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====== DULCAMARA ====== ^ Standard name | Dulcamara | ^ Other names | | ^ Standard abbr. | Dulc. | ^ Other abbr. | | ^ Scientific name | //Solanum dulcamara// L. | ^ Other scientific names | //Solanum marinum// (Bab.) Pojark.; //Solanum depilatum// Kitag.; //Solanum maximowiczii// Koidz.; //Solanum megacarpum// Koidz.; //Solanum macrocarpum// (Maxim.) Koidz.; //Solanum persicum// Roem. & Schult.; //Solanum ruderale// Salisb.; //Lycopersicon dulcamara// (L.) Medik.; //Solanum asiaemediae// Pojark.; //Solanum assimile// Friv.; //Solanum borealisinense// C.Y.Wu & S.C.Huang; //Solanum dulcamarum// St.-Lag.; //Solanum kieseritzkii// C.A.Mey.; //Solanum kitagawae// Schönb.-Tem.; //Solanum laxum// Royle, nomen nudum; //Solanum lignosum// Sloboda; //Solanum littorale// Raab; //Solanum pseudopersicum// Pojark.; //Solanum rupestre// F.W.Schmidt; //Solanum rupestre// Waisb.; //Solanum scandens// Neck. | ^ Common names | bittersweet; dulcamara; corallini; woody nightshade; deadly nightshade (err.) | ^ Substance description | | ^ Distinctness | DISTINCT | ^ Classification | Organism -- Plantae -- Magnoliophyta -- Magnoliopsida -- Solanales -- Solanaceae -- Solanum | ===== Provings ===== ===== Materia medica ===== ===== Notes ===== All standard homeopathic remedy names are listed in the [[en:rem:start|Official Remedy Name List]]. [[en:rem:extended|Extended Remedy Name List]] includes all known naming variations (homeopathic names only). The [[en:rem:complete|Complete Remedy Name List]] includes all homeopathic names and all common names. This page is a part of ongoing [[en:homeorem|Project Remedies]].

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