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Euphorbium. (Euphorbium Officinarum.)

Gum Euphorbium. Euphorbiaceae.

The acrid resinous exudation of a plant native to Morocco.

Was strongly recommended by Mesue in diseases of the joints, and for noises in the ears.


- Headache, Berridge, Raue's Rec., 1875, p. 208; Cataract, Bojanus, Allen & Norton, Ophth. Therap.; Crumbling of teeth, Hartmann, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 1, p. 461; Toothache, Rückert, Gutmann, Kl. Erf., vol. 1, p. 461; Epidemic influenza, Wells, Raue's Rec., 1873, p. 106; Cough, Chapman, B. J. H., vol. 8, p. 34; Spasmodic cough, Chapman, B. J. H., vol. 8, p. 34; Coccygeal affection with diarrhea, W. P. Wesselhoeft, MSS.; Erysipelas, (2 cases) Raue, Raue's Rec., 1870, p. 135.

MIND. [1]

Earnest, quiet, reflective mood; seeks quiet, though with inclination to work.
Anxious, apprehensive, solicitous mood.
Temporary attacks of craziness, insists upon saying his prayers at the tail of his horse; knows his freaks and wants to be by himself and in silence.
Imagines he sees the same man walking after him that he sees walking before him.


Vertigo when standing or walking in open air.


Dull, stupefying, pressive pain in forehead.
Sticking headache, especially in forehead.
Tensive pressure in head, especially in forehead and cervical muscles.
Screwed-in sensation in whole of brain and in zygomata, with toothache.
Headache as though head would be pressed asunder.
Bruised pain in head, especially in occiput and forehead, agg. in morning, amel. by cold applications.
Sensation of soreness, as if beaten, in back part of head; agg. in morning; when lying; from heat; sitting; in rest; amel. by motion and cooling head.


Erysipelas of head and face, with digging, boring, and gnawing pains, followed, when ameliorated, by creeping and itching of parts; considerable swelling of affected parts, with small vesicles discharging a yellowish fluid.
Erysipelatous inflammation of face and external head.


Everything appears larger than it really is; even in walking he raises his legs more than is necessary, because he imagines he has to step over elevations.
Diplopia; seeing a person walk before him he imagines he sees the same man walking after him.
Lens milk white; cannot see to go alone, though sees better on a dark day. ~ Cataract.
Biting and smarting of eyes, with lachrymation.
Inflammation of eyes, with itching of eyelids and canthi, which are excoriated.
Feeling of great dryness in eyes with profuse discharge.
Purulent discharge from eyes.
Chronic ophthalmia; lids pain and itch severely, are wet and agglutinated.
Pale-red inflammation of eyelids; with nightly secretion of matter which agglutinates them.
Swelling of lids, with tearing above eyebrows, on opening eyes.
Upper lids sink down; they close irresistibly, with reeling in head.


Roaring in ears at night.
Ringing in the ear.
Buzzing in right ear, cannot sleep at night.


Fluent coryza, without sneezing.
Discharge of a quantity of mucus from posterior nares.


Paleness of face; sickly look.
White, edema-like swelling of the cheeks.
Red, inflamed swelling of cheek, with boring, gnawing, and digging from gum into ear; itching and crawling in cheek when the pain is relieved.
Red inflammatory swelling of cheek, with sensation of burning heat.
Excessive red swelling of cheek, with many yellow vesicles upon it, which open and discharge a yellowish moisture.
Erysipelas of cheeks, preceded by alternating chills and heat; constrictive headache, especially in occiput; and burning, stinging and itching of parts; yellow blisters.
Erysipelatous inflamed swelling of cheek, with vesicles as large as peas filled with yellow liquid.


Throbbing, beating pains, and sensation as if teeth were being screwed together; under eyetooth a swelling extremely sensitive to touch, which ultimately developed into an abscess; cheek greatly swollen and inflamed. ~ Toothache.
Aching, stitching, or boring pains, with erysipelatous swelling of cheek; crumbling of teeth. ~ Toothache.
Toothache, as if screwed in, in a hollow tooth, with jerking, as if it would be torn out.
Toothache agg. when touched or when masticating.
The teeth crumble off.


Flat taste in mouth, after breakfast; white-coated tongue.


