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 +====== HERING MEMORIAL ======
 +{{anchor:​s2}}WE are glad to see that steps were taken, at the December meeting of the Phila. {{anchor:​s3}}County Medical Society, looking to another and larger memorial meeting in honor of the father of American Homoeopathy. {{anchor:​s4}}The meeting held in October last, although due notices were published, was but slimly attended by the physicians of the city and vicinity. {{anchor:​s5}}Outsiders seemed more anxious to honor the dead hero—the great exponent of true homoeopathy— than were his immediate neighbors. {{anchor:​s6}}This should not be.
 +{{anchor:​s7}}We hope the physicians of our city—yea, even those from afar—will inaugurate a fresh memorial offering to the honored dead, and that steps will there be taken not only for a suitable monument for his grave, but also for the publishing of the memorial volume, and for the //correct// completion of his unfinished labors.
 +{{anchor:​s8}}All honor is due to Constantine Hering, the noble man, the consistent physician. {{anchor:​s9}}And let all his brethren show their admiration for their late friend and teacher by heeding his last admonition not to desert ‘‘//the strict inductive method of Hahnemann.”//​
 +^ Source: | The Homoeopathic Physician Vol. 01 No. 02, 1881, page 56 |
 +^ Description:​ | HERING MEMORIAL. |
 +^ Author: | HPhys01 |
 +^ Year: | 1881 |
 +^ Editing: | errors only; interlinks; formatting |
 +^ Attribution:​ | Legatum Homeopathicum |
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