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China (Cinchona) Boliviana.

A variety of Cinchona Calisaya, discovered by Weddell in Bolivia, growing somewhat further northward than Calisaya.

PROVER. –M. M. Modiedo, Bogota, La Homeopatia, vol. 1, p. 333.

MIND. [1]

Painful sense of humiliation.
Excessive gloominess with alternations of serenity; hilarious in evening.
Great lack of moral courage; disposed to feel cowardly.
Feels sad, like shedding tears; thinks much about future.
Feels abandoned and deserted.
Fits of rage, breaks out in blasphemous and improper language.
Alternate bad and good humor.
Calm, feels repentant, resigned.
Absent-minded while conversing.


Vertigo as after a drunken fit, voracious appetite.
Head feels heavy, stupid.


Dull headache in morning on awaking, leaves during day.
Violent headache on awaking in morning, continuing all day and night and following day, leaving during sleep on next night.
Headache after eating.
Pulsations in left side of head.
Headache with pulsations over right eye.
Head heavy and hot.


Sweat on forehead.
Pain in roots of hair on crown of head.
Some of hair falls off in a spot where pain was felt.


Turning head to right, with eyes closed, seems to see a bright flame extending horizontally from right to left, terminating in a point; feels as if caused by pressure on lids.
Desires to close eyes at night during fever.
Burning pain in eyes, wants to rub them.
Veins in inner angle of left eye injected; morning.
Cramplike pain in inner angle of right eye.
Violent pain like a stab in left eye, followed by itching and tears.
Lids weak, drooping.


Sudden sounds as of a far-off landslide, and detonation of a cannon, in right ear.
Sounds in left ear as of ringing of bells, at night.
Sounds like humming of bees in left ear, and as of blowing of a trumpet, at night.
Whistling sound in right ear, at night.
Deafness in left ear; took large ball of cerumen from it.


Much sneezing on awaking in morning, with smell as of fresh pus or semen when sneezing first begins in head.
Sensation as of incipient cold with tight feeling and pain in throat.
Violent cold in head; coryza.
Nostrils dry, stopped up.
Mucus from posterior nares.


Face: hot; pale; sweating; cadaveric.
Pulsation in left side of face extending to ear.
Painful pustule on prominence of right cheek bone.


Aphthae on inner surface of lips.
Ulceration of commissures of mouth.
Slight eruption on lower lip, much itching; pustules leave before fully forming.


Teeth on edge, sore on chewing, especially left side.
Deep pulsation in decayed teeth, left side.
Gums feel excoriated at base of teeth, agg. left side.


Taste: saltish; acid; as of iron; insipid; as of blood.
Tip of tongue feels as if burnt.
Epithelium peels off base of tongue.
Sensation on tongue as of violent bites, seemingly extending towards left, also to right.


Mouth bitter; morning on awaking.


Feeling of constriction and burning in throat.
Tonsils painful.


Hunger, or lack of appetite; repugnance to meat.
Thirst during day; also in morning.


At night, after preserves, mouth suddenly fills with extremely sour liquid.
After food, feeling of weight in stomach.
After eating: cold; sneezing; sleepy, and desire to sleep early in evening.


Much gas arises from stomach.
Nausea while eating at night.


Heat in skin in region of stomach.
Unpleasant sensation in stomach on lying down.


Pain in hepatic region.
Pains in both hypochondria and under short ribs on awaking in morning.
Pain in splenic region.


Cramplike pain in lower part of abdomen, right side.
Great heat as from a poultice.
Pricking as from pins in pubis.


Hard, then soft stools, without diarrhea.
Expulsion of gases from intestines.
Impulse to stool at night; stools hard, scanty.
Biting in anus as from worms; excoriated sensation.
Viscous sweat on anus.


Pain in left kidney on sitting down on bed, in morning.
Heavy pressure in bladder; cramp in sphincter; tenesmus on urinating.
Flow of urine bifurcated; or small stream curving to right.
Flow of urine frequent and clear.
Urine forms in nebulous flocks, smelling very strong in a few hours.