Dryness of the mouth without thirst.
Taste in mouth as if it was lined with rancid grease.
Much tenacious mucus in mouth, after midday sleep.
Ptyalism preceded by shivering or with inclination to vomit; shuddering and griping in stomach; saliva tastes salt.


Scraping and rawness in throat.
Burning in throat as from hot coal, extending to stomach, with pain and anxiousness.
Burning in the throat and stomach as if a flame were rushing out.


Great hunger, the stomach hanging down relaxed and abdomen feeling hollow.
Great thirst for cold drinks.


Chilly when beginning to eat.
Drowsiness after dinner.


Profuse empty eructations.
Nausea with shuddering.
Vomiting with diarrhea.


Relaxation of stomach, it hangs down loose.
Spasmodic constriction in stomach.
Burning like fire in stomach and abdomen.
Inflammation of stomach; erysipelatous gastritis.


Sensation of emptiness in abdomen as after an emetic; in morning.
Spasmodic flatulent colic, in morning in bed, with pain as if abdomen was pressed asunder, amel. by leaning his head upon elbows and knees.
Excessive colic and tympanitis.
Griping through whole intestinal canal, followed by thin stool, with burning itching about rectum.
Anxious sore aching in lower abdomen.
Pinching pain on posterior portion of ilium.
Pressive pain in inguinal region.
Affections of left abdominal ring.
Violent sprained and lame pain in left side of pubis, extending to thigh, on stretching the limb after sitting.
Tearing pain in left groin, as from a sprain, while standing.


Diarrhea, with tenesmus, burning at anus, and soreness in abdomen.
Stools like glue, painful and flatulent, after previous itching of rectum.
Stool first thin, then knotty.
Constipation from torpidity of bowels; hard stool, difficult to pass.
Violent itching of rectum during urgent desire for stool, and after evacuation.
Burning sore pain around anus.


Hemorrhoids of the bladder.
Frequent desire to urinate with slight discharge of urine.
Itching stitch in external portion of urethra between acts of urinating.
White sediment in the urine.


Erections without sexual desire.
Voluptuous itching of prepuce.
Discharge of prostatic fluid from a relaxed penis.
Chronic gonorrhea when the discharge is mixed with blood.


Itching of the mons veneris.


Chills, headache, frontal and occipital, with stiffness of cervical muscles; pains in back and limbs; general malaise; prostration; watery discharge from eyes and nose, with burning and smarting; also burning and smarting in trachea, with profuse secretion of mucus; tickling in larynx with cough. ~ Influenza.
Cough, caused by burning tickling in upper part of trachea.


Oppression of breathing, as if chest were not wide enough.

COUGH. [27]

Dry, hollow cough, from tickling in chest and throat Constant, dry, titillating, hacking cough, day and night with lachrymation.
Severe spasmodic cough, day and night, interrupting sleep, and greatly wearing him out; cough dry, with stitches which seem to proceed from pit of stomach to both sides of chest.
Dry cough day and night; sputa copious only in morning.
Cough with asthma.


Warm feeling in middle of chest, as if hot food had been swallowed.
Sensation as if left lobe of lung was adhering.
Burning and stitching in left side of chest, during rest, amel. by motion.


Sinking pulse.


Stitch-like pressure upon sternum while sitting and standing.
Heaviness in pectoral muscles especially when turning body to the right side.


Pain in back; a pressure in the muscles.
Sensation in lumbar region or joints, as if paralyzed.
Painfullness of coccyx as if in the bone, agg. on rising from sitting and beginning to move; sensitive to touch; three times daily diarrheic stools, which agg. pain in coccyx.


Scarlet red streaks on left forearm, itching when touched.
Paralytic tightness in shoulder-joint, mornings, from moving arm.
Pressive pain in upper arm, on outer side above elbow; in ball of right thumb.
Scarlet streaks on left forearm, disappearing when passing finger over them.
Cramp pain in muscles of right hand when writing.
Paralytic pain in wrist on moving it.


