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Mercurius Iodatus Flavus.

Protoiodide of Mercury. Hg2 I2 (or Hg I).

Provings by Lord (Am. Provers' Union Publ., 1856) and Blakely (New Provings, Tafel, 1866).


- Intraocular affection, Woodyatt, Norton's Oph. Therap., p. 86; Syndesmitis membranacea, Payr, Raue's Rec., 1870, p. 104; Syphilitic disease of eye, Norton, Org., vol. 2, p. 382; Blepharitis ciliaris, Norton, N. A. J. H., vol. 23, p. 352; Nasal catarrh, Holcombe, B. J. H., vol. 34, p. 387; Ozaena, Fisher, Raue's Path. and Therap., p. 228; Toothache, Fleming, Times Retros., vol. 1, p. 57; Affection of lower lip, Kent, Hom. Phys., vol. 4, p. 130; Sore throat, Blakely, Hah. Mo., vol. 2, p. 163; Tonsillitis, Hoopes, Org., vol. 3, p. 105; Blakely, Hah. Mo., vol. 2, p. 162; Diphtheria, Hirsch, Lippe, Oehme's Therap., p. 53; Bubo, Rosenberg, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 5, p. 568; Vomiting in pregnancy, Cushing, Raue's Rec., 1870, p. 261; Goitre, Blakely, Hah. Mo., vol. 2, p. 164; Pains in lower limbs, Blakely, Hah. Mo., vol. 2, p. 163; Chancre, Reil, Rosenberg, Bojanus, Rck. Kl. Erf., vol. 5, p. 568; Crusta lactea, Blakely, Hah. Mo., vol. 2, p. 163; Scabies sicca, Blakely, Hah. Mo., vol. 2, p. 164.

MIND. [1]

Symptoms disappear during care and anxiety; they also retard action of remedy.
Lively, talkative, good natured, whistles and sings soon after great depression.
Disposition to destructiveness, can scarcely resist temptation to throw lamp through window.
Moodiness, depression of spirits.
While in bed imagined a man was in his room, who intended to perforate his throat with a gimlet.


Dizzy: when reading; when rising from a chair.


Dull, pressing, boring pains over eyes. ~ Leucorrhea.
Dull frontal headache, with pain at root of nose.
Throbbing pain in forehead and temples.
Throbbing, bursting sensation in temples. ~ Leucorrhea.
Shooting pains in temple; sharp stitches.
Sharp pain in vertex.
Violent pain in right side of head (over right temple).
Headache on top of head, or on right side.
Dull, heavy aching at base of brain.
Head feels dull and compressed, as if a heavy weight was pressing it down on pillow.
Dull headache on awaking in morning.
Headache felt more when at rest, amel. when mind or body is actively engaged.


Stiffness and soreness in occiput, also when touched, more to left and down back, agg. when lying.
Sensation as if skull was cracking.
Itching of scalp.


Excessive photophobia. ~ Ulcers on cornea.
Black motes before eyes; opacities of vitreous.
Black clouds float before eyes when lying on left side.
Miss L., aet. 26; eight years ago noticed a heaviness and drooping of eyelids; after two years sight of left eye imperfect, and when this dimness appeared, drooping of both eyelids ceased; no redness, pain, or photophobia, but black spots and flashes of light; a year later right eye was affected and rapidly grew agg. than left; finally sight failed entirely; examination of right eye; no external redness; anterior chamber shallow; iris discolored, crowded forward by a swollen opaque lens, to capsule of which it was attached all around margin of a contracted pupil, not even quantitative sight existed; left eye; anterior chamber shallow; iris dimmed and discolored; pupil moderately dilated and mobile; pigment spots on lens capsule; vitreous hazy throughout; lying in it near retina, three greenish blue spots, a little larger than optic nerve; probably hemorrhagic effusions undergoing degeneration; vision 20/50; Snellen 1 1/2 read slowly at three inches; irregular dilatation of pupil under Atropine.
Impaired sight, with weakness of internal recti; aching over eyes; fundus slightly hyperemic; right pupil slightly larger than left; paralysis of all muscles of eye and lid supplied by third pair; diplopia on holding eyes to left for some time, and distant objects look blurred a little. ~ Syphilis.
Throbbing, aching, nightly pains.
Severe pain and soreness of right orbit on rising in morning.
Syphilitic iritis.
Pannus, all stages, but especially in acute aggravations after first, or Aconite stage, has passed.
Trachoma with and without pannus.
Ulcers occurring in course of pannus and conjunctivitis granulosa.
Large excavating ulcer on upper part of cornea, with several small ulcers on lower portion; generally excessive photophobia; thick yellow coating at base of tongue.
Serpiginous ulceration, commencing at margin and extending over whole cornea, or a portion, especially upper part of it, involving only superficial layers.
Small pustule on left eye, some pain in evening and at night, no photophobia nor lachrymation, tongue coated yellow at base.
Large pustules on conjunctiva, no pain during day and only a little at night, gums swollen and bleed easily, tongue coated yellow, bad taste in mouth.
Entire sclero-corneal margin occupied by a slightly elevated opacity of little width, and upon which was situated a chain of very minute vesicles; peri-corneal and subconjunctival tissue profusely injected with very fine vessels, through which was also distributed a large quantity of pigment, forming a zone as striking in appearance as the one occupying the limbus corneae, into which it imperceptibly merged; opacity of cornea was sharply defined.
Large excavating ulcer on upper part of cornea, with several small ulcers on lower portion.
Syndesmitis membranacea.
Paralysis of oculo motor nerve, of syphilitic origin.
Complete paralysis of all fibres of third pair of nerves of right eye, probably of syphilitic origin.
Uncomplicated granular lids.
Blepharitis ciliaris of syphilitic origin, abscesses of lashes, lids red and swollen, eruption on scalp itches, agg. at night; discharge from nose excoriating; upper lip swollen; tongue spongy, with a thick, yellow coating at base; breath offensive.


Sudden sharp pains in ear.
Throbbing boring, from within outward, deep in left ear.


Pain at root of nose (shooting).
Right side of septum and right nostril very sore and much swollen.
A great deal of mucus in nose, descends through posterior nares into throat; hawking; spots in nose feel sore; constant inclination to swallow.
Discharges from nose and throat; scales of dried, offensive pus. ~ Leucorrhea.
Dark redness of fauces; elongation of palate; enlargement of tonsils, sometimes covered with yellowish or whitish patches, small in size; collection of tough yellow mucus in posterior nares, which partially drops into throat, causing constant inclination to hawk and spit. ~ Ozaena.
Thick plugs of nasal secretion, with severe frontal headache, some fever and prostration, especially in old people and children.
Chronic catarrh of posterior nares.


Soreness of entire face, especially of bones of face, with dull frontal headache.
Dull bruised pain in right malar bone, radiating into forehead and right side of head, a small spot pulsates and burns like fire.
Sharp stitches through head and face.
Stinging in left cheek.


Sore on red part of lower lip as large as hickory nut; dry and covered with dry scab, hard as horn; it had been several months forming and was quite painful; submaxillary gland enlarged and hard; lymphatics on right side of neck and tonsils enlarged; several large scales had been removed, and as soon as one separated a new one formed.


Teeth feel too long; cannot eat.
Molar teeth feel too long; agg. bringing them together.
Grinding and drawing pains in teeth; wants to press them together.
Stiffness of jaws.
Toothache after filling.


Bad taste in month. ~ Pustules on eyes.
Thick yellow coating at base of tongue. ~ Ulcer on cornea. ~ Pustules on eyes.
Tongue coated bright yellow at back, tip and edges red.
Tongue coated yellowish brown. ~ Vomiting during pregnancy.


Mouth, lips and tongue dry and sticky.
Fine bright red eruption on roof of mouth.


Burning in throat.
Throat dry, with frequent empty swallowing; burning when swallowing saliva.
Tonsils, uvula and pharynx red and congested.
Pain and swelling of right tonsil.
Slight pain in right tonsil and sensation as if it was swollen, with pain when swallowing.
Posterior wall of pharynx red, irritated and inflamed, dotted with patches of mucus and small spots which look ulcerated.
Constant secretion of mucus in throat, difficult to dislodge and causing retching.
Mucus in throat in morning.
Sensation of a lump in throat.
Easily detached patches on inflamed pharynx and fauces; agg. on right tonsil; salivary glands swollen; fetid discharge.
Sore throat, several ulcerated spots; fauces and inside of throat “mapped,” appearing like many islands.
Pain in right side of throat, also in right ear, extending into throat; difficult swallowing; soreness in right side of face; tonsils swollen; pain in right ear on swallowing. ~ Sore throat.
Tonsils swollen, red and deeply ulcerated, tongue coated yellowish white; very fretful and restless as if from pain; refuses to eat or drink; cannot sleep. ~ Tonsillitis.
Stiffness of jaws, with inability to open mouth; altered voice, speaks as if she had pebbles in mouth; right side of throat and right tonsil inflamed; soreness in right ear and over right side of head and face; enlargement of cervical glands; sensation of lump in right side of throat; soreness in right ear, extending into throat; pain when swallowing; burning; desire for sour things; hawking; tongue coated yellow at back part, clean at front; later soreness and swelling attacked left ear and tonsil. ~ Tonsillitis.
Great difficulty in swallowing, with great pain in throat; salivary glands very much swollen and painful; offensive smell from mouth and fetid discharge from fauces and nares; swelling of cervical glands. ~ Diphtheria.
Sore throat, agg. on right side; swallowing difficult; warm drinks cause much pain; tongue coated thick at back part; looks as if a piece of chamois skin covered posterior part. ~ Diphtheria.
Diphtheritic deposits begin on arches of palate; glands of neck swell rapidly; general condition of edema of throat and neck. ~ Diphtheria.
Aphonia; breathing very much impeded; nostrils dilated with every inspiration; very weak murmur of respiration heard all over chest, sometimes none at all; frequent violent spells of suffocation. ~ Diphtheria.
Membrane agg. on right side; tenacious mucus in throat; sick, offensive odor; agg. from warm drinks; thick, dirty yellow coating at base of tongue; glands swollen. ~ Diphtheria.
Diphtheritic membrane yellow, agg. on right side; great thirst for cold water, can swallow only by little sips, as throat is so full; considerable salivation, which makes chin sore; nose obstructed with thick, yellow scabs and membranes, all agg. on right side; tongue yellow, with tip and edges clean and red; coppery smell from mouth; must swallow from constant sensation of lump in throat; agg. from empty deglutition; salivary and cervical glands engorged; much painful hawking of stringy mucus; fetid discharge from fauces and nares; edema of neck and throat; glandular derangements; great prostration; high fever; urine scanty and high colored. ~ Diphtheria.


Appetite variable, disgust at seeing food.
Excessive thirst; occasionally for acid drinks.


Nausea: faintness, with dizziness and suffocation about heart, sensation of disgust at sight of food.


Weak, empty feeling at stomach, nausea.
Cutting pains, with nausea and inclination to vomit.
Burning at stomach, with pain as from a blow.


Stitches in region of liver, amel. by pressing with hand.
Pain in left hypochondrium, with dizziness on awaking in morning.


Hardness of abdomen.
Burning at umbilicus as from a hot coal; agg. when in spiring.
Great thirst for water in evening; pain in liver, with dizziness and nausea; pain proceeds from right to left.
Faint, sick feeling in hypogastrium before stool.
Severe cutting, cramplike pains in both hypochondria; much agg. in right, extending into back; excessive weariness in lower limbs, they scarcely support body; teeth feel elongated; tongue coated bright yellow in back part and clean in front; much thirst; entire want of appetite; pains disappear and reappear at short intervals.
Indolent buboes.


Cutting, colicky pains, followed by diarrhea or discharge of fetid flatus; stools thin, light brown, frothy.
Frequent urging to stool.
Stools copious, soft and of a dark or light yellowish brown color.
Stools scanty, hard and black.
Black discharges, with or without blood.
Stools tough like putty, with much straining.


Urine: copious, dark red, scanty.


Dreams that he must urinate, followed by seminal emission, of which he knew nothing.
Copious seminal emissions, preceded by lewd dreams.
Sharp shooting stitches in end of penis through glans.
Hard chancre.


Menses slight at onset, with pains. ~ Leucorrhea.
Copious, muco-purulent discharge from vagina the entire month. ~ Leucorrhea.
Yellow leucorrhea, particularly of young girls or children.


Morning sickness.
Confined to bed one week; vomits everything she takes, also vomits a greenish yellow, bitter liquid, with a burning, sinking sensation at stomach; tongue coated yellowish brown; bowels constipated; in a previous pregnancy was confined to her bed from same for seven months.


Loss of voice; hoarseness.
Swelling as large as hen's egg; rawness and soreness of throat; difficult breathing, with suffocation at night; mucus in throat difficult to dislodge; cough agg. at night, and arises from tickling in larynx and from laughing. ~ Goitre.

COUGH. [27]

Slight hacking cough when inspiring.
Loose rattling cough, bronchi loaded with mucus; sputum copious and yellow.


Stitches through right side of chest.
Sharp pain in chest behind sternum.
Sensation in left breast above nipple as if wind was in cellular time; frequent palpitation, a single kick and jump (relieved by Lycop.).


Sharp pain about heart, taking away breath.
Stitching pain in heart.
Sudden spasmodic action of heart, as if it had jumped out of its place.
Suffocation about heart, with nausea and giddiness.
Pulse weak, irregular and labored.


Neck stiff; soreness in occiput, agg. when lying.
Throbbing pain between shoulders.
Severe pain as if bruised over entire scapular region.
Throbbing pain on right scapula.
Sharp pains in back.


Lameness and stiffness in right shoulder.
Sharp pain in right shoulder, obliging him to cease writing.
Soreness and lameness of left shoulder and arm at night when lying on left side.
Lame numbness of left shoulder and arm.
Arms stiff and sore, agg. when moved.
Heavy feeling of right arm.
Soreness and pain of right arm; agg. from pressure, rubbing and passive motion.
Rheumatic, laming pain in right arm, agg. from writing.
Numbness and wearied feeling in right arm, agg. from writing.
(In sick:) Rheumatic pain in left arm, it is stiff and sore, agg. when putting his coat on or moving arm; agg. in middle of day, amel. in evening, and at night could lie on that side.
Arms and hands numb.
Rheumatic pain in right hand, at night, in bed.


Weariness in legs, with dull pains and tingling.
Dull boring pains in legs, agg. at night.
Heavy laming pains in calves, with pain in knee joint.
Severe cramplike pains in lower limbs, agg. in right, especially in thigh, affecting also knees, feet and toes; pains come on only when at rest and are always amel. by active motion; passive motion makes agg.; pains appear every night while in bed, and in daytime when lying down.
Pain in sole of left foot (causing faintness), with feeling of faintness through whole body.
Lame feeling in feet.


Heaviness of limbs, with laziness and drowsiness.
Excessive tired feeling of all limbs, especially when lying on left side, amel. lying on right side.
Soreness with heaviness of all limbs, with dull frontal headache and soreness of bones of face; soreness, with lameness of hands and fingers; heaviness of whole body, with soreness as if one had been beaten.


Rest: headache felt more; pains in lower limbs; feels agg.
Lying: stiffness and soreness in occiput agg.; in daytime, pains in lower limbs.
Lying on right side: tired feeling in all limbs amel.
Lying on left side: black clouds before eyes; soreness and lameness of right shoulder and arm; tired feeling in all limbs.
Desire to lie down, but feels agg. during rest.
Motion: of arm causes stiffness and soreness; of left arm pain agg.; pains in lower limbs amel.
When mind and body are actively engaged, headache amel.
Swallowing: pain in right ear.
Inability to open mouth: stiffness of jaw.
Writing: rheumatic, laming pain in right arm agg.; numbness and wearied feeling in right arm agg.
When rising from chair: dizzy.
Putting on his coat: pain in left arm agg.

NERVES. [36]

Very tired feeling, especially of limbs.
Faint feeling, agg. at church.
Feels languid and sleepy.

SLEEP. [37]

Sleeplessness without restlessness; before 1 A. M.
Frightful dreams; nightmare.
Restless sleep from constant itching. ~ Scabies sicca.
Many symptoms appear at night when in bed.

TIME. [38]

Before 1 A. M.: sleeplessness without restlessness.
Morning: on waking, dull headache; on rising, severe pain and soreness of right orbit; mucus in throat; pain in left hypochondrium, with dizziness.
Daytime: pains in lower limbs.
All day: pain in liver, with dizziness.
Middle of day: pain in left arm agg.
Evening: pain in left eye; great thirst for water; pain in left arm amel.
Night: pain in left eye; a little pain in pustules on conjunctiva; eruption on scalp, which itches and is agg.; difficult breathing, with suffocation; cough agg.; soreness and lameness of right shoulder and arm; pain in left arm amel.; in bed, rheumatic pains in right hand; dull, boring pains in legs agg.


Warm room: feels agg.
Warm drinks: cause much pain.
Many symptoms appear when in bed; deep bone pains agg.; itching, pricking all over agg.; intolerable itching.
Cold water: thirst for.
Great susceptibility to cold and damp weather. ~ Leucorrhea.
Worse in Spring.

FEVER. [40]

Chills, with trembling all over.


Short intervals: pains in liver come and go.
Nightly: pains in eyes; pains in lower limbs when in bed.
One week: confined to bed with vomiting of pregnancy.


Right: violent pain in side of head over temple; headache on side of head; eye, external redness, anterior chamber shallow; iris discolored and crowded forward; severe pain and soreness of orbit; complete paralysis of all fibres of third pair of nerves of eye; side of septum and nostril sore and swollen; dull, bruised pain in malar bone and side of head; lymphatics on side of neck and tonsils enlarged; pain and swelling of tonsil; tonsillitis; patches on tonsil; pain in side of throat and ear; soreness of side of face; pain in ear on swallowing; soreness in ear and over side of head and face; membrane agg. on side of throat; nose obstructed, agg. on side; cramplike pain in hypochondrium; stitches through side of chest; throbbing pain on scapula; lameness and stiffness of shoulder; sharp pain in shoulder; heavy feeling of arm; soreness and pain of arm; rheumatic, laming pain in arm; numbness and wearied feeling in arm; rheumatic pain in hand; cramplike pain agg. in limb, especially thigh.
Left: stiffness and soreness in occiput; lying on side, black clouds float before eyes; eye, anterior chamber shallow; iris dimmed and discolored; pigment spots on lens capsule; vitreous, hazy; holding eyes to side, diplopia; small pustule on eye; boring in ear; stinging in cheek; soreness and swelling, ear and tonsil; pain in hypochondrium; sensation above nipple as if wind was in cellular tissue; lame numbness of shoulder and arm; rheumatic pain in arm, it is stiff and sore; pain in sole of foot; boring pains deep in ear.
Right eye a little larger than left.
From right to left: pain in liver.
From within outward: deep in left ear; throbbing, boring.


As if heavy weight was pressing head down on pillow; as if skull was cracking; teeth as if too long; as if right tonsil was swollen; as of a lump in throat; pain as from a blow in stomach; burning at umbilicus as from a hot coal; as if wind was in cellular tissue above left nipple; as though heart had jumped out of its place; pain as if bruised over entire scapular region; soreness as if one had been beaten.
Pain: at root of nose; on top of head, or on right side; in pustule on left eye; in teeth after filling; of right tonsil; in right side of throat; in right ear, extending into throat; in left hypochondrium; of right arm; in knee joint; in sole of left foot.
Violent pain: in right side of head.
Severe pain: of right orbit; in forehead; over entire scapular region.
Sharp pain: in vertex; in chest behind sternum; about heart; in back; in right shoulder.
Sudden sharp pains: in ear.
Severe, cutting, cramplike pains: in both hypochondria.
Cutting pains: in stomach.
Cutting, colicky pains: in abdomen.
Sharp, shooting stitches: in end of penis.
Shooting pains: in temples; at root of nose.
Stitches: in temples; through head and face; in region of liver; through right side of chest.
Sticking pains: right temple; left ear; right side of chest; both scapulae, along outer borders of hands and little fingers.
Stitching pains: about heart.
Throbbing, boring: deep in left ear.
Throbbing, bursting sensation: in temples.
Throbbing pains: in forehead and temples; between shoulders; on right scapula.
Throbbing, aching, nightly pains: in eyes.
Cramplike pains: in lower limbs, knees, feet and toes.
Grinding, drawing pains: in teeth.
Deep bone pains: agg. at night.
Rheumatic, laming pains: in right arm.
Rheumatic pain: in left arm, in right arm.
Aching: over eyes.
Dull, pressing, boring pains: over eyes.
Dull, boring pains: in legs.
Dull, bruised pain: in right malar bone, radiating into forehead and right side of head.
Dull, heavy aching: at base of brain.
Dull pain: in head; in legs.
Heavy, laming pains: in calves.
Pulsating and burning: like fire in a small spot on face.
Stinging: in left cheek.
Burning: in throat; when swallowing saliva; at stomach; at umbilicus.
Burning, sinking sensation: at stomach.
Tingling: in legs.
Tickling: in larynx.
Soreness: of occiput; of right orbit; of right side of septum and nostril; of entire face; of throat; in right ear; over side of head and face; extending from ear into throat; of left ear and left tonsil; of left shoulder and arm; of right arm; of left arm; of all limbs; of hands and fingers.
Stiffness: in occiput; of jaws; of neck; of right shoulder; of left arm.
Heavy feeling: of right arm.
Heaviness: of eyelids; of limbs; of whole body.
Suffocation: about heart.
Weak, empty feeling: at stomach.
Numbness and wearied feeling: in right arm; of arms and hands.
Faint, sick feeling: in hypogastrium.
Excessive tired feeling: in all limbs.
Lameness: of left shoulder and arm; in feet.
Troublesome itching: all over body.
Itching: of scalp; of spots over whole body.


Especially affects mucous membranes covered with squamous epithelium.
Deep bone pains, especially at night.
When primary sore begins to granulate, and hard, pea-like nodules, resembling enlarged glands, appear upon surrounding parts, or when primary sore and whole base upon which it rests remains hard. ~ Chancre.
Hard cicatrix after Hunterian chancre has been healed.
Painless chancres, with great swelling of inguinal glands, without disposition to suppurate; swelling of tonsils; affection of testicles; also secondary eruptions. ~ Syphilis.
Glands swollen, indurated.
Scrofulous diseases of glandular and lymphatic system; diphtheritic affections and secondary syphilis.


Touch: soreness of occiput agg.
Pressure: with hand, stitches in region of liver amel.; soreness and pain of right arm agg.
Rubbing: soreness and pain of right arm agg.
Scratching: does not amel. itching.
Passive motion: soreness and pain of right arm agg.; pains in lower limbs agg.

SKIN. [46]

Troublesome itching all over body, not amel. by scratching.
Persistent itching spots over whole body, following each other in rapid succession.
Hard papula over body.
Itching, pricking all over, agg. at night.
Bright red, fine eruption on chest and abdomen.
Excessively intense angina; induration of parotid, cervical glands and tonsils; diphtheritic affections, with excessive muscular prostration; desire to lie down, but feels agg. during rest and in warm room; sharp throbbing, boring pains from within outward, deep in left ear, urine dark and copious (after Laches.), when there is loss of voice and hoarseness. ~ Scarlatina.
Intolerable itching at night. ~ Crusta lactea.


Girl, aet. 9 months; crusta lactea.
Child, aet. 2 years; scabies sicca.
Girl, aet. 3 1/2; diphtheria (after failure of Arsen., Calcar., Iodum, Mercur., Sulphur.).
Girl, aet. 17; goitre.
Girl, aet. 17; tonsillitis.
Woman, aet. 26, single; intraocular affection.
Man, aet. 35, attacks usually appear after exposure to drafts of air while perspiring, suffering many years; sore throat.
Woman, aet. 38, tuberculous family history; affection of lower lip.
Woman, aet. 42, stout, fleshy, many children; leucorrhea.
Woman, aet. 67, suffering a long time; pains in limbs.


Antidoted by: Hepar; palpitation relieved by Lycop.
Compatible: after Laches., in scarlatina.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 07, 1888
Description: Clinical materia medica of Mercurius iodatus flavus
Remedies: Mercurius iodatus flavus
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1888
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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