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-wh0cd38246 <a href=http://​>​arimidex<​/a> <a href=>​ventolin<​/a> <a href=>clomid 50mg</a> <a href=http://​>​homepage here</a> <a href=http://​>​found it for you</​a>​ <a href=http://​>​resources</​a>​ <a href=http://​>​methotrexate</​a>​ <a href=http://​>​levitra 20mg</a> <a href=http://​>as explained here</​a> ​+====== LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM ====== 
 +^ Standard name | Lycopodium clavatum | 
 +^ Other names | Lycopodium | 
 +^ Standard abbr. | Lyc. | 
 +^ Other abbr| | 
 +^ Scientific name | //Lycopodium clavatum// L | 
 +^ Other scientific names |   | 
 +^ Common names | club moss; clubmoss; club-moss; wolf'​s-foot clubmoss; stag'​s-horn clubmoss; groundpine; common clubmoss; wolfpaw clubmoss; foxtail clubmoss; running clubmoss; running ground-pine;​ running pine; running moss; Princess Pine | 
 +^ Substance description | Triturations are made of the spores of //Lycopodium clavatum// LAccording to Hahnemann, ​//"this yellowish powder, smooth to the touch and resembling dust, is obtained toward the end of summer in the forests of Russia and Finland from the spikes of the club-moss, which are dried and then beaten."// According to Clarke, J.H., also tincture of spores, tincture of fresh plant and etherial tincture of spores (ether dissolves the spore cases). | 
 +^ Distinctness | VARIANTS (1. Spores (tincture or trit.); 2. Fresh plant; 3. Etherial tincture of spores) | 
 +^ Classification | Organism -- Plantae -- Lycopodiophyta -- Lycopodiopsida -- Lycopodiales -- Lycopodiaceae -- Lycopodium | 
 +===== Provings ===== 
 +===== Materia medica ===== 
 +[[en:mm:​hering:​lycopodium-clavatum-r3|Hering,​ C: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica]] \\ 
 +===== Notes ===== 
 +All standard homeopathic remedy names are listed in the [[en:rem:​start|Official Remedy Name List]][[en:rem:​extended|Extended Remedy Name List]] includes all known naming variations (homeopathic names only).The [[en:rem:​complete|Complete Remedy Name List]] includes all homeopathic names and all common namesThis page is part of ongoing [[en:homeorem|Project Remedies]]. 
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