Morning erections, no sexual desire.
Pollutions exceedingly debilitating.
Pricking, crawling in urethra up to sphincter.
Excoriation on inner and lower part of prepuce.
Gleet and ulceration of prepuce.

COUGH. [27]

Cough dry, then loose; sputum saline or tasting of blood; sputum of milk-white globules of mucus.
Dry cough with great pain in right lung as from a dagger buried there; at times makes breathing laborious; burning in eyes; head very uncomfortable; extremities cold. ~ Pneumonia.


Pain in chest as if it was one great sore.
Unbearable pain in right lung, extends to region of liver; sensitive to touch; at times takes away breath; with tenacious dry cough of a metallic ring.
Dull cramp in thoracic cavity.
Violent attack of pneumonia.


Palpitation; heartache.
Pulse feeble and quick during nocturnal fever.


Nape of neck painfully rigid, cannot turn head to right; any sudden movement of head causes a snap or crack.
Sudden violent cramp in anterior lower part of neck causing fright.
Pain in left buttock, also in right hip bone and left kidney on sitting upon bed in morning.
Wry neck.


Rheumatic pains in left shoulder.
Rheumatic pains in left arm from shoulder to hand, also in both arms.
Dull pains alternate from arm to arm.
Pains in right arm on moving it.
Left arm and hand lose sensation of touch, followed by cramplike pain about left thumb-nail, which impedes movement in first joint of thumb, feels as though the nail was about to fall off, and is painful to touch, all day.
Rheumatic pains from left wrist to elbow.
Pains in joints of both hands.
Pricking pains in hands.
Lack of strength in arms and hands.
Hands red; vessels distended.
Hands hot even in cold and rainy weather.
Hands cold, sticky.
Considerable and prolonged hemorrhage from a small wound on inner part of joint of first phalanx, second finger of right hand.


Convulsive pains in muscles of left thigh.
Pricking pains in legs.
Pains in left knee.
Legs and feet icy cold as if blown on by a wintry wind.
Sudden, violent pulsating in joint of right big toe; cramp in it at night, on lying down.
Rheumatic pains in right foot.
Painful corns which grow very rapidly on both feet.


After lying down: no disposition to sleep.
On lying down: unpleasant sensation in stomach; sudden violent pulsating in joint of right big toe; sudden and profound sleep.
On sitting down: pain in left kidney.
On sitting up in bed: pain in left buttock, and in right hip bone.
Cannot turn head to right, nape rigid, any sudden movement causes a snap or crack.
Turning to right, eyes closed, seems to see a bright flame horizontally from right to left terminating in a point.
Pains in right arm on moving it.

NERVES. [36]

Feels exceedingly lazy in bed in morning, but cannot go to sleep again.
Inclination to oscillation of body after writing.
Nervous susceptibility, cannot bear noise.
Whole body uneasy.

SLEEP. [37]

No disposition to sleep after lying down.
Sudden and profound sleep on lying down.
Dreams: of the sea; of fishes seen swimming; of persons bathing; of journeys; of journeys by water; of mule driving; of death and about dead persons; of vulgar scenes; of vomiting worms; of disputes about money matters.
Drools from mouth in sleep.

TIME. [38]

In morning: dull headache on awaking; violent headache on awaking; veins in inner angle of left eye injected; much sneezing on awaking; mouth bitter on awaking; thirst; pain in both hypochondria and under short ribs on awaking; pain in left kidney on sitting down; erections; pain in left buttock and right hip bone on sitting up in bed; in bed, feels lazy but cannot go to sleep again; feels cold in bed.
Evening: hilarious; desire to sleep; fever.
At night: desire to close eyes during fever; sounds in left ear as of a trumpet; whistling in right ear; mouth fills with a sour liquid after preserves; nausea while eating; impulse to stool; fever; sudden, violent pulsation in joints of right big toe; cramp in right big toe; feels cold in bed; heat of body.