Burning pain at night in bones of hip and thigh; frequently awakened thereby several nights in succession.
Pains in hip joint on moving, as if sprained; burning pain at night in femur and hip joint.
Tearing, stinging, pressing pains, amel. by motion, agg. during rest; paralytic sensation, with difficulty of rising from seat. ~ Ischias.
Pain as of a sprain in left thigh, agg. walking, amel. standing.
Great weakness of legs.
Cold perspiration on legs in morning.
Feet go to sleep when sitting.
Sore pains in right heel when walking out doors.


Rheumatic pains in limbs.


Rest: soreness in head agg.; burning and stitching in left side of chest; tearing pain agg.; rheumatic pains agg.
Sleeps with arms over head.
Lying: soreness in head agg.; ulcers agg.
Sitting: soreness in head agg.; stitch-like pressure upon sternum; feet go to sleep; ulcers agg.
Leaning head on elbows and knees amel. pain in abdomen.
Standing: vertigo; tearing pain in groin; stitch-like pressure; pain in thigh amel.
Motion: soreness in head amel.; burning in chest amel.; heaviness in muscles when turning body; of wrist, paralytic pain; pain in hip joints; tearing pains amel.; ulcers amel.
Beginning to move: paralytic weakness in joints agg.; ulcers agg.
Opening eyes: tearing above eyebrows.
Changing position: ulcers agg.
Rising from sitting: painfullness of coccyx agg.
Writing: cramp pain in right hand.
Stretching limb after sitting: violent pain.
Walking: vertigo; pain in thigh agg.; ulcers.

NERVES. [36]

Weariness, faintness; whole body seems relaxed and tired.
Prostration; fainting spells.
Periodic attacks of cramps.
Writers' cramp.
Convulsions, with loss of consciousness and congestion of blood to head; hot skin; slow, full pulse.

SLEEP. [37]

Sleepiness during the day.
Sleeplessness, with tremulous tossing about before midnight, roaring in ears, unable to close eyes.
Sudden starting up as from an electric shock at night, while lying awake in bed.
Anxious, vivid dreams at night, causing him to cry out, whereupon he awakes.

TIME. [38]

Morning: headache agg.; sensation of soreness agg.; sensation of emptiness in abdomen; flatulent colic in bed; sputa copious; cold perspiration on legs; chill of whole body; sweat over whole body; sweat over neck, thighs and legs; sweat in bed; ulcers agg.
Day: spasmodic cough; sleepiness; great heat.
Before midnight: sleeplessness.
Night: roaring at night; cannot sleep; spasmodic cough; burning pain in bones of hip and thigh; awakened by pain; burning pain in femur and hip joint; sudden starting up in bed; vivid dreams.


Heat: soreness in head agg.; near fire agg. ulcers.
Open air: vertigo when walking; walking, sore pains in heel; chill when walking.
Cooling head amel. soreness.
Cold application: headache amel.

FEVER. [40]

Chill: of whole body in morning; while walking in open air; when beginning to eat.
Constant chilliness, with constant sweat.
Chill with sweat at the same time.
Shivering over whole body; over back, with glowing cheeks and cold hands.
The body is cold, with internal burning heat.
Great heat the whole day; all the clothes seem burdensome, even his whole body is too heavy for him, as if he had carried a great load.
Heat with aversion to be dressed, the clothing feels too heavy.
Heat only on the head.
Sweat: in morning, extending from feet over whole body; some thirst.
Morning-sweat, on neck, thighs and legs.
Sweat only on thighs.
Cold sweat on legs.
Sweat in morning in bed.
Usually a morning paroxysm.


Three times daily: diarrheic stools.


Left: affections of abdominal ring; sprained and lame pain in side of pubis; tearing pain in groin; as if lobe of lung was adhering; burning, stitching in side of chest; scarlet streaks on forearm; pain as from a sprain in thigh; burning heat on either cheek, generally left.
Right: buzzing in ear; turning body to side; heaviness of muscles; cramp pain in muscles of hand; sore pains in heel.


