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 ===== What's hot ===== ===== What's hot =====
-New release -- [[en:brigham:catarrh:start|Catarrhal diseases ​of the nasal and respiratory organs]] by G. N. Brigham +New release -- [[en:hahnemann:organon:start|The Organon ​of Medicine]] by Samuel Hahnemann
- +
-The updated version of  [[en:​resources:​mercurius|Mercurius Basic homeopathic software]] has been released, including Kent's repertory updated with the [[en:​resources:​additions-repertory-saine|additions from André Saine team]].+
 [[en:​objrep|{{:​en:​objrep2.jpg?​nolink|}}]] [[en:​objrep|{{:​en:​objrep2.jpg?​nolink|}}]]
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