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Dr. Cushing sends us the following report of a case of convulsions, he was called upon to treat in a child. December 15th, 1858, at the age of fiv e months, she had two teeth and on the 23rd had a convulsion lasting several minutes. The next day she had several spasms and they continued to increase in frequency from day to day, until she had daily 25 to 30 attacks. She was treated allopathically, and as a last resort calomel was given as “the only thing that could save its life,” which for the time apparently afforded some relief. Purgatives were then administered for a week but with no benefit, and the physician was dismissed., Then followed a course of empirical treatment, and almost every nostrum recommended for fits was given, with no benefit. The doctor says: —

“On June 3rd, 1859, I was accidentally at the house and invited to see the child, when I learned the above facts. I also ascertained that since December 23rd, 1858, there had been but eight days when she was exempt from her attacks, having had, with this exception, five to twelve fits a day lasting from one to several minutes. Some days they would not occur till near night, and then were very severe.

The child was of medium size; left arm and hand small, and emaciated; fists continually clenched; limbs emaciated and useless; was deaf, except when cramped; voracious appetite; bowels costive; cried and moaned every moment when awake day and night, with constant rolling of head and shoulders; had not smiled since the first attack; had a calomel sore-throat, so that by opening the mouth the saliva would spirt a yard; sublingual glands were enlarged to nearly the size of the tongue; eyes looked bright.

At the mother's request I took the child under my care. Four o'clock, p.m., had had no fits today, but has the premonitory symptoms. Prescribed Nux vom.6, a powder to be dissolved in water and given each day for five days.

June 9th. She had had no fits or spasms since the first dose of Nux. Appeared better; gave no medicine.

June 25th. Has cried at times, as if from pain in the bowels. Gave Chamomilla3, three doses a day.

June 30th. Would laugh and play; no fits; did not cry when awake; hand and arm nearly well, could hold playthings; limbs better; could hear quite well.

July 20th. Seemed well; could bear its weight upon its “feet, and, contrary to the expectations of its mother and nearly every one, bids fair to be an intelligent and healthy child.”


Source: The American Homoeopathic Review Vol. 02 No. 08, 1860, pages 360-361
Description: Case of Convulsions.
Remedies: Nux vomica, Chamomilla
Author: Cushing, M.D.
Year: 1860
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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