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 +====== Contact ======
 +In order to advance homeopathy, communication is of great importance. There are several ways how to make a contact, listed in order of preference. To allow us to contact you, please [[en:​start#​newsletter|subscribe to our mailing list]] or [[https://​​LegatumHomeo|follow us on Twitter]].
 +  - Email -- if you wish to contact us directly, rather than using general channels, you can email us at info (at) legatum (dot) sk or use the contact form below.
 +  - Discussion under articles -- most pages (not this one) have a discussion option at the end of the page. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments connected to the content of any particular page, please post it there. Discussion is the best place to post your questions, if the answer would be interesting to many people, not just to yourself.
 +  - IRC chat -- you can [[en:​irc|chat in real time]] on our #legatum IRC channel on QuakeNet IRC network. This is the best way if you need to communicate with several people in real time.
 {{include>​contactform54864.html}} {{include>​contactform54864.html}}
 ~~DISCUSSION:​off~~ ~~DISCUSSION:​off~~
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