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Proofreading sample

You can greatly assist our efforts in digitally publishing old homeopathic journals by proofreading the OCR-processed articles and correcting any errors you find. This way the articles will achieve higher quality and you will also learn plenty about good homeopathy! If you'd like to give it a try, please check that you meet the prerequisites for the job.


  • enough time at your disposal
  • great attention to detail
  • basic understanding of homeopathy
  • good command of English language
  • patience
  • basic computer skills (mainly file manipulation - editing, copying etc.)

As a test of your fitness for the job, we would like you to proofread and correct HTML files which should reflect the content of the PDF files they were created from. Please proofread and correct any mistakes found in the attached sample.html; the original text is in sample.pdf. The text is from the 19th century magazines, so some words are written differently, for example “dyspnoea” instead of modern “dyspnea” - do not correct these (only if it is really an error).

The HTML file's code may not be changed in any way, so please use such an editor that will prevent this from happening. (For example EditPad Lite is very good for this)

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