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Ailanthus Glandulosa.

Tree of Heaven. Simarubeae.

A very poisonous tree introduced from the Molucca Islands, and cultivated extensively as a shade tree, on account of its rapid growth, straight stem and shady leaves, until it was observed to make the month of June, the most healthy in the year, a sickly one, by the stench of its flowers. See 20 and 36. The opening flowers are used for a tincture. Introduced by Dr. P. P. Wells, of Brooklyn, in 1864, as corresponding to Scarlatina, and proved by H. Minton and J. T. Alley, 1861. Toxic observations were made by many.

MIND. [1]

Past events are forgotten, remembered as belonging to some one else, or as matters read.
Cannot concentrate mental effort; compelled to read a subject several times to get even a dim understanding of it.
Great anxiety and restlessness.
Stoical indifference to what happens.
Low-spirited. ~ Bronchial catarrh.
Continual sighing, with depression of spirits.
Stupor; mental indifference and weakness.
Great anxiety.
Restlessness, with great anxiety.
Extremely irritable.
Confusion of intellect; found it almost impossible to add columns of figures correctly; had to go over it several times to get it right.
Loss of memory.
Mental alienation.
Recklessness in regard to present and future events.
Semi-conscious, evidently cannot comprehend what is said to him. ~ Scarlatina.
Stupor, delirium and insensibility. ~ After suppressed scarlatinal eruption.
Muttering delirium with sleeplessness and restlessness. ~ Typhoid scarlatina.


Dizzy and throat dry.
Vertigo, with nausea, faintness and cold sweat.
Vertigo when stooping.
Dizzy, face hot, cannot sit up; drowsy, yet very restless and anxious; later insensible, with muttering delirium; recognizes no one. ~ Scarlatina.
Staggers when rising or moving.
Drunken feeling in brain, with fullness.
Thick, heavy feeling in head; figures look blurred.
Feeling as if an electric current was passing through left side of head or down to extremities.
Apoplectic fullness of head.
Dizziness when rising up. ~ Typhoid scarlatina.


Severe headache and giddiness; face red and hot.
Headache, with nausea.
Dull headache: with burning in eyes; with great oppression of chest; with heavy feeling in sternal region; with tingling in left arm and hand.
Dull compressed feeling, confusion and pain in forehead.
Dull heavy pressing in forehead; disinclined to think or act.
Darting through temples and back part of head, with confusion of ideas; beating in occiput.
Thick, heavy feeling in base and right side of head.
Severe pain through temple on awaking.
Pain in occiput, with dizziness and ringing; pain in forehead; also swelling under left eye from cheek.
Head burning hot, with piercing pains.
Severe headache, interrupted by delirium of a frightful kind, with fever and anxiety. ~ Typhoid scarlatina.


Beating in occipital arteries.
Tender, bruised feeling over parieto-frontal sutures.


Uncertainty in seeing.
Figures and letters look blurred; thick feeling in head.
Shunning light.
Wild-looking eyes with intolerance of light.
Pupils widely dilated. ~ Scarlatina.
Eyes suffused and congested; startled look when aroused; pupils dilated and sluggish. ~ Scarlatina.
Burning in eyes.
Conjunctivitis, with redness and inflammation extending around external canthus.
Purulent discharge agglutinating lids in morning.
Smarting and aching eyes.
Lachrymation in open air or brilliant light.


Pain in ear when swallowing.
The ear, when touched or scratched, gets red all over.
Parotid gland sensitive and enlarged. ~ Scarlatina.


Loss of smell.
Copious thin, ichorous discharge without fetor. ~ Coryza.
Coryza, with rawness in nostrils; nose and upper lip covered with thick grey-brown scabs; ichorous pus discharged every forenoon.
Fluent catarrh, with sneezing.
Copious, thin, ichorous and bloody discharge from nose.
Chronic catarrh, difficult breathing through nose.
Dryness of nose; secretion suppressed.
Itching and uneasy feeling around nose.
Nostrils congested. ~ Scarlatina.


Face sallow, jaundiced; pale; blue circles around eyes.
Irregular spots of capillary congestion, as after a debauch.
Face red and hot, covered with a rash. ~ Scarlatina.
Face dark as mahogany. ~ Suppressed scarlatina.
Face puffed, erysipelatous; soreness and pain on left side of nose.
Tearing in face and head, with toothache.
Chronic speckled, spotted face; a sort of acne.
Eruption miliary, more on forehead and face.
Great prostration and a countenance indicating much distress. ~ Typhoid scarlatina.


Lips cracked.
Lip becomes puffed and sore when touched.
Small but deep, ragged ulcer near angle of mouth.
Inflamed vesicles on lower lip; chin bright red.


Teeth covered with sordes. ~ Scarlatina.
Tearing in upper and lower teeth, left side, also in face; agg. lying down, forcing him to walk about; external pressure relieves.


Great bitterness (chewing the bark).
Taste insipid, flat, feverish. ~ Bronchial catarrh.
Tongue dry, parched, cracked.
Tongue moist and covered with white fur; tip and edges livid. ~ Scarlatina.
Tongue thickly covered with a whitish coat, brown in centre.


Fetid discharge from throat.


Thick, edematous and dry choky feeling in throat.
Throat dry, rough and scrapy; worse in morning.
Irritability of throat and hawking up of mucus.
Hawks up greenish puruloid matter.
Throat tender and sore on swallowing, or on admission of air.
Throat livid, swollen; tonsils prominent and studded with deep ulcers, oozing a fetid, scanty discharge; external neck swollen, sensitive. ~ Scarlatina.
Hawking of mucus, constant effort to raise hard lumps of whitish matter.
Thyroid gland enlarged and tender.
Diphtheria, with extreme prostration.
Refused to swallow anything for 12 hours. ~ Scarlatina.
Throat much swollen, dark red, almost purple in color. ~ Scarlatina.


No appetite, everything tastes insipid; sight of food makes her worse; disgust for food.
Hunger and distressing sense of general emptiness during chill.
Thirst for cold drinks, for brandy.


After wine, sleepy.
Water tastes brackish and flat; no desire for drink except when eating.


Frequent belching, with sick-headache.
Nausea: with giddiness; similar to that in pregnancy; with vomiting diarrhea and spasmodic pains in abdomen.
Vomits food speedily during chill; suddenly and violently when sitting up; with stupor.


Stomach inactive, as though its contractive power was impaired.
Constant violent increasing pain in stomach.
Peculiar feeling of emptiness in stomach.


Debilitating oppression like a stricture below hypochondria, with nausea.
Tenderness over hepatic region.


Weak, burning, uneasy feeling in bowels, as of approaching diarrhea.
Burning in stomach and bowels.
Colicky, griping pains in bowels.
Pains in hypogastrium and hips.


Stools frequent, watery, forcibly expelled; burning in stomach and bowels with griping (from smoking).
Frequent painful stool, little fecal matter, much bloody mucus, with very little fever (from odor of blossoms).
Bowels for days too freely moved; thin, watery, offensive, passing involuntarily with the urine. ~ Scarlatina.


Urine suppressed or scanty; passed unconsciously; acid.
Suppression of urine, impending uraemia, stupor or delirium, with dusky red face. ~ Scarlatina.


Sore on prepuce looking like an incipient chancre.


Malignant puerperal fever.


Aphonia preceding cough.
Voice hoarse, failing; almost lost on awaking in morning.
Croupy choking.
Oppression of bronchia, with dull headache.


Breathing hurried, irregular, heavy. ~ Scarlatina.
Equable oppression as if chest was strapped; feels as though air cells were stuck together.
Sensation of fullness and smothering before expectorating.
Wheezing, fluent coryza and sneezing; asthmatic oppression in bronchi; dyspnea. ~ Bronchial catarrh.

COUGH. [27]

Cough: deep, exhausting, with asthmatic expansion of lungs; deep and painful; dry, hacking; in violent fits before retiring and on rising until sputum is raised; dry, constant, with oppression, burning and pains in chest; preceded by aphonia for a day or two.
Cough with headache and congestion of face. ~ Bronchial catarrh.
Sputa: blood-mixed; twice raised a mouthful of blood; bitter, yellow, more mornings; muco-purulent sputum, free in morning, sticky and scanty during day.


Stitching and aching in chest, under the clavicle, sometimes extending to sternum.
Pressure on chest and sense of fullness.
Lungs feel excessively sore and tender.
Burning in right lung and under left shoulder.
Pain and contracted feeling especially through centre of left lung, sternal edge.
Tired feeling in lungs, too much exertion to breathe.


Dull pain and contracted feeling in region of base of heart and through centre of left lung.
Pulse: so rapid and small as scarcely to be counted, surface cold and dry; weak, frequent, irregular. ~ Scarlatina.
Pulse accelerated.
Rapid small pulse. ~ Typhoid scarlatina.


Pressure of clothes on chest is uncomfortable. ~ Bronchial catarrh.


Soreness in glands, with pain under left shoulder blade.
Thickened swollen feeling of muscles of neck.
Constant aching between shoulders.
Neck tender and very much swollen. ~ Scarlatina.
Subacute congestion of cord, leading to paralysis; limbs heavy, feel as if asleep.
Constant sharp pain through small of back and hips.


Pain deep in right scapula, hindering motion of arm.
Numbness of left arm; fingers feel as if asleep; tingling of arm and fingers on awaking.
Large water-blisters on end of thumb, with smaller ones at side of finger nails.


Feeling of uneasiness and aching restlessness in limbs.
Left leg feels numb, with tingling and pricking pain in foot and toes.
Limbs feel as if they were asleep.
Severe pain in left foot; a tension while walking.


Lying on right side: can sleep better in bronchial affections.
Lying down: aggravates toothache.
Sitting up: vomits violently.
Cannot sit up: owing to dizziness.
Rising: staggers; cough.
Motion: staggers; prevented by pain in scapula.
While walking: tension in foot.
Must walk about: with toothache.
Standing: debility.

NERVES. [36]

Jerking cramps of limbs during sleep. ~ Bronchial catarrh.
Electric thrill from brain to extremities.
Great debility, tottering gait, cannot stand long.
Heaviness of limbs.
Limbs feel as if they were asleep.
General malaise, increasing weakness.
In low, adynamic forms of disease, characterized by sudden and extreme prostration, torpor, vomiting, pulse small and rapid, purplish appearance of skin.
Kills canary birds, if cage is hung over night in tree while in flower.

SLEEP. [37]

Sleep heavy or disturbed and unrefreshing.
Sleepy: morning and forenoon; after a glass of wine, with fullness of head.
Drowsiness, followed by insensibility.
During sleep: talks, moans, has sweat, is restless.
Sleeps best on right side. ~ Bronchial affections.
Worse on waking.
Restless and incoherent, most at night; kept in bed with difficulty. ~ Scarlatina.

TIME. [38]

Night: itching of skin.
Morning: eyes agglutinated; throat agg.; voice lost on awaking; free expectoration; yellow, bitter expectoration agg.; sleepy; dry hot skin.
Forenoon: ichorous nasal discharge; sleepy; skin dry and hot.
Day: sticky and scanty expectoration.


Air: throat more tender.
Open air: lachrymation.

FEVER. [40]

Chill preceded by a miliary eruption, agg. on forehead and face.
During chill: hunger, empty feeling; intolerable pain in back of neck, upper part of back and hip joint.
After chill: flushes of heat, severe pain in head and soreness of lungs.
During heat; delirium, urgent thirst, longing for brandy.
Skin dry and hot, especially in morning, until midday.
Cold sweat and nausea.
Cold sweat. ~ Cholera.


Attacks characterized by fullness of head, with heat; pains burning, darting in temples and occiput; vertigo and nausea.
Every forenoon: ichorous nasal discharge.
Rash returns annually.


Right: heaviness of side of head; tenderness over liver; burning in lung; pain in scapula, pain in hip joint.
Left: electric current through head; tingling in arm and hand; swelling under eye; sore pain side of nose; tearing in teeth and face; burning under shoulder; pain and contraction in lung; pain under scapula; arm and fingers feel numb and as if asleep; leg feels numb, foot and toes tingle and prick; pain in foot; tension in foot while walking; itching around ear.
Above downward: electric current from head to extremities; stitching and aching in chest.


As if she would go crazy; drunken feeling in brain; thick, heavy feeling in head; as if an electric current was passing through left side of head, or down extremities; uneasy feeling around nose; throat rough and scrapy; sense of general emptiness during chill; peculiar feeling of emptiness in stomach; as if chest was strapped; as if air cells were stuck together; aching restlessness in limbs; as if limbs were asleep; electric thrill from brain to extremities.
Pain: in forehead; in occiput; in open air when swallowing; in left side of nose; in hypogastrium and hips; through left lung; under left shoulder blade; deep in right scapula.
Severe pain: through temple; in stomach; in left foot.
Sharp pain: through small of back and hips.
Burning: in eyes; in stomach; in bowels; in chest; in right lung; under left shoulder.
Smarting: in eyes.
Rawness: in nostrils.
Darting: through temples and back part of head.
Jerking cramps: of limbs.
Piercing pains: in head.
Stitching: in chest.
Griping: in bowels.
Aching: in eyes; in chest; between shoulders.
Soreness: on left side of nose; of throat; of lungs; in glands.
Tearing: in face and head, with toothache; in upper and lower teeth.
Oppression: of bronchia; of chest.
Beating: in occiput.
Bruised feeling: over parieto-frontal sutures.
Dull pain: in region of heart.
Contracted feeling: through centre of left lung; in region of base of heart.
Compressed feeling: in forehead.
Pressure: in forehead; in chest.
Uneasy feeling: about nose; in bowels; in legs.
Thick feeling: in head.
Confusion: in forehead.
Heaviness: in head; in sternal region; in base of brain in right side of head; of limbs.
Fullness: on chest.
Weak feeling: in bowels.
Tired feeling: in lungs.
Tingling: in left arm and hand; in left foot and toes.
Numbness: of left arm; of fingers; of left leg.
Heat: in head.
Coldness: of skin.
Itching: around nose; left ear; face, back and neck.
Dryness: of nose; of tongue; of throat; of skin.


Touch: reddens ear; lips become sore and puffy.
Pressure: relieves heaviness in head, toothache; pressure of clothes on chest uncomfortable; causes eruptions to disappear.
Scratching: reddens ear.

SKIN. [46]

Skin cold, dry, livid.
Itching around left ear, face, back and neck at night; felt as if she would go crazy.
Skin dry, but not hot. ~ Scarlatina.
Rash returns annually when the Ailantus tree blossoms (after poisoning).
Eruption of miliary rash in patches of a dark, almost livid color.
Rash looking like measles, but without catarrh (looks like syphilis).
Irregular patchy, livid eruption, disappearing on pressure and returning very slowly; interspersed with small vesicles; agg. on forehead, neck and chest. ~ Scarlatina.
Eruption appeared scantily for two days, with sore throat and mild fever. ~ Scarlatina.
Large bullae filled with a claret-colored serum.
Petechiae. ~ Scarlatina.
Malignant scarlet fever.
Purple rash, with stupor. ~ Scarlet fever.
A livid miliary eruption. ~ Scarlatina.
Eruption plentiful, of a bluish tint. ~ Typhoid scarlatina.
Eruption is slow to make its appearance, remains livid, and even forehead and face take on a rather purplish color. ~ Typhoid scarlatina.
Body and limbs covered with an irregular patchy eruption of a very livid color, disappearing on pressure and returning very slowly. ~ Scarlatina.


The odor affects the asthmatic; also women and children more than men, and old people least of all.
Nervous, sensitive persons.
Bilious temperaments; stout and robust.


The nearest relation is Ptelea, proved by G. Bute, and the Zanthoxyleae, if any ever should be proved.
Similar are: Amm. carb.; Arnic. (sore lungs); Arum. triph.; Aloes; Baptis.; Bryon. Gelsem.; Hyos.; Laches.; Nitr. acid; Nux. vom.; Phytol.; Prussic acid; Rhus tox.; Stramon.
Antidoted by: Bourbon whiskey (poisoning); Rhus tox. (headache and erysipelatous face, nausea, heavy sleepy feeling); Nux vom. (general effects).


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 01, 1879
Description: Clinical materia medica of Ailanthus glandulosa
Remedies: Ailanthus glandulosa
Author: Hering, C.
Year: 1879
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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