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 +====== PERISCOPE ====== ​
 +{{anchor:​s2}}BIBLIOTHEQUE HOMOEOPATHIQUE,​ MAY:—Dr. Chancerel reports a case of abscess of left iliac fossa following an attack of puerperal peritonitis. {{anchor:​s3}}The patient had severe pains in left inguinal region which compelled her to lie upon the back. {{anchor:​s4}}A tumor appeared in this region which was exquisitely sensitive to the touch. //​{{anchor:​s5}}Hepar Sulphur// 30 was given, then //Silicea// 30, then //Hepar// 30, then //​Asa-foetida//​ 30, and finally //​Causticum//​ 30, which latter promptly cured. {{anchor:​s6}}The doctor then gives the indications for //​Causticum//​ according to Boenninghausen. Dr. Duprat reports a case of uterine hemorrhage from the presence of a polypus. {{anchor:​s7}}The patient had pains in the back, sense of weight in lower abdomen, sensation of something about to escape from the vulva, and irresistible desire to urinate. //​{{anchor:​s8}}Crocus sat.// 6th was administered,​ then later on //Calc. carb.// 200, then //Thuja// 18. {{anchor:​s9}}The result was the polypus came away spontaneously. {{anchor:​s10}}The same physician also relates a case of mucous polypus in the nose, with continual coryza, corrosive nasal discharge of greenish color and disagreeable odor, warts on the bands. //​{{anchor:​s11}}Thuja//​ 6th caused the polypus to come away without surgical operation. {{anchor:​s12}}Dr. Serrand cured a case of neuralgia of internal saphenous nerve of right leg, where the //patient// was better from walking and worse from being perfectly quiet, with //Rhus tox.,// followed by //Hamamelis virgin.// 6th, internally, and a weak dilution of //​Hamamelis//​ externally.
 +{{anchor:​s13}}Dr. Duprat relates a case of chorea accompanied by anemia and vermicular symptoms. {{anchor:​s14}}The indications were: //​epileptiform fits; involuntary jerking motions of left arm and shoulder; low spirited; spasmodic laughter followed by crying; weakness of mind; leucorrhata and pruritis of vulva; ascarides; constipation and diarrhoea; sour risings from the stomach. {{anchor:​s15}}Calc. carb.// was accordingly given, followed later by //Puls.// {{anchor:​s16}}In two weeks everything was better. {{anchor:​s17}}Numbers of worms were discharged, which induced the doctor to give //Cina.// {{anchor:​s18}}This last was, we think, an unwise prescription,​ since the appearance of the worms was due to the curative action of the preceding medicines, wherefore they should not have been disturbed in their action. {{anchor:​s19}}However,​ she was restored to health which “seemed brilliant and enduring.”
 +{{anchor:​s20}}Dr. Chanceral translates from the Spanish a case of lead-poisoning having the following symptoms: pale face; also yellowness of skin, and conjunctiva;​ mental agitation; sleeplessness;​ pulse slow; sadness; pressing headache; bitter taste; lead-line on gums; intense crampy pains from the umbilicus to pubis; constipation;​ vomiting of green bile; nightly aggravations. //​{{anchor:​s21}}Nux vom.// 30th followed by //Ipecac.// 200, then //Bell.// 200, then //Lyc.// 30 cured him. {{anchor:​s22}}From the same source is reported a case of ulceration of nearly the whole of the lower third of the external surface of the right leg with //burning pains, paleness of bottom of ulcer, abundant ichorous suppuration.//​ {{anchor:​s23}}For these symptoms //Arsenic// was prescribed, which cured promptly A case of pleurodynia from taking cold exhibited the following symptoms: //​lancinating pain in lower right chest, worse from motion, cough and inspiration. {{anchor:​s24}}Bryonia//​ 12 was finally given after the mistaken administration of //Arnica// and //​Mercurius.//​ {{anchor:​s25}}The remedy produced an immediate cure, at the same time ejecting a large worm. {{anchor:​s26}}A case of persistent cough, worse from hunger; the least movement fatigued him and caused perspiration;​ //Bryonia// was given, curing him and causing expulsion of a large tape-worm.
