Legatum Homeopathicum

Thursday 6th, December 2012

Dear supporter of homeopathy!

When I, as a very young man, made my first contact with homeopathy – through Kent's lectures on homeopathic philosophy – I was deeply touched by its sound and clear principles. I perceived it as an ideal method of treatment, and lived the idea that those who apply it, like their predecessors , always strive for highest truth and objectivity, when it comes to applying its principles as well as in their personal lives – struggling to lift homeopathy to the mountaintop of medical sciences and selflessly assisting in its development and expansion. This idea of mine, nourished by reading the writings of Hahnemann, Boennighausen, Hering, Lippe, Dunham, P.P. Wells and other great figures of homeopathy, unfortunately proved quite naive – it seems that most homeopaths of today, even those relatively well-known, are not able to lift their noses from the dust of purely personal interests and put the service to the higher cause to a most prominent place, even if only for a while.

As a developer of Mercurius homeopathic software and a homeopath, I have had many opportunities to observe the global state of homeopathy, and it's a sorry sight – an indiscriminate application of commercial principles, competitive fighting, hunt for financial gain, efforts to promote small ego at the expense of the whole, inability of factual and honest communication, distrust, lack of cooperation – all the phenomena that hurt homeopathy extremely. That homeopathy, which now no less than in the past – and badly in need of joined efforts and greater unity – is being knocked down to its knees not by its open enemies (as it may seem to many), but primarily by this lack of inner integrity.

In addition, homeopathy has been virtually cut off from its roots – many homeopaths have never read Hahnemann's work, rather favored „more intelligible“ interpretations, which – more often than not – invoke a completely different image of homeopathy as the one offered by Hahnemann himself. The present image is more pleasant, more palatable, more colorful, but unfortunately does not correspond to reality neither captures the essence of Hahnemann's teachings.

If homeopathy experienced its golden age during the 19th century, it was because of the conviction and fearlessness of its prominent leaders, who were able serve as beacons for others primarily due to their efforts of truthful perception of reality and excellent results which fueled their beliefs and faith in the principles formulated by Hahnemann. In a modern homeopath, despite the great amount of available literature and softwares simplifying his homeopathic work, there is no such conviction – mainly for the reason that it has no right to be – as his good results are more sporadic than systematic; this should be openly declared. The hard-to-overturn evidence of such condition can be found in ever increasing new "homeopathic methods" and courses claiming to equip a desperate homeopath with the tool supposed to allow him to finally fulfill the promise of homeopathy in real life – to realize in actual practice this ideal his heart still believes in, but which in practice he rarely can meet – that the remedy chosen by him will truly improve the health of his patient. If this was not true, who and why would be wasting their time and throwing money away for these courses if only were they satisfied with their method and results thereof!

Throughout over two hundred years of its existence, homeopathy has amassed a great wealth of information that shows what works and what does not, which principles are real and which are just fiction. It is for the purpose of sharing this information that Legatum Homeopathicum (the name means Homeopathic Heritage) was founded this year – a platform which aims to make the wealth of homeopathic heritage available to everyone free of charge, to increase professional level of homeopathic practitioners, to provide quality tools for homeopathic practice for homeopaths and the general public and promote general development of homeopathy. The main gateway to the world of Legatum Homeopathicum is the website at www.legatum.sk already providing tools (such as Mercurius Basic Edition) and content which cost a lot of money to produce and which are available for free.

Homeopathy needs to catch up and take advantage of technological advances. The way it is practiced today is often naive , almost ridiculous – it lacks structure and seems to have largely lost connection with strictly scientific and fact-based approach advocated by Hahnemann. By developing modern technical means and structures, new ways are created upon which it is possible to tread and learn what was missing or improve what was correct.

There are many months of reflection, analysis, discussion and considerations behind the creation of Legatum Homeopathicum platform – resulting in a vision and specific projects (http://www.legatum.sk/en:projects), which we plan to implement. By this letter to you, supporters of homeopathy, I ask for your trust, support and assistance.

Legatum.sk website runs on wikipedia-like engine, so that anyone can edit it and thus contribute to the greater or lesser extent, even if it was only an occasional fixing of a typo in the text. Specific ways of contributing are detailed on www.legatum.sk

Last but not least, we ask for your financial support. The projects we plan to implement, are extremely time consuming and it is practically impossible to realize them without a decent financial background. Currently, homeopathy does not have one millionth of support and funding of conventional medicine, and possibly not even one thousandth of what it had at the time of its greatest expansion (I can hardly imagine that such a thing as Hahnemann monument in Washington, DC could be financed today, see http://www.nlm.nih.gov/hmd/medtour/hahnemann.html and ponder...)

To achieve any significant progress, we need financial support to enable us to improve and expand the available content, create software tools for homeopathy and implement activities described. One-off and especially regular financial contributions of any amount will help us achieve the goals we set, the implementation of which will benefit all people of good will. Take the first step today and become a partner in this effort – joins us today at www.legatum.sk

Peter Bezemek

Legatum Homeopathicum co-founder