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The case of a goldbeater, aged 16 years, born in the State of N.Y., is one of considerable interest; first as being one of pure lunacy, and second as having been cured with two doses of the 30th attenuation of Sulphur. Lunar aggravations may occur in the progress of almost any chronic ailment, but cases in which the diseased manifestations are present only during the period of new or full moon are seldom met with. They constitute a pure lunacy, and are of course correspondential in their relations to those remedial agents which have been proved to act most strongly during those lunar periods.

The mother and grandmother of this boy have been subject for years to monthly headaches, which come on at the time of the new moon, and which after growing continuously worse for two days usually produce mental derangement on the third, followed by a long sleep on the fourth, and extreme physical prostration on the fifth. Both mother and grandmother seem perfectly well except during these monthly paroxysms. These headaches do not seem to be connected with the menstrual discharge. The father of the boy has been for years intemperate, and the boy is one of two children who alone survive from a family of thirteen. His brothers and sisters who have died, suffered from the various forms of Scrofulous dyscrasia, Tabes mesenterica, Hydrocephalus, Cholera Infantum, Phthisis, &c, &c. The temperament of the boy is sympathetic and nervous. He has light hair, blue eyes, and thin skin. He is tall for his age, having run up very rapidly. His disposition is very amiable, and his moral and religious feelings are unusually profound. He has always been troubled with worms, and often passes large quantities of the ascarides, with a temporary amelioration of the usual itching in the anus. The boy has also piles which sometimes bleed.

This patient was first seen on the 12th June, 1857, For the twelve years previous to that time, there had never passed a change in the moon, i.e., there had been no new moon, without the occurrence of “his spells.“The paroxysms begin with disturbed sleep, frightful dreams, startings, and general nervous agitation. He soon springs from the bed, talking wildly and incoherently, sometimes fearful and often violent. It is with difficulty he is controlled during the first few hours; afterwards he is more silent and morose; though sometimes inclined to ”folie.“The attack generally continues three days. During this period he has a constant, dry hacking cough, and is at no time natural in manner or thought. At the end of this time his usual health seems to return, and he resumes work. He remains well until the next new moon, when the same thing recurs. During the interval there is no cough, no particular nervousness, and with the exception of the ascarides and piles he has no symptoms. The cough which, until this last month, has always gone off with the Lunacy, has continued since the last attack. He has pain in the side, and feels weak. I prescribed Sulph. 30, two doses.

June 21. Cough is much better. Pain in the side is gone. His piles cause him some annoyance. S. L.

June 28. Cough still improving. No trouble from the piles since. Has passed worms twice since last visit. Has itching in the anus, worse at night. Appetite and sleep are good. S. L.

July 14. Is free from all symptoms of disease. Had no attack of lunacy the last new moon. Looks bright and happy; works regularly, and says he never felt so well.

Aug. 24. Has not been so well during the last week. The remedy was repeated; Sulph. 30, two doses. After this the disease never returned.

Dec. 17, 1858. It is now more than eighteen months since this patient has had any indications of disease. He has been entirely well ever since the last date and has worked very steadily.

REMARKS :-I was able to prognosticate a cure in this case, for the reason that Sulphur was so homoeopathic to the totality of the symptoms. Had the symptoms persisted under the 30th dilution, I should have employed another potency of the same drug, higher or lower, according to the circumstances. Of course the most interesting symptom in this case was found in its lunar periodicity. It is somewhat the fashion to doubt the influence of the moon upon disease, but the fact remains however, and the more extended are the observation in this direction, the more certain will it appear. Sulph. acts strongest during the time of the new moon, and as the other symptoms were such as indicated the drug, a cure was effected by its means. P.


Source: The AMERICAN HOMOEOPATHIC REVIEW Vol. 01 No. 04, 1859, pages 171-173
Description: Lunacy.
Remedies: Sulphur
Author: AHomeo01
Year: 1859
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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