 +{{anchor:​s27}}HOMOEOPATHIC WORLD, JULY:—Dr. Cooper reports two cases of perforation of ear-drum //cured,// the one with //​Terebinth.//​ 1st and then 200; the other with //Hepar S.// 3, and later 200. {{anchor:​s28}}No indications are given, hence these cases are not very instructive. {{anchor:​s29}}They are noticed, however, because of the fact that drug treatment in potency //​repaired//​ a perforated ear-drum and restored the hearing.
 +{{anchor:​s30}}BRITISH JOURNAL OF HOMOEOPATHY,​ [We regret that our English exchanges have not been received lately] JULY:—Dr. Ussher reports a case of a type-setter who had //tingling sensation in scrotum with feeling of discomfort; sensation of fluttering in heart and throat.// {{anchor:​s31}}These are claimed by the doctor as indications for //Natrum mur.,// which was given in 6th and later the 30th dilution with the effect of curing the patient.
 +{{anchor:​s32}}MEDICAL COUNSELOR, JULY:​—Dr.Wigg reports the case of a lady who seemed about to miscarry. {{anchor:​s33}}She complained of pain in the back as if it would fall to pieces; expulsive pains; and flooding. //​{{anchor:​s34}}Belladonna//​ 6 was given, and in an hour there were expelled from the uterus “ten pounds of hydatids, in number about sixteen thousand.”
 +{{anchor:​s35}}HAHNEMANNIAN MONTHLY, AUG.:—Dr. McGuire relates three cases. {{anchor:​s36}}One of them a lady, had been subject to //​epileptiform convulsions,​ headache and dysmenorrhoea.//​ {{anchor:​s37}}She suddenly lost the sight of the eye followed by severe //headache, unconsciousness,​ vomiting// and appearance of balls of fire before the eyes. {{anchor:​s38}}The eye trouble was diagnosed as choroiditis circumscripta. {{anchor:​s39}}These troubles were much aggravated at the menstrual period. {{anchor:​s40}}The different remedies selected failed to produce any effect. //​{{anchor:​s41}}Verat. vir.,// tincture, was then given, producing immediate relief of pains, and later on potencies of the same drug were administered,​ producing a complete restoration of vision. {{anchor:​s42}}It is to be observed that the //​instructive//​ value of this case is somewhat marred by several intercurrent remedies which, of course, create doubt as to the part played by by //Verat. vir.,// ultimately. {{anchor:​s43}}The second case was a lady who had been subjected to acute metritic cellulitis. {{anchor:​s44}}Then came on failure of vision, dull pain in the eye, and heavy pain in left side of head, better from pressure, worse from lying down. {{anchor:​s45}}Diagnosis of eye trouble was “congestion papille.”
 +//​{{anchor:​s46}}Verat. vir.// 1st cured in five weeks. {{anchor:​s47}}In the third case the patient became “suddenly blind.{{anchor:​s48}}” //Verat. vir.// was given and promptly cured.
 +{{anchor:​s49}}Dr. Allen reports a case of prosopalgia left side. {{anchor:​s50}}Symptoms were: intense pain, with inability to eat solid food on account of //​aggravation from moving// the jaws; //worse also from washing or touching the part//​—even touching the ends of the moustache increased the pains; worse after stool and //from exposure to cold winds. {{anchor:​s51}}Had taken much purgative medicine; drowsy and tired in morning; aversion to getting up in morning. {{anchor:​s52}}Nux. V.// 200 produced much improvement. //​{{anchor:​s53}}Mezereum//​ 6 was then given which cured him, completely, after severe suffering for ten years.
 +{{anchor:​s54}}Dr. Perkins reports a case of traumatic gangrene of the hand to which was superadded phlegmonous erysipelas, for which //Rhus tox.// 3, was given which prevented the extension of the erysipelas, and enabled the doctor to perform successful amputation. {{anchor:​s55}}W. M. J.
 +^ Source: | The Homoeopathic Physician Vol. 01 No. 12, 1881, pages 600-602 |
 +^ Description:​ | PERISCOPE |
 +^ Author: | HPhys01 |
 +^ Year: | 1881 |
 +^ Editing: | errors only; interlinks; formatting |
 +^ Attribution:​ | Legatum Homeopathicum |
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