Disinclination for a bath.
In cold rainy weather: hands hot.

FEVER. [40]

Feels cold in bed all night; also in morning.
General excessive cold during day; heat of body at night.
Fever, P. M., after dinner head heavy, burning in eyes, frequent sneezing; cold feet.
Sweat excessive on face and head; burning in eyes; veins swollen; pulse 96 to 104.
Intermittent fever.


Sudden: sounds in ears; pulsating in joints of right big toe.
Frequent: flow of urine; sneezing.
At times: laborious breathing.
During day: thirst; general excessive cold.
All night: feet cold in bed.
Alternate: dull pains from arm to arm.
Intermittent fever.


Right: headache, with pulsations over eye; cramplike pain in inner angle of eye; detonation of cannon in ear; whistling in ear; painful pustule on prominence of cheek bone; cramplike pain in lower part of abdomen on side; stream of urine curves; pain in right hip bone; rheumatic pains in arm; sudden, violent pulsating on joints of big toe; rheumatic pains in foot.
Left: pulsations in side of head; veins in inner angle of eye injected; violent pain like a stab followed by itching and tears in eye; sounds like ringing of bells in ear; sounds like humming of bees in ear, as of blowing of a trumpet; deafness in ear; pulsations in side of face, extending to ear; soreness of teeth on chewing; pulsating in decayed teeth on side; gums feel excoriated; pain in kidney; rheumatic pains in shoulder; pain in buttock; rheumatic pains in arm, front shoulder to hand; hand and arm lose sensation; convulsive pain in muscles of thigh; pains in knee.
From left to right: seems to see a bright flame terminating in a point; toothache.
Right then left: crawling in ears.


As of a stab in left eye; as of a far-off landslide sounding in ears; as of incipient cold; as of teeth being on edge; as if tip of tongue was burnt; as of violent bites on tongue; as of a dagger buried in right lung; as if there was one great sore in chest; as if legs were blown on by a wintry wind.
Pain: in roots of hair on crown of head; in throat; in tonsils; in hepatic region; in both hypochondria and under short ribs; in splenic region; in left kidney; in right lung, with cough; in chest; in left buttock; in right arm on moving it; in joints of both hands; in left knee; in corns.
Unbearable pain in right lung, extending to region of liver.
Burning: in eyes; in throat; constriction in throat.
Excoriated feeling: of gums on left side; in anus; on inner and lower part of prepuce.
Biting: in anus, as from worms.
Pricking: in pubis, as from pins; in urethra up to sphincter; in hands; in legs.
Convulsive pains: in muscles of left thigh.
Soreness: of teeth on chewing.
Dull pains: alternate from arm to arm; in head.
Dull cramp: in thoracic cavity.
Sudden cramp: in anterior lower part of neck.
Cramplike pain: in inner angle of right eye; in lower part of abdomen, right side.
Cramp: in sphincter; about thumb-nail; in right big toe.
Rheumatic pains: in left shoulder; in left arm from shoulder to hand; in both arms; from left wrist to elbow; in right foot.
Pulsations: in left side of head; over right eye; in left side of face, extending to ear; in decayed teeth on left side; sudden and violent in joint of right big toe.
Tight feeling: in throat.
Heavy pressure: in bladder.
Pressure: on lids.
Heaviness: of head.
Weight: in stomach.
Uneasiness: in whole body.
Crawling: in urethra up to sphincter.
Unpleasant sensation in stomach on lying down.
Itching: in left eye; of eruption on lower lip.
Heat: in skin, in region of stomach; in abdomen; as from a poultice; of body.
Coldness: after eating; of hands; of feet; icy coldness of legs.
Dryness: of nostrils.
Hands sticky.


Touch: unbearable; pain in right lung, extending to region of liver, sensitive to.
Rubbing: wants to rub eyes.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 01, 1879
Description: Clinical materia medica of China Boliviana
Remedies: China Boliviana
Author: Hering, C.
Year: 1879
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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