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HOMOEOPATHIC LITERATURE. — We have intended for some time to publish monthly a brief resume of the contents of the homoeopathic periodicals, but we have deferred it from time to time owing to the irregularity with which we receive the Foreign journals. In the Neue Zeitschrift fur Homoeopathishe Klinik, edited by Dr. Hirschell, Dresden, a very interesting column is the repertory of homoeopathic daily literature. To those who do not subscribe for all the homoeopathic journals, such an index may be of service, informing them what is going on abroad. We have in the

British Journal of Homoeopathy, for October: A study of Iodine, by Drs. Madden and Hughes; Cerebral Dynamics, by Dr. Gilchrest; Change of Climate in Chronic Disease; Dr. Grover Coe on Concentrated Organic Remedies; Cancer, by Drs. Mc Limont and Marston; Pathogenesy of Aconite, by Mr. Nankivell; Reviews of Hunt on Skin Diseases and Boenninghausen's Aphorisms of Hippocrates. Among the Miscellaneous Articles are: Phos. acid in Phthisis; Hahnemann on the Itch Insect; Nitric acid in enlargement of the liver and spleen; Letter from Hahnemann to a patient; Sarracenia in Small Pox; The Ordeal bean of Old Calabar; Mr. Wilson and Br. Hempel.

The Monthly Homoeopathic Review, London, for October, contains; Dysentery treated by Purgatives; Arsenic in Gastralgia; Prophylactic power infinitesimal quantities of Iodine; On Sleeping and Dreaming, by Mr. Cobbe; A Question on Doses, Dilutions, and the Characteristic Symptoms for the Selection of the Remedy, addressed by Dr. Bayes to Mr. Wilson; A calendar of Cases treated at the Penzance Homoeopathic Dispensary during the year 1862, by J. H. Nankivell; Reviews of the Annals of the British Homoeopathic Society and the London Homoeopathic Hospital, No. 13; Physiological effects of the Bromide of Ammonium; Alternation of the Remedy, by Mr. D. Wilson; The Thirteenth Annual Report of the Board of Management of the London Homoeopathic Hospital. Archbishop Whatley; Reports of the Cheltenham, Liverpool and Manchester and Salford Homoeopathic Dispensaries.

The Homoeopathic Observer, Manchester, Eng, for September, publishes articles on, The Recent Controversy on Hahnemann's Materia Medica; — Manchester and Salford Homoeopathic Dispensary; Shoulder Presentation, by J. Drummond; The Reviewer Reviewed; Effects of Tartar emetic in large doses on animals; The Northern Homoeopathic Medical Association; Iron in Tuberculosis; Piconitrate of Potash as a vermifuge; Phytolacca decandra in diseases of the breast; Effects of Mercury in sheep; Influences of acid drinks and vegetables on the production of disease of the urethra and bladder.

Bulletin de la Societe Medicate Homoeopathique de France, Paris. The August number is the last received of this journal It contains, Extracts of the Proceedings of the French Homoeopathic Medical Society; The actual state of Allopathic Therapeutics; Treatment of Pneumonia, by Dr. Eidherr; Biographical Sketches of Count des Guidi and F. Gabalda; Bibliographical Notices; Obituaries of Drs. Leon Marchant, of Bordeux, and Victor Fioretta, of Turin; and general homoeopathic intelligence.

Notes of a New Truth, A Monthly Journal of Homoeopathy, London, October, 1863, Mend or End (from the “American Homoeopathic Review”); Sickness from carriage riding; Necessity of care in judging from apparent coincidences; Questions to be submitted to the Medical Officers of the London Homoeopathic Hospital; Accidental poisoning in the Newcastle Infirmary; Protection from Scarlet Fever by Belladonna; Importance of fully developing the muscular power as a means of preventing disease; Cases, Facts, and Views, by Dr. Epps; Miserable practice of old Systemists; Prospects of cure for diseases of the Womb small under the old System; The realization of ends by means not homoeopathic injurious; Action of Sepia

El Criterio Medico, Madrid, Vol. IV, No. 18, September 25th, 1863, contains articles on, The Human Organism opposed to surrounding Nature; Clinique, Foreign Critical Review; Biography of Count des Guidi; Varieties. No. 19, October 10th, The Human Organism, etc., continued; Homoeopathic Therapeutics and Clinic; Correspondence; Another evidence in favor of the Infinitesimal Doses; Medical Application of the Recent Observations of the Influence of Ozone on Plants and Animals: Varieties.

Homoeopathische Vierteljahrschrift Leipsic, Vol. XIV, part 3, contains, Investigations of Chamomilla, by Dr. J. Hoppe, continued; The Moschus symptoms of the Materia Medica Pura, by Dr. Fr. Langheims; Contributions to Gynecology,“by Dr. H. Kaan; Report of the Homoeopathic Clinique in Leipsic in the year 1862; Balneological Sketches, by Dr. H. Kaan.

Allgemeine Homoeopathische Zeitung, Leipsic, Vol. LXVII, No. 12, September 21st, 1863, contains, Contributions to Pharmacology — Chamomilla vulg., a fragmentary proving, 1844, by Dr. Hencke; Supra-orbital Neuralgia, by Dr. J. Hoppe; Practical experience in Typhus and its treatment according to the principles of Homoeopathy, by Dr. Jos. Bartl; Meeting of the Society of homoeopathic physicians of Westphalia and the Rhine, August 27th, 1863. Miscellaneous. No. 13, September 28th, The opposition in the motor and sensitive nervous system, a continuance of phrenological studies, by Dr. Th. Bruckner; Practical experience in Typhus and its treatment, by Dr. Bartl; Remarks on Dr. Kleinert's Quellen Nackweis, by Dr. C. Hering; Thirty-third meeting of the Central Union of Homoeopathic Physicians of Germany, at Mainz; Miscellaneous.

Neue Zeitschrift fur Homoeopathische Klinik, Dresden, new series, Vol. VIII. No. 17, for September 1st., 1863, contains, a few words more on the nature of Itch, according to Hahnemann himself, by Dr. Langheims, of Darmstadt; A case of Paratyphlites(?), communicated by Dr. Trinks, of Dresden; — A few observations on Arnic-cures, by Prof. Dr. Hoppe, of Basle; Pains from straining by bearing heavy burdens; Arnica, Rhus; Chronic Intestinal catarrh and rapid cure, by the Editor; Literary Review; Miscellanies. No. 18, September 15th, 1883, contains, How Dr. Hering expresses himself about the Philosophers, by Dr. Roth, of Paris; Observations on Arnica cures, by Dr. Hoppe, of Basle, (concluded); Blindness of the right eye, lasting twenty-two days, caused by a bee-sting, cured by Lachesis, by Dr. Gallavardin, in Lyon; Literary Notices; Miscellany. S.


Source: The American Homoeopathic Review Vol. 04 No. 05, 1863, page 238-240
Description: Miscellaneous; Homoeopathic Literature
Author: Ahomeo04
Year: 1863
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Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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