As though head would be pressed asunder; soreness as if beaten in back part of head; as if teeth were being screwed together; jerking in tooth as if it would be torn out; taste as if mouth was lined with rancid grease; burning in throat as from a hot coal; as if flames were rushing out of stomach and throat; emptiness as if after an emetic; as if abdomen was pressed asunder; as if chest were not wide enough; feeling in middle of chest as if hot food had been swallowed; as if left lobe of lung was adhering; in lumbar region or joints as if paralyzed; pain in hip joint as if sprained; pain as of a sprain in left thigh; sudden starting up in bed as from an electric shock; as if a thin cord lay under skin.
Pain: in eyelids; in stomach; in back and limbs; painfullness of coccyx; in hip joint.
Lancinating pains: on skin.
Tearing: above eyebrows; in left groin; in limbs.
Beating pain: in teeth.
Gnawing pain: in head; from gum to ear.
Stitching pains: in cheek; from pit of stomach to sides of chest; in left side of chest.
Sticking pain: in forehead.
Throbbing pains: in teeth.
Digging pain: in head; from gum to ear.
Boring: in head; from gum to ear; in cheek.
Pinching pain: on posterior portion of ilium.
Griping: in stomach; through intestinal canal.
Cramp pain: in muscles of right hand; writers' cramp.
Screwed-in sensation: in brain; in zygomata.
Spasmodic: flatulent colic.
Stitch-like pressure: upon sternum.
Stinging pain: in limbs.
Itching stitch: in external portion of urethra between acts of urinating.
Constriction: in head; of stomach.
Burning heat: in cheek.
Burning: in head; in throat; in stomach and abdomen; about rectum at anus; in side of chest; in bones of hip and thigh; in femur and hip joint; in bones.
Stinging: in head; in inner organs; in bones.
Heat: on head.
Biting and stinging: on skin.
Biting: of eyes.
Smarting of eyes.
Soreness: in abdomen; in right heel.
Pressive pain: in forehead; in inguinal region; in limbs.
Tensive pressure: in head; in forehead; in cervical muscles.
Anxious sore aching: in lower abdomen.
Dull, stupefying pain: in forehead.
Bruised pain: in head.
Rheumatic pains: in limbs.
Sprained lame pain: in left side of pubis.
Scraping: in throat.
Feeling of dryness: of eyes.
Rawness: in throat.
Pressure: in muscles.
Paralytic tightness: in shoulder joint; pain in wrist; in joints.
Heaviness: in pectoral muscles.
Shuddering: in stomach.
Reeling: in head.
Buzzing: in right ear.
Roaring and ringing in ears.
Crawling: in cheek.
Tickling: in larynx; in upper part of trachea; in chest; in throat.
Feet go to sleep when sitting.
Itching: of head; of eyelids; in cheek; about rectum; of prepuce; of mons veneris; of left forearm.


Chronic inflammatory conditions of mucous membrane.
Burning in the bones.
Paralytic weakness in joints, agg. when beginning to move.
Caries and other diseases of bones.
Inflammation and swelling, followed by cold gangrene; chilliness and shuddering; gangrene of old persons.
Old, torpid ulcers; warts; blood-boils; facial erysipelas.


Touch: agg. toothache; coccyx sensitive to touch; agg. ulcers.
Clothes too heavy.

SKIN. [46]

Sensation as if a thin cord lay under skin.
Biting, stinging, gnawing and burning itching.
Burning itching which induces scratching.
Biting and stinging on skin; biting exanthema; red inflammatory swelling; sensation of burning heat on either cheek, generally left side.
Eruptions on hairy and covered parts.
Erysipelas bullosa.
Blood-boils; chronic and erysipelatous eruptions; warts.
Swelling of face with pea-sized yellow vesicles; old, indolent ulcers; blood-boils.
Old, torpid ulcers; lancinating and lacerating pains; ulcers turning black; insensible ulcers; biting in ulcers; gangrenous ulcers; agg. in morning; on getting heated near fire; lying down; changing position; beginning to move; while sitting; when touching them; amel. from motion and walking.


Secondary syphilis.
Girl; toothache.
Girl, aet. 18; affection of coccyx and diarrhea.
Man, aet. 55; cataract.


Antidoted by Camphor, Opium, large quantities of lemon juice.
It antidotes: Arsen., Nux vom.
Compatible: after Arum triph. (in hay fever); after Graphit. (in erysipelas); Laches., Pulsat., Sepia, Sulphur.
Compare: Colchic., Elat., Tart. em., Veratr.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 05, 1887
Description: Clinical materia medica of Euphorbium officinarum
Remedies: Euphorbium officinarum
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1887
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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