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Resume of the Symptoms by C. Hering, M. D., translated from Americanische Arzneipruefungen, by P. P. Wells, M.D. For remarks see Review Vol. VI. p. 13.


Indifference. Depression of spirits.

Anxiety, excitement, presentiment of death.

Irritable, perverse temper; nothing is right with him.

Passionate during the itching, the sufferings attending the menses, and other difficulties.

Restlessness of disposition, mind and body.

Bustling, frivolous, laughing, gay.

Delirium, with congestions, eruptions, heat; during sleep.

Cannot direct his thoughts to any determinate object.

Vertigo while standing, sitting, lying down, closing the eyes, with obscuration of sight, nausea, headache, and sneezing.

Dull confusion (eingenommenheit) especially over the eyes.

Head :

The head as if too full; it seems too large.

Heaviness, pressure; pressure in the head, especially when rising from sitting or lying, increased in a warm room, relieved by pressing together with the hands.

Pain in the head extending as far as the eyes, over the eyes and in the eyes.

Sharp shooting pains in the temples.

In the scalp, drawing, tightness, increased sensibility, burning, shooting, itching and pricking and falling out of the hair.

Eyes :

Eyes sensitive to light with the headache. Redness of the eyes. Weakness of the eyes with aversion to using them; indistinct vision. Whirling before the eyes.

Twitching and jerking of the left eyeball, especially at night.

Heaviness, fullness and pressure in the eyes and eyelids.

Severe shooting pains into the eyeball; borings and stickings.

Cuttings, burnings and redness of the eyes. Shooting itchings in the eyes and lids and about the eyebrows.

Flow of tears with restlessness of the mind, at night, with headache, sensibility to light, and redness and burning of the eyes.

Sensation as if there were mucus in the eyes.

Itching in and around the eyes and lids, and in the angles of the eyes with smarting.

Sticking together of the lids.

Swelling of the lids.

Dropsical and erysipelatous swelling around the eyes.

Ears, Nose and Face :

Sensitive to noise. Sticking burning of the ears. Tension around the ears.

Sneezing, then pressure in the forehead and vertigo.

Coryza, with sensation of swelling in the nose, dryness and burning of the lips.

Itching, pain, redness and swelling of the nose.

Paleness of the face. Burning sticking, with sensation of fullness, heat, redness, and desire for washing in cold water.

Livid, blue red color of the face.

Tension, swelling and redness. Crawling and pricking in the face.

The lips are painful, the pains extending even to the gums and head, or over the whole body.


The lips as if crushed, as if swollen, pricking, chopping, tension, burning and swelling, in which the inner surface is everted.

Jerking closing of the under jaw.

Jerkings in the left upper back teeth.

The pains in the teeth extend to the head.

The tongue as if scalded, especially on the edges. Vesicles along the edges of the tongue, especially the left, with burning, rawness and stickings.

Dryness, fiery redness, burning sticking and swelling of the tongue.

The tongue is coated, with diarrhea

Dryness of the mouth, fauces and throat. The surface is sensitive as if scalded.

Salivation. The saliva is tenacious and frothy.

Throat :

Hawking up of mucus every morning.

Pressing pain in the upper and back part of the throat, as if from a hard body.

Sticking, itching and contraction in the throat which hinