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Homeopathy: Great Medicine or Dangerous Pseudoscience?

This is a transcription of a video recording a talk on homeopathy that took place on the premises of the University of Connecticut, March 22th, 2013. The topic of the talk was Homeopathy: Great Medicine or Dangerous Pseudoscience?, the opponents were Dr. André Saine and Dr. Steven Novella.


K.RAJAGOPALA KURUP, 2013/04/24 12:15

Dear sirs,

I am not a homeopathic doctor.But I have read quite a few books on homeopathy, seen the effect of medicines, including a few stunning recoveries from homeo medicines, and that has made me a staunch believer in homeopathic principles and its achievements.

People mainly believe in ” seeing is believing ” and in majority of allopathic systems they get this effect , much more than what they expect. So they feel allopathy is all science and other systems are not. But here allopathy is planting in the body of the so_called cured man, a bit of poison, called the side effects, which as the time passes grows as a separate disease, and the the so_called cured patient is made to believe it as a different problem, which is not.

So I feel that allopathy is a science, if it can make a medicine without side effects, and if they cannot do it, it is not a science at all but a diversion from pure science.

A man cured by an antibiotic is clearing the present problem, and in addition a few other virtual diseases also, and what will happen to this extra poison implanted in to an otherwise healthy body?

When we see that, homeo is a better way of dealing with the sick than allopathic methods.

But every homeopathic doctor will say, ” when life is threatened, take allopathy ” and when safe go back to homeopathy.

That means both the systems are very much required as no system is a complete system.

Many incurable diseases as per allopathy are cured by homeopathy. Where both the systems have failed Ayurveda has cured.

We have to give credit to even Naturopathy. Every system has its own positive and negative implications. One who can understand this truth will never blame another system.

It is like our eyes, one may not be seeing exactly like the other eye, but in combination it becomes a marvelous system for the benefit of not only human being, but life as a whole whether man or a goat or a bird or any thing else that have life.

If the learned people are feel that I am wrong, you can ignore me as a an idiot,'GOOD FOR NOTHING”.

With best wishes to each and all in this discussion.

Thanks a lot.

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