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 +====== PERISCOPE ======
 +{{anchor:​s2}}NEW YORK MEDICAL TIMES, MAY:—Dr. Conlyn reports a case of chronic cystitis after venereal disease, in which the main symptoms were: //constant urging to urinate; passes but a small quantity each time with great burning; severe pains from bladder to kidneys//; sediment of muco-purulent matter. //​{{anchor:​s3}}Cantharis//​ (3) relieved considerably. //​{{anchor:​s4}}Urging//​ became more intense. {{anchor:​s5}}Constant bearing down sensation. {{anchor:​s6}}Burning remains a long time after urinating with //feeling as if more would pass. {{anchor:​s7}}Nux vomica// (3) cured.
 +{{anchor:​s8}}MEDICAL INVESTIGATOR,​ AUG:—Dr. McClanahan reports cures of diabetes and enuresis with //Rhus aromatica.//​ {{anchor:​s9}}His indications are not very clear. {{anchor:​s10}}They are as follows: profuse stools, cool sallow skin, small feeble pulse, emaciation, flabby abdomen, tongue pale, trembling and moist, trembling of lower limbs, sense of lassitude.
 +{{anchor:​s11}}Dr. Morgan rearranges a translation by “S. L.” of remedies for rheumatism. {{anchor:​s12}}Giving the symptoms of //Sepia// with “modalities,​” and ‘comparisons with other remedies. {{anchor:​s13}}It is well done. {{anchor:​s14}}He has done the same with //Nat. mur.// in same disease. {{anchor:​s15}}The whole thing could be copied into the physician’s note-book with advantage. {{anchor:​s16}}Dr. Morgan also gives some “seasonable indications” for a few remedies in summer bowel complaints. {{anchor:​s17}}These also are useful.
 +{{anchor:​s18}}MEDICAL ADVANCE, AUG.:—Dr. Camp reports a very interesting case of intermittent fever, which he first treated after a mongrel fashion for a period of thirty days. {{anchor:​s19}}He then, very sensibly, tried to clear up the case by administration of //​Sulphur.//​ {{anchor:​s20}}The result was that a violent chill was brought on with symptoms, as follows: Chill lasting two hours; chill commencing in lumbar region, and spreading up and down spine to extremities;​ chill with thirst; //chill much worse from uncovering//,​ //even a hand. {{anchor:​s21}}Desire to be heavily covered in bed. {{anchor:​s22}}Hepar//​ was given, which //​prevented//​ the next chill, and in ten days she was perfectly well.
 +{{anchor:​s23}}Dr. McNeil translates the following: A man threatened with phthisis. {{anchor:​s24}}Violent cough with aphonia. //​{{anchor:​s25}}Cough is worse from midnight until// 5 A. M. //​Oppression of chest//, //which compels him to sit//, //bent forward. {{anchor:​s26}}Cough compels him to sit bent forward. {{anchor:​s27}}Kali carb.// relieved at once. {{anchor:​s28}}At the same time this remedy caused the disappearance of two lipomata under lower angle of each shoulder blade.
 +{{anchor:​s29}}A woman had had an attack of peritonitis,​ which had been treated by an old school doctor. {{anchor:​s30}}She now had exudation in right side of pelvic cavity, weakness, small pulse, sleeplessness,​ constipation,​ etc, //Kali carb.// caused decrease of swelling and general improvement.
 +{{anchor:​s31}}A man suffered for two years with asthma and emphysema. {{anchor:​s32}}The paroxysms occurred every eight days, //beginning at two or three o//​’//​clock//​ A. M.,//and lasting about two hours. {{anchor:​s33}}Kali carb.// caused immediate improvement. {{anchor:​s34}}A woman had violent toothache, //worse in the early morning hours. {{anchor:​s35}}Kali carb.// cured.
 +{{anchor:​s36}}THE CLINIQUE, JULY 15:—The “Bureau of Diseases of Children” reports four cases of diarrhoea as follow: First, a female infant, stools of water, mucus, and undigested matter. //​{{anchor:​s37}}Heavy//,​ //white coating on tongue. {{anchor:​s38}}Antimon. crud.// (3) cured. {{anchor:​s39}}No. 2. Diarrhoea //with long-continued vomiting//, //tongue heavily coated white.// {{anchor:​s40}}Stools,​ greenish water and mucus. //​{{anchor:​s41}}Antimon. crud.// (3) cured. {{anchor:​s42}}No. 3. Diarrhoea of watery stools mixed with //curds of casein// and shreds of mucus. //​{{anchor:​s43}}Child could not bear to be touched or looked at. {{anchor:​s44}}Tongue covered with heavy white coating. {{anchor:​s45}}Aggravation of stool from cold water. {{anchor:​s46}}Antimon. crud.// (3) cured. {{anchor:​s47}}No. 4. Child of five years had //diarrhoea after drinking cold water. {{anchor:​s48}}Vomiting of ingesta. {{anchor:​s49}}Tongue had heavy white coating. {{anchor:​s50}}Antimon. crud.// (3) cured. {{anchor:​s51}}Dr. Fellows, in “Neurological Clinic” reports following: Boy of thirteen years had epilepsy, treated unsuccessfully with several remedies. {{anchor:​s52}}Upon the following italicized indications,​ viz: //​Vertigo//,​ //followed by falling down in an unconscious state with convulsive movement//, he received //Oenanthe crocato// (3), which apparently cured him in four months. {{anchor:​s53}}In another case the same symptoms appeared, and the same remedy was given with, apparently, curative results. {{anchor:​s54}}This last case was marred by the alternation for a short time of //​Digitalis//​ with the //​Oenanthe.//​
 +^ Source: | The Homoeopathic Physician Vol. 01 No. 11, 1881, pages 557-559 |
 +^ Description:​ | PERISCOPE. |
 +^ Author: | HPhys01 |
 +^ Year: | 1881 |
 +^ Editing: | errors only; interlinks; formatting |
 +^ Attribution:​ | Legatum Homeopathicum |
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