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(From the Monthly Homoeopathic Review, London.)

The following case of severe Hemorrhoids, treated successfully by Hamamelis virginiana, will perhaps be interesting to the readers of the Review, because of the marked pathogenetic symptoms which were developed, during the administration of the drug.

In a method of cure, based upon the principles of homoeopathy, (“similia similibus curantur) it. must be evident that the correct “provings” of our remedies, and the careful observation of all their pathogenetic effects, are matters of the utmost importance: and, therefore, it would be well if those who are in the habit of watching the therapeutic effects of the homoeopathic medicines, upon their patients, would record, for the benefit of their fellow practitioners, and for the confirmation of the systematic “provings,” already published, any aggravation of symptoms, arising out of the dose, or potency, employed; or, any morbid disturbance of the organism, indicating the presence of pathogenetic, rather than of curative force.

Notices of the pathogenetic and curative effects of Hamamelis virginiana have appeared, at various times, in the North American Journal of Homoeopathy (vol. iii. p. 461; vol. iv. pp. 115 and 302; vol. v. p. 438; vol. vii. p. 114); in the Philadelphia Journal of Homoeopathy (vol. i. pp. 460 and 536); in the Homoeopathic Review (vol. i. pp. 249, 315, and 525; vol. ii. p. 205); in the British Journal of Homoeopathy (vol. xv. p. 168; vol. xvi. p. 173).

My friend, Dr. Thomas, has also drawn out an excellent schema, in extension of the one in the British Journal of Homoeopathy. This schema is given as an appendix to his Additions to the Homoeopathic Materia Medica.

It is with the view of confirming, by my own clinical observation, the correctness of some of the provings already recorded, that I send the following short case.

Mrs. — aet. 37, of a nervo-bilious temperament, the mother of eight children, consulted me October 30th, 1857, during a severe attack of “burning, painful,” hemorrhoids. To similar attacks she had been subject during the previous ten years; and, although she sought help from various allopathic medical men, yet, her success had been so small, that she had given up all idea of obtaining permanent relief.

One of her children, aet. 5 years, a short time before the mother's application to me, on her own behalf, had been laboring under psoas-abscess; and the case having been pronounced hopeless, by the allopathic attendants, it was, at the earnest request of the child's father, put under my care, as a last resource. Happily, the child recovered under homoeopathic treatment: and the mother, gathering, from that circumstance, some hope for herself, sought my help.

Oct 30th, 1857. — Present symptoms are, — great suffering from weight, and pressure, at the anus; hemorrhoids protruding; great exhaustion from frequent hemorrhage from the rectum; bowels constipated; severe frontal headache; restless nights; mouth parched, and dry, on awaking.

Prescribed Hamamelis virg.6, two drops in six ounces of water: one tablespoonful three times a day.

Nov. 3rd. — The hemorrhoidal symptoms are somewhat relieved; but she complains of severe pains in the back. Continued the medicine.

Nov. 8th. — Today, the hemorrhoids are painful and protruding. A new symptom has also developed itself; and, my patient wished me to examine her arms, as, during the past two days she had suffered severely from a peculiar pricking-pain, from the wrist, to the shoulder, which pain is increased on pressure. On examining the arms, I found that the patient indicated the direction of the pain along the course of the superficial veins.

Ordered Sacch. lactis. to be continued during the next three days.

Nov. 12th. — Somewhat better; the pricking-pain has quite left the arms; the hemorrhoids are still troublesome.

Hamamelis virg 4 — thirty drops, in six ounces of water, to be used as a lotion. A pledget of lint, saturated with this lotion, to be applied to the protruded hemorrhoids every night.

Nov. 18th. — The patient reports herself quite well, and able to pursue her domestic duties, with case and comfort.

It will be seen, however, that in this case the cure was not complete; for on the 25th of January, 1858, this lady again consulted me. On this occasion she was suffering from protruding hemorrhoids, accompanied by severe inflammation. She also complained of catarrhal symptoms, and was very desponding.

Prescribed Ham. virg.6 — two drops in six ounces of water: one tablespoonful to be taken every three hours. The lotion also to be need as before.

Jan. 27th. — Since my last visit, two days ago, only five doses of the medicine have been taken; because, after the fourth dose, the patient became very much alarmed by a pricking pain in the region of the heart. The hemorrhoids, however, were much relieved.

Ordered Sacch. lactis.

Jan. 29th. — The pricking pain “about the heart,” is very severe; it is also now felt in the course of the superficial veins of both arms.

These pricking pains continued for a period of ten days, increasing in intensity, during that time. At length I prescribed Arnica12 — twelve gl. in six ounces of water; one spoonful to be taken three times a day.

Feb. 15th. — The patient states that she feels better than she has done for years; and the hemorrhoids, to use her own expression, “have been completely vanquished.”

I must not forget to record, that while under treatment, this patient had been relieved, by the Hamamelis, of a peculiar tightness of the chest, from which she had suffered from childhood.

June 5th. — I have today seen Mrs. — , who continues quite well; the symptoms of hemorrhoidal disturbance having never returned.


Source: The AMERICAN HOMOEOPATHIC REVIEW Vol. 02 No. 02, 1859, pages 83-86
Description: Clinical Observations on Hamamelis.
Remedies: Hamamelis virginiana
Author: Davison, J.M.
Year: 1859
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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