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Standard name Caladium seguinum
Other names
Standard abbr. Calad.
Other abbr.
Scientific name Dieffenbachia seguine (Jacq.) Schott
Other scientific names Dieffenbachia irrorata Schott; Arum crudele Salisb.; Dieffenbachia lingulata Schott; Dieffenbachia nobilis Verschaff. ex Engl.; Dieffenbachia mirabilis Verschaff. ex Engl.; Dieffenbachia lineata K.Koch & C.D.Bouché; Dieffenbachia jenmanii Veitch ex Regel; Dieffenbachia magnifica Linden & Rodigas; Dieffenbachia plumieri Schott; Dieffenbachia poeppigii Schott; Arum seguine Jacq.; Dieffenbachia consobrina Schott; Arum regnium Rodschied ex G.F.Mey.; Dieffenbachia gollmeriana Schott; Dieffenbachia liturata Schott; Dieffenbachia robusta K.Koch; Dieffenbachia picta Schott; Dieffenbachia gigantea Verschaff.; Dieffenbachia grandis Engl.; Caladium seguine (Jacq.) Vent.; Dieffenbachia verschaffeltii Engl.; Dieffenbachia variegata Engl.; Dieffenbachia maculata (Lodd.) Sweet; Dieffenbachia barraquiniana Verschaff. & Lem.; Dieffenbachia wallisii Linden; Dieffenbachia picturata L.Linden & Rodigas; Dieffenbachia cognata Schott; Arum seguinum L.; Caladium maculatum Lodd.; Dieffenbachia illustris Voss; Dieffenbachia neglecta Schott; Dieffenbachia conspurcata Schott; Dieffenbachia decora Engl.; Dieffenbachia ventenatiana Schott; Seguinum maculatum (Lodd.) Raf.; Dieffenbachia brasiliensis H.J.Veitch; Spathiphyllum pictum W.Bull
Common names dumbcane; dumb cane
Substance description
Distinctness DISTINCT
Classification Organism – Plantae – Magnoliophyta – Liliopsida – Alismatales – Araceae – Dieffenbachia


Materia medica


All standard homeopathic remedy names are listed in the Official Remedy Name List. Extended Remedy Name List includes all known naming variations (homeopathic names only). The Complete Remedy Name List includes all homeopathic names and all common names. This page is a part of ongoing Project Remedies.

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