​ | BOOK NOTICES, REVIEWS, ETC. |
 +^ Author: | HPhys01 |
 +^ Year: | 1881 |
 +^ Editing: | errors only; interlinks; formatting |
 +^ Attribution:​ | Legatum Homeopathicum |
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