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Manganum. (Manganum Aceticum.)

Acetate or Carbonate of Manganese.

Discovered in 1774, in the year Priestley discovered Oxygen.

Introduced by Hahnemann and proved by himself and his provers (see Chronische Krankheiten); also proved by Nenning (Hartlaub and Trinks' Annalen, vol. 2, p. 201).


- Dysecoia, Times Retros, vol. 2, p. 63; Otalgia, Bowie, Trans. Hom. Med. Soc. Pa., 1874, p. 186; Affection of ears, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 1, p. 367; Affection of tongue, Hansen, Allg. Hom. Ztg., vol. 113, p. 13; Pain in bowels, Berridge, Hom. Clin., vol. 3, p. 119; Colic, Berridge, Raue's Rec., 1871, p. 122; Hoarseness, affections of larynx, Hahnemann, Hartmann, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 3, p. 169; Laryngitis, Lobethal, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 5, p. 788; Affection of larynx and trachea, Müller, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 5, p. 418; Cough, Ockford, Raue's Rec., 1875, p. 114; Martin, Trans. Hom. Med. Soc. Pa., 1886, p. 95; Haemoptysis, Farrington, Org., vol. 3, p. 91; Pneumapostema, Ockford, Times Retros., vol. 1, p. 68; Affection of ankle, Guernsey, Trans. Hom. Med. Soc. Pa., 1881, p. 162; Podagra, Hauptmann, Raue's Rec., 1872, p. 205; Arthritis vaga, Gross, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 3, p. 523; Periostitis of joints, Hartmann, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 4, p. 435; Intermittent fever, Elb, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 4, p. 943; Anaemia, Madden, B. J. H., vol. 8, p. 195; Pityriasis, Cramoisy, N. A. J. H., vol. 7, p. 235; Psoriasis, Cramoisy, N. A. J. H., vol. 7, p. 234; Lichen, Cramoisy, N. A. J. H., vol. 7, p. 234.

MIND. [1]

Constant whining, moaning and groaning.
Silent, reserved, peevish.
Ill humored, vexed over trifles; bitterness, rancor.
Low spirited, weeping, despondent; sudden palpitation.
Not pleased with joyous music, but immediately affected by the saddest.
Everything she even thinks of makes her fretful.


All the senses less acute.
Head feels heavy, it seems larger.
Vertigo when sitting or standing; he is near falling forward; painful concussion of brain from shaking head, from walking, with aching in head, and at same time in epigastrium; rush of blood from nape of neck over vertex towards forehead during motion, with stupefaction and confusion of senses while standing.


Head so heavy he can scarcely hold it up; fretful.
Contractive sticking pain here and there in whole forepart of head, especially in temples, mostly in open air.
Pressing, boring headache in temples, extending towards eyes and forehead, going off on bending forward, returning on sitting up, or on bending head backwards.
Stitches (like needles) and darts in left side of forehead.
Jarring of brain, from motion of head.
Drawing, stinging or tensive headache in open air, amel. indoors.
Headaches arising in room, amel. in open air, or vice versa.
Burning, pressing headache, amel. in open air.


Cold feeling at a small spot on vertex.
Drawing cramp in muscles, in region of left mastoid process, must incline head to right side.


Short sighted.
Asthenopia, with aching pains in eyes on looking at near objects, so must close them; agg. when looking at a near light.
Pupils very much contracted; dilated.
Burning in eyes and dim-sightedness during day.
Pressure in eyes when reading by candlelight.
Burning heat and dryness of eyes.
Eyelids swollen and painful to touch.
Agglutination of eyes in morning.
Eyelids painful on slightest motion, and on looking at a bright light they become too dry, with a feeling as on waking from sleep.


Whizzing and rushing in ears.
Croaking sound in right ear when walking.
Deafness as if ears were stopped.
Dull hearing: amel. by blowing nose; agg. during cold and rainy weather.
Fullness of ears, with difficult hearing and cracking when blowing nose or swallowing.
Sudden stitch pain in deaf ear.
Ulcerative pain in ears.
Pains extend to and concentrate in ear from other parts.
Stitches in ear when talking, swallowing, laughing and walking.
Frequent otalgia, with tearing and stitching, extending to tympanum.
External ear painful to touch; pain in right ear from teeth; burning of ears as if standing near stove; pain agg. in morning and in open air; ear so sore she cannot lie on that side. ~ Otalgia.
Catarrh of Eustachian tube, with stitching pains and whizzing noises in ears.
Drawing cramp in muscles in region of left mastoid process, he had to incline his head to right side.


Coryza dry, complete obstruction of nostrils; crampy pain at root of nose; agg. in wet, cold weather.
At times stoppage of nose; at times fluent coryza.
Dryness and stoppage of nose; raising easily yellowish pr greenish lumps in morning from posterior nares.
Chronic nasal catarrh; nostrils much stuffed up; sore to touch, and agg. in evening; bloody discharges.
Painful, crampy tearing, between root of nose and eyebrow.


Face pale, sunken; expression of suffering.
Twitching stitches from lower jaw to temples when laughing.


Cramp pain in upper and lower jaw after eating.
Eruptions and ulcers at corners of mouth.
Dry, parched lips, with shriveled skin, without thirst.
Clear vesicles on upper lip.


Smarting toothache, made insupportable when anything cold touches tooth.
Violent toothache suddenly going from one place to another, and up into ears.


Oily taste in mouth.
Burning vesicles on left side of tongue.
Nodosities on tongue; warts.
After cicatrization of small superficial ulcer on left side of tongue, to which lunar caustic had been applied, severe stitching, burning pains along side of left tongue and in inner side of corresponding cheek; chewing impossible; burning pains, agg. in tongue, at night in room, amel. in open air.


Smell from mouth as of clay or earth (early in morning after rising).
Dryness of palate and lips.


Sore, as if excoriated, with cutting pains, independent of swallowing; palate and lips dry, agg. in open air; when swallowing, stitches in both ears; agg. when coughing, with husky voice; feet and ankles swollen.
Throat dry, scratching, feeling as if trachea was closed with a leaf.
Cutting soreness in throat between acts of deglutition.
Chronic sore throat.


Aversion to food from a feeling of satiety.


While eating: pressing in stomach and abdomen, more from cold food, especially in weakly females.
After eating: cramp pain in jaws; pain in rectum (after dinner).


Rising from stomach, like heartburn.
Nausea and vomiting.


Burning in stomach, extending to chest; sometimes with great restlessness.
Pressing soreness in epigastrium.
Much pain in stomach after eating; weakly people.
Drawing in region of stomach, with sensation as if pit of stomach was enlarged, with nausea.
Gastrodynia and pyrosis.


Pressure in hypochondria.
Jaundice from inflammation of liver.
Biliary calculi.


Warm contraction, extending from middle of abdomen to chest, with nausea.
Cutting in region of navel when taking a long inspiration.
Pressing soreness in upper abdomen and pit of stomach.
Intense pain as if bowels were drawn together, beginning in stomach, going downwards to abdomen, chiefly on left side; begins one and a quarter hours after food, attains its height in two hours; amel. by bending double, especially sitting bent over a fire, also by food and eructations; agg. in a cold room or cold weather; pain concentrates itself around and above navel; lasted for more than three weeks.
When walking, sensation as if bowels were loose and shaking about.
Abdomen distended, bloated; profuse flatus.


Passes much flatus.
Stools: loose and tenacious; pappy; yellow, granular, with tenesmus and constriction of anus; costive; seldom, dry, knotty, difficult.
Constrictive pain in anus while sitting.


Frequent urging to urinate.
Cutting in middle of urethra between micturition.
Urine profuse; sediment violet, earthy.
Darting in urethra when emitting flatus.
(OBS:) Ptyriasis nigra, or Addison's disease of suprarenal capsules.


Sexual weakness, with pain in spermatic cord, and urging to urinate.
Sensation of weakness in genitals, with burning and drawing in spermatic cords, extending to glans.
At times burning dragging from vesicula seminales to glans penis.
Itching: on corona glandis; interior of scrotum, not amel. by pinching and rubbing.


Menses: too early and scanty in anemic subjects; much bearing down pain; six days too early, scanty, lasting only two days.
Discharge of blood between periods, pressing in genitals.
Sudden flushes of heat at climacteric.


Hoarseness: with coryza; with tickling cough; rough speech in early morning or in open evening air; accompanying or lasting a long while after an attack of coryza; of chronic laryngeal affections.
Voice not clear, as from phlegm, rough in morning.
Rawness in larynx; voice hoarse; breath hot, burning.
Dull stitches on both sides of larynx, extending to ear when swallowing.
Roughness and constriction of larynx.
Laryngitis, pains moderate, much accumulation of mucus, and long continued hoarseness; in singers.
Laryngeal catarrh in weak, anemic persons, or in such as exhibit tubercular deposit in lungs; hoarse voice in morning, which becomes gradually clear, after expulsion of lumps of consistent mucus.
Tuberculosis of larynx.
Chronic disease of larynx, with Eustachian deafness.
Rawness in throat, with a feeling as though trachea was closed by a film, on hawking.
Chronic affection of larynx and trachea; rawness and hoarseness; dry cough, agg. after speaking; expectoration of greenish masses, or reddish mucus; great anemia; patient tuberculous.
Venous dilatation in throat and pharynx; partial injection of ventricular bands; hoarse voice in morning, amel. after clearing up lumpy mucus. ~ Chronic catarrhal laryngitis.


Breath hot and burning, with disagreeable heat in chest.
Pain in second left rib, from talking.
Pains in head, ears, arms, stomach, agg. breathing, talking or laughing.

COUGH. [27]

Cough: causes darting in parietal bones; dry, incessant, from irritation at mid-sternum; amel. lying down, dry cough from loud reading, with painful dryness, roughness and constriction of larynx; agg. from talking, laughing, walking and deep inspiration.
Expectoration scanty, lumpy, yellow, adhesive, causing long efforts of coughing for expulsion. ~ Bronchitis.
Deep cough with expectoration, ceasing on lying down.
Cough about 5 P. M., continues almost incessant until lying down, which relieves; irritation about middle of sternum; difficult expectoration of lumps of tough mucus; in morning easy expectoration of yellowish greenish lumps, even without coughing.
Sputum: greenish or yellow lumps; difficult, of tough mucus; reddish phlegm; bloody.


Disagreeable heat in chest, breath hot and burning.
Stitches in chest and sternum, running up and down.
Beating in chest.
Warm contraction extending from middle of abdomen to chest, with nausea.
Bruised pain in upper chest when stooping, amel. by raising head.
Pneumapostema, and cough.
Haemoptysis; with stitching pains through right lung and dry cough, always ceasing on lying down; with much anemia and palpitation of heart.


Palpitation of heart, strong, irregular, trembling, without abnormal sounds.
Sudden shocks at heart and in left side of chest from above downward.
Pulse: very uneven and irregular, scarcely perceptible, sometimes rapid, sometimes slow, but constantly soft and weak.


Red, swollen streak on left side of neck.
Stiffness of nape of neck.
Tearing in whole spinal column, from above downward.
Pain in small of back on bending backward.


Pain as from a sprain in shoulder joint.
Rheumatic pains extending from shoulders to fingers.
Gnawing and boring in humerus, as if in marrow of bone.
Itching on outer surface of right upper arm, just above elbow, amel. scratching.
Tension in elbow joint as if too short.
Herpes on forearm.
Tensive pain in joints of arms and wrists.
Rhagades in bends of fingers.
Hands when closed and stretched feel swollen.
Chronic swelling and suppuration of little finger.
Malignant ulcer with blue border, following a slight scratch of finger nail.
Malignant ulcer on finger, from a slight scratch.


Pimples on thigh with scurf on tips.
Tensive, drawing stitches in thigh.
Twitching of muscles in legs from least exertion.
Jerking sticking pain above knee.
Trembling and unsteadiness of knees.
Tearing in knees.
Itching on knees and tibia.
Tension and stiffness in legs.
Voluptuous itching on lower portion of right calf; after scratching, a number of deep seated pimples appear, which soon cease to itch after being scratched until they bleed; then the place continues to itch and burn for a long time.
Inflammation and swelling of both left malleoli, with stitches in leg, extending up from external malleolus always on walking, and at times when not walking. ~ Affection of ankle.
Excruciating pains in greatly swollen big toe, left side, radiating upwards; pains unbearable at night; agg. by slightest touch; must constantly change position; loss of appetite and sleep. ~ Podagra.
Rheumatism in feet; cannot bear weight on heel.
Burning of soles of feet.
Rawness between toes.


Drawing and tension in limbs as from shortening of tendons, especially on stretching.
Weakness and trembling, especially of joints.
Rheumatism shifts from joint to joint, generally crosswise; red, shining swellings; agg. from touch, or motion, or at night.
Arthritis vaga; burning spots about joints; causing one to moan and groan constantly.
Painful periostitis, and inflammation of articulating extremities of bones; boring or gnawing sensation in humerus, as if in marrow of bones; at night pains are insupportable; agg. on touching parts; amel. in open air.
Intolerable pains in skin of lower limbs and joints.
Limbs very tender and sensitive to touch; part affected, and to which lameness is ascribed, is sensitive to pressure. ~ Lame pelvis.


Lying down: cough amel.; deep cough ceases; cannot lie on side of sore ear.
Bending head backwards: headache in temples returns.
Must incline head to right side; cramp in region of mastoid process.
Raising head: bruised pain in chest amel.
Sitting: vertigo; headache in temples agg.; constrictive pain in anus.
Standing: vertigo; stupefaction and confusion of senses.
Stooping: bruised pain in upper chest.
Bending forward: headache in temples amel.
Bending double: pain in abdomen amel.
Bending backward: pain in small of back.
When fingers are closed and stretched, they feel swollen.
Must constantly change position: pain in big toe.
From least exertion: twitching in muscles of legs.
Motion: rush of blood to head; of head causing jarring of brain; slightest, eyelids painful; swellings on joints agg.
Laughing: stitches in ear; twitching stitches from lower jaw to temples; pains in head, ears, arms, stomach agg.; cough agg.
Talking: stitches in ear; pain in second left rib; pains in ears, head, arms, stomach agg.; cough agg.
Swallowing: stitches in ears; cutting soreness in throat between.
Chewing: impossible, pain in tongue.
Stretching: drawing and tension in limbs.
Walking: concussion of brain; croaking in right ear; stitches in ear; sensation as if bowels were loose and shaking about; cough agg.; stitches in leg; children unable.

NERVES. [36]

Weakness and trembling, especially of joints.
Paralysis from decay of anterior portion of spinal cord.

SLEEP. [37]

Much yawning.
Feels sleepy early in evening.
Many vivid dreams, which are well remembered.

TIME. [38]

Morning: agglutination of eyes; pain in ear agg.; raising yellowish greenish lumps from posterior nares; early after rising, smell from mouth as of clay or earth; rough speech; hoarse voice; easy expectoration.
During day: burning in eyes and dim sight.
After dinner: pain in rectum.
At 5 P. M.: cough.
Evening: chronic nasal catarrh agg.; early, feels sleepy; chill.
Night: burning pain in tongue agg.; pains in big toe unbearable; red, shining swellings on joints agg.; pains in bones insupportable; sweats; digging pains in joints; periosteal inflammation extremely painful; itching in papules on neck agg.


Over fire: sitting bent, amel. pain in abdomen.
In doors: headache amel.; burning in tongue agg.
Open air: contractive pain in head agg.; congestion of blood to head amel.; drawing, stinging, tensive headache; burning, pressing headache amel.; pain in ear; burning pains in tongue amel.; dryness of lips and palate agg.; evening, rough speech; pains in bones amel.
Cold and rainy weather: dull hearing agg.; crampy pain at root of nose agg.
Cold: touching teeth, pain insupportable; food, pressing in stomach and abdomen agg.; room, or weather, pain in abdomen agg.

FEVER. [40]

Chill generally in evening, shooting headache, icy cold hands and feet.
Shaking chill, with heat of head, stinging in forehead, continuing after chill.
Sudden flashes of heat in face, on chest and over back.
Frequent rising of heat into head, with thirst.
Sweat profuse, with short, anxious breathing.
Night sweats; itching often only on neck and lower legs.
Incomplete intermittent, consisting of only heat and sweat, with moderate thirst.
Typhus fever where parotid gland is swollen, and bones are very sensitive to touch.


One hour and a quarter after eating: pain in abdomen begins and attains its height two hours after.
Six days too early: menses, lasted only two days.
More than three weeks: pain in abdomen.
Between menses: discharge of blood.
At climacteric: sudden flushes of heat.
Six weeks duration: lichen circumscriptus; four weeks later two circular groups of rose colored, slightly pointed papules.


Right: must incline head to that side, cramp in left mastoid process; croaking sound in ear; pain in ear; stitching pain through lung; itching on outer surface of upper arm; voluptuous itching on lower portion of calf.
Left: stitches and darts in side of forehead; drawing cramp in muscles in region of mastoid process; burning vesicles on side of tongue; small superficial ulcer on side of tongue; burning pain on side of tongue and on inner side of cheek; intense pain, side of abdomen; pain in second rib; sudden shocks in side of chest; red swollen streak on side of neck; inflammation and swelling of both malleoli; excruciating pains in big toe; small tubercles on buttock; dark red, well defined spots covered with small, loosely adherent scales on shoulder.
From above downward: sudden shocks in heart and chest; tearing in whole spinal column.
Up and down: stitches in chest and sternum.
Upwards: pains radiate in left big toe.
Downwards: intense pain from stomach to abdomen.


Head as if larger; feels as on waking from sleep; as if ears were stopped; throat as if excoriated; as if trachea was closed with a leaf or film; as if pit of stomach was enlarged; as if bowels were drawn together; as if bowels were loose and shaken about; voice not clear, as from phlegm; pain as from sprain in shoulder joint; boring as if in marrow of bone; elbow joint as if too short; as if tendons were shortened.
Pains: extend to and concentrate in ear from other parts; in right ear from teeth; in rectum; in stomach; around and above navel; in spermatic cord; in larynx; in second left rib; in head, ears, arms, stomach; in small of back; in shoulder joint.
Excruciating pains: in greatly swollen big toe, left side.
Unbearable pain: in big toe.
Intolerable pains: in skin of lower limbs and joints.
Insupportable pain: in teeth; digging, in bones.
Intense pain: from stomach to abdomen, agg. left side.
Violent pain: in teeth, going from one place to another and up into ears.
Extremely painful: periosteal inflammation.
Tearing: in whole spinal column; in knees.
Tearing and stitching: extending to tympanum.
Severe stitching, burning: along side of left tongue and on inner side of cheek.
Stitching pain: in ears; through right lung.
Sudden stitch pain: in ears.
Tension, drawing stitches: in thigh.
Cutting pains: in throat; in region of navel; in middle of urethra.
Cutting soreness: in throat.
Throbbing: in head.
Beating: in chest.
Ulcerative pain: in deaf ear.
Darts: in left side of forehead; in urethra; in parietal bones.
Twitching stitches: from lower jaw to temples.
Needle-like stitches: in left side of forehead.
Stitches: in ear; in chest and sternum; in leg.
Jerking sticking pain: above knee.
Dull stitches: on both sides of larynx to ear.
Painful, crampy, tearing: between root of nose and eyebrow.
Crampy pains: at root of nose; in upper and lower jaw.
Drawing cramp: in muscles in region of left mastoid process.
Gnawing and boring: in humerus.
Pressing, boring headache: in temples, to eyes and forehead.
Contractive sticking pain: in forepart of head, agg. in temples.
Constrictive pain: in anus.
Aching: in head; in epigastrium; in eyes.
Rheumatic pains: from shoulders to fingers; in feet; shift from joint to joint.
Bearing down pain: with menses.
Drawing, stinging, or tensive pain: in head.
Painful concussion: of brain, when walking.
Smarting pain: in teeth.
Burning dragging: from vesicula seminales to glans penis.
Burning heat: in eyes.
Burning, pressing: headache.
Tensive pain: in joints of arms and wrists.
Pressing soreness: in epigastrium; in upper part of abdomen and in pit of stomach.
Bruised pain: in upper chest.
Sudden shocks: at heart and in left side of chest.
Jarring: of brain.
Soreness: of throat.
Rawness: in larynx; in throat; between toes.
Burning: in eyes; of ears; in vesicles on tongue; pain in tongue; in stomach to chest; in spermatic cord; in lower portion of right calf; of soles of feet; in spots about joints, chest, arms, hands and feet.
Heat: of head.
Pressing: in genitals; in stomach and abdomen.
Drawing: in region of stomach; in spermatic cord; in limbs.
Swollen feeling: in hands.
Irritation: in middle of sternum.
Pressure; in eyes; in hypochondria.
Heavy feeling: in head.
Fullness: of ears.
Constriction: of anus; of larynx.
Tension: in elbow joint; in legs; in limbs.
Twitching: of muscles of legs.
Disagreeable heat: in chest.
Warm contraction: from middle of abdomen to chest.
Stiffness: of nape of neck; in legs.
Trembling and uneasiness: of knees; of joints.
Weakness: in genitals; of joints.
Dryness: of eyes; of nose; painful in throat.
Voluptuous itching: on lower portion of right calf.
Itching: on corona glandis; interior of scrotum; on outer surface of right upper arm; on knees and tibia; on lower portion of right calf; on neck and lower legs; in hollow of knee and on shin; on palms.
Cold feeling: at a small spot on vertex.


Anemia; laryngeal phthisis; tuberculosis.
Chlorosis, if gastric symptoms and loss of appetite predominate.
Every part of body feels extremely sore when touched.
Inflammation of bones or joints, with nightly insupportable digging pains.
Inflammatory swellings and suppuration.
Bones are very sensitive; red spots on skin from inflammation of bones; ankles particularly affected; children are unable to walk.
Periosteal inflammation extremely painful at night.
Malignant ulcers with blue border, following slight injury.


Touch, Passive Motion, Injuries
Touch: eyelids painful; external ear painful; nostrils sore; pain in toe agg.; red, shining swellings on joints agg.; pains in bones agg.; limbs very tender and sensitive; bones sensitive; every part of body extremely sore.
Cannot bear weight on heel; rheumatism.
Pressure: limbs sensitive.
Scratching: itching on right upper arm amel.; makes deep seated pimples appear on right calf.
Pinching and rubbing: does not amel. itching on interior of scrotum.
Slight scratch: followed by malignant ulcer.
Slight injury: malignant ulcers with blue border follow.

SKIN. [46]

Itching here and there, amel. from scratching.
Itching on hollow of knee and on shin, agg. sweating.
Itching on palms, with red spots; lips sore.
Burning in small red spots, on chest, arms, hands and feet, accompanying rheumatism.
Rhagades in bends of joints, with soreness.
Itching herpes.
Skin will not heal.
Small vesicles, or deep seated little blotches, after scratching.
Small tubercles on mamma and on left buttock.
Chronic suppurations of skin, especially about joints.
Pityriasis rubra in a man, aet. 22, of healthy appearance, temperate and never had syphilis; three weeks ago an eruption commenced of dark red, well defined spots, covered with small, loosely adherent scales, extending over thorax and left shoulder; the scales of epidermis exfoliate in immense quantities, exposing a red, dry surface.
Lichen circumscriptus, of six weeks' duration, on neck of a strong woman, aet. 44; commenced with itching; four weeks later two circular groups of rose colored, slightly pointed papules, confluent at base and without any secretion; itching agg. by night than by day, and ceasing after scratching.
Psoriasis inveterata in a man, aet. 45, addicted to immoderate use of brandy; eight years ago was cured of amaurosis by electricity, and six months later cutaneous disease commenced; sickly appearance; muscular, but thin, complexion dark; had gonorrhea, chancres and buboes, and was drunk at first consultation; eruption first appeared on elbows, then on knees and calves; at the diseased points skin first became thickened, then fissures appeared, and finally white, shiny, hard, adherent scales, which were continually reproduced; scarcely any itching and occasionally rheumatic pains.
Lepra vulgaris, psoriasis and pityriasis.


Boy, aet. 8; dysecoia.
Girl, aet. 13, anemic, tuberculous deposits in apex of both lungs; affection of larynx and trachea.
Man, aet. 22; pityriasis.
Woman, suffering for more than three weeks; pain in bowels.
Woman, suffering three weeks; colic.
Woman, aet. 44, healthy; lichen.
Man, aet. 45, drinker, had gonorrhea, chancre and buboes; psoriasis.
Man, aet. 60, no history of syphilis, after application of lunar caustic to small ulcer on tongue from which he was suffering for three months previously; pains in tongue and cheek.
Old man; podagra.


Antidoted by: Coffea, Merc. sol.
Compatible: Pulsat., Rhus. tox., Sulphur.
Compare: Am. mur. (rheumatism); Arg. nitr. (laryngeal cough, tuberculosis).


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 07, 1888
Description: Clinical materia medica of Manganum
Remedies: Manganum
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1888
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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