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 +====== EDITORIAL ======
 +{{anchor:​s2}}VOLUME ONE.—In closing our first volume we can not forbear making a few rambling comments, as to the past and the future. {{anchor:​s3}}Our object, in the past, has been to teach, as best we could, //pure// homoeopathy,​ to illustrate it practically,​ to bring out the characteristics of old remedies, to introduce new—in short to do such work as would make us all more efficient in healing the sick. {{anchor:​s4}}Thanks to the gentlemen who have contributed to our pages, we have been enabled to make a good start in this work. {{anchor:​s5}}Thanks to our large (and steadily increasing) circulation,​ we have been able to publish over //two hundred// pages more than we promised in our prospectus. {{anchor:​s6}}If we have done well in the past, we shall strive to do even better in the future.
 +//​{{anchor:​s7}}In the past,// we have endeavored to point out some of the pernicious innovations that are being introduced into homoeopathic practice; to condemn such errors as the use of unproved remedies, the alternation or combination of remedies, the use of palliatives and tonics, etc.
 +//​{{anchor:​s8}}In the future,// we shall continue to teach the Homoeopathy of Hahnemann ; shall try to enrich our materia medica and hope to give practical articles on the treatment of various diseases.
 +{{anchor:​s9}}The periscope will contain, in a condensed and available form, all that is practically useful in current homoeopathic literature. {{anchor:​s10}}In our book notices, reviews, etc., we will keep our readers informed as to all the best and newest works on medicine.
 +^ Source: | The Homoeopathic Physician Vol. 01 No. 12, 1881, page 561 |
 +^ Description:​ | EDITORIAL. |
 +^ Author: | HPhys01 |
 +^ Year: | 1881 |
 +^ Editing: | errors only; interlinks; formatting |
 +^ Attribution:​ | Legatum Homeopathicum |
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