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FIRST PROVING BY EDWARD BAYARD, M. D., NEW YORK.- Dec. 24, 1850. Took Rumex30 in the evening, 8:40.

1. In 40 minutes the anterior part of the tongue felt dry and hot.

2. After 10 minutes more, sensation of heat over the body, especially in the cheeks; itching on the back of the hands.

3. In one hour more, soreness of the right edge of the tongue; pain in the right side about the lower rib, being like a bruised sensation; pain on the right side of the forehead in the region of causality.

25th, evening. 4. A feeling in the rectum as if a rough stick was forced up, painful on walking.

26th. 5. In the morning, looseness of bowels, with colic some time before their movement; stool of brown color.

6. Flushing of the face in the evening, with pulsations over the body; pulse 80.

28th. 7. In the evening, nausea, relieved by eructation, with sensation of fullness in the abdomen as if diarrhea was forming; restless.

29th. 8. A sharp pain in the fore part of the head in the open air.

9. After meals flatulency.

30th. 10. Feeling of dryness of the anterior part of the tongue, with a feeling in the stomach of repletion, and as if had eaten spice.

31st. 11. Depression, as if some evil was impending.

Jan. 1st. 12. Sensitive to the open air; all the symptoms of Rumex aggravated.

13. Went to bed with a sense of great weariness, nausea. fullness of the stomach with eructations with the taste of what had been eaten; with sensation of fullness of abdomen.

2d. 14. Movement of the bowels in the morning: watery, and of brown color.

15. Great languor; pulse 96; pain in the head on movement; chill down the back on motion; tongue coated yellow, with pain wandering over the belly; heavy drowsiness, with sleep and desire to lie down.

16. During the day face felt hot and pulsated, and the feet had a sense of coldness.

17. Towards evening, an aching pain, commencing in the right side of the umbilicus; went to sleep.

18. In the night woke with a pain all over the abdomen; it was excessively painful.

3d. 19. Afternoon, a dull aching pain in the occiput, which comes and goes.

4th. 20. Sensation of excoriation at edges of the tongue, which is sore when touched by the teeth, with a feeling as if the anterior part of the tongue had been scalded; an eruption on the vermillion border of the lower lip.

21. Palpitation of the heart after supper, and after conversation.

8th. 22. Sore throat on the left side on swallowing.

23. In the afternoon, constant chill on motion, running up and down the back and down the calves of the legs.

9th. 24. Headache in the region of causality; tongue coated yellow; sore throat on the left side during empty deglutition.

The late Dr. Wallace gave me the following symptoms after taking Rumex.

Pain in the abdomen, about the seventh rib, on the right side; a gone feeling and a weakness on each side of the umbilicus; the pains in the afternoon about five o'clock.

SECOND PROVING BY B. F. BOWERS, M. D., NEW YORK. Tuesday, Nov. 26, 1850. Took a few pellets of Rumex Crispus.12

10 P. M. 1. Awoke the next morning with pain in the bowels; relieved by the emission of flatus.

2. Pain a little below and anterior to the nipple, most frequently on the right side of the chest.

3. Pain in the larynx, mostly on the left side.

4. Rumbling in the bowels, and eructation of wind.

5. Burning in the palms of the hands at evening.

6. Itching in the anus.

7. Headache, with coryza.

8. Hawking up mucus from the larynx.

Tuesday, Dec. 3, 9 P. M. Took Rumex,12 six pellets.

9. In three minutes itching in the left upper eyelid, and in both groins and various parts of the trunk, limbs, face and neck. In seven minutes afterward, eructation of wind; in twelve, hacking cough. No. 5 repeated.

10. Ringing in the ears.

11. Dream (of stealing a horse) of crime and trouble at night.

12. Flatulency in the morning on waking, with emission of flatus and sensation as if the tongue and mouth were burnt.

Dec. 24, 8:40 P. M. Took Rumex30.

13. Eructation and sensation of distension in the stomach.

14. Sensation of heat in the left check.

15. Pain in the left side of chest.

16. Itching and stinging itching.

17. Sensation of breathlessness, as if the air did not penetrate the chest, or like what is felt when falling or passing very rapidly through the air.

18. The feeling of distension of the stomach subsides with motion of wind in the bowels.

19. Pain in the top of larynx.

20. Pain in right little toe, especially in corn on outside of it.

21. Sneezing.

22. Motion of the intestines with emission of wind; all these before 9:36.

23. Yawning.

24. Pain in right wrist, ulnar half; 10 repeated.

25. Stinging itching in various parts.

26. Eructation, empty.

On another day, at 9:20 P.M., took Rumex12.

27.In first half hour felt vertigo, pain above umbilicus.

borborygmus, eructation, yawning, secretion of mucus in the larynx removed by hawking, flow of saliva.

28. At 10:20 pain over right eyebrow.

29. At 10:23 hiccough, pain in left temple, itching in the left side of the face in the whiskers.

30. At 10:30, yawning with rumbling in the bowels.

31. At 10:35, pain over right eyebrow, with sensation of stoppage in left ear. At 10:37, burning in palms (No. 5 repeated).

32. At 10:40, itching in face and right ear, movement of bowels as if an evacuation would occur, pain in larynx.

THIRD PROVING BY H. M. PAINE, M.D., CLINTON, N. Y.-The: object of instituting the following proving of Rumex was simply that of verifying the trials made two years since, and published in the last Report of the American Institute.

In order that the circumstances might be similar, as nearly as possible, I have employed the same preparation, and in corresponding doses and intervals of time.

Feb. 7, 1859. At one o'clock P.M., fasting, took 10 drops R0 on sugar.

9th. At ten A. M., 10 drops R0 on sugar.

1. For two hours after experienced a sensation as of a hard substance in pit of stomach. At nine P. M., 10 drops R0. on sugar.

10th. Ten A. M., 10 drops R0. in water.

2. During the day observed a frequent inclination to urinate attended with a sensation as if the urine could not long be retained.

Evening. 3. While undressing, and for some time after, considerable itching of the surface of the lower extremities.

11th. 4. Same troublesome itching of the surface of the lower extremities when undressing, and after retiring for the night.

16th. At half-past nine P.M., 10 drops R0. on sugar.

17th. 5. After four A. M., very unpleasant dream-of burglars. At half-past seven, a short time before breakfast, 10 drops R0. on sugar; also at nine P. M., 10 drops.

6. Observed the itching of the legs, as usual, as soon as exposed to the air while undressing.

18th. 7. Sleep last night was disturbed, wakeful, restless; short naps and unpleasant fancies, even when awake. At nine P.M., 10 drops R 0. on sugar.

19th. 8. The itching of the extremities commenced about half an hour before retiring last night, and again on waking this morning.. There is no appearance of an eruption until after irritating the skin by scratching, and then rather a diffused redness which soon disappears. Frequent scratching the surface has produced a number of little sores, which, however, readily heal, on the calves of the legs and about the knees, especially the posterior surfaces. The rash is not usually troublesome until after the surface is exposed to the air while undressing at night, and on getting up in the morning. The warmth of the bed soon relieves the itching.

9. For several days past have observed an unusual sensation of heaviness in the epigastrium. It occurs immediately after eating, and disappear in the course of half an hour.


Source: The AMERICAN HOMOEOPATHIC REVIEW Vol. 02 No. 01, 1859, pages 30-29
Description: Three provings of Rumex Crispus.
Remedies: Rumex crispus
Author: Bayard, E; Bowers, F; Paine, H.M.
Year: 1859
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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