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Some years ago Dr. A. H. Burritt of this city had his attention directed to this remedy, by an old school physician, as a substitute for Arnica in wounds, sprains, bruises, old ulcers on the legs, &c, and as the best application in cases of burns. We prepared a tincture of the bark, twigs, and leaves, and employed it in several cases of burns with the happiest effects. One case was that of a child which put its hand into boiling preserves. Hamamelis relieved it immediately and there was no more suffering experienced after the first application. In applying the tincture to my own burnt fingers the suffering was instantly relieved. Some of it running down my hand I thoughtlessly arrested it with my tongue. It produced immediate coldness of the whole body and was not followed by any sudden re-action-no heat or fever followed but the system gradually recovered its accustomed heat. Immediately after the sensation of heat was felt, a tearing pain across the small of the back was experienced, and a painful fullness of the joints of the legs as if they would burst, which soon extended to all the joints of the body; at the same time a painful fullness of the brain was felt, especially at the top, with a desire to hear lofty, sublime conversation attended with perfect indisposition to talk myself. After the fullness of the joints disappeared there was a dread of moving the limbs as if it would cause suffering, with a weary, stiff, full feeling. There was also a dry, thirsty feeling of the throat which water would not relieve, lasting full twenty-four hours.

I afterwards gave a lady, for pain in the hypogastric region, one drop of Hamamelis of the 15th dilution which at once established a pathogenetic action. The same pain was felt across the back, the same suffering of the joints, and the same distress of the head as was experienced in my own case, with a feeling as if a bolt was passed from temple to temple through the head and tightly screwed. This was accompanied by a feeling that she ought to be reverenced by all around her and have great respect paid to her opinions. This condition continued for about one hour. This lady had no knowledge of what she took nor of what might be expected from the action of the remedy.

At this stage of my experience, my attention was called to the articles found in the Philadelphia Journal of Homoeopathy, pages 460 and 536; after which my experience with Hamamelis as a therapeutic agent was as follows:-

CASE 1. A lady who had been expected to die, for several days, from hematemesis. I had none of the Hamamelis with me and ordered a decoction of the bark-a tea spoonful every three hours. It cured the patient immediately.

CASE 2. A colored woman aged 35. Two years previous, at the time the menses should have appeared, she experienced severe pain through the lumbar and hypogastric regions and down the legs; fullness of the bowels and brain with severe pain through the whole head, resulting in stupor and deep sleep, lasting twelve to thirty-six hours, from which it was impossible to rouse her; after which she gradually returned to her natural state and so remained till the time for the next menstrual period, when the same suffering was repeated. She was brought to me at the commencement of one of these paroxysms; the pain in the back, pubic region and head had already commenced. I gave eight globules of the 15th dilution of Hamamelis, to be taken at two doses, four hours apart, which established her menses perfectly without any further medication, and she continued to menstruate regularly afterward.

CASE 3. An Irish girl aged 18-strong, robust make. She had never menstruated, but had suffered instead with hematemesis, constant constipation and varices of the legs. I gave her Hamamelis 15th to be taken, three times a day. Her menses appeared immediately, her legs got well, and I knew of her perfect health for three years afterwards, during which, time she became a mother.

CASE 4. A woman pregnant with her seventh child in her fourth month. She was compelled to labor for a livelihood, suffered almost always with varicose veins; at this time she was very lame, suffered much pain and could scarcely move about. I gave twelve globules of Hamamelis, 3d dilution, and a wash of diluted tincture.

She took four pellets at a dose, two doses a day. The first day she felt entire relief from pain, and could exercise with ease. She required no further treatment. I attended her in confinement and found no trace of her former malady.

CASE 5. A lady of plethoric habit had Epistaxis 24 hours, which all ordinary means had failed to relieve. At a previous attack she came near bleeding to death. I gave her Hamamelis 3d, and a wash of diluted tincture for her nose. The hemorrhage was arrested in a few moments but returned, by coughing, the next day. It was again arrested by the same remedy and did not return.

CASE 6. A lady pregnant with her fourth child. She complained of a painful stiffness and a sensation of swelling and weakness in her left leg which continued to some extent during pregnancy, but the Hamamelis gave her prompt relief and there was no return of it after confinement.

CASE 7. A woman pregnant with her fifth child. During her last three pregnancies she had been troubled severely with varicose veins which, after the fifth month, had burst above the ankle and bled profusely. When I was called to her she was only four months advanced in pregnancy, but the bleeding had commenced and she was anticipating a serious time: I gave her Hamamelis three times a day-diluted tincture for a wash. She had no more bleeding and is now well.

These are only a few of the many cases in which I have used this remedy with great success.

In Phlegmasia Dolens it has proved efficacious. I have also found it of great benefit in hemorrhoids, uterine hemorrhage, hemorrhage from the lungs, dysentery, sore nipples and inflamed breasts.

I am satisfied of the great benefit of this agent in venous congestions and believe that in the hands of skilful physicians it is destined to work wonders.


Source: The AMERICAN HOMOEOPATHIC REVIEW Vol. 01 No. 11, 1859, pages 511-514
Description: Hamamelis Virginiana.
Remedies: Hamamelis virginiana.
Author: Burritt, F.
Year: 1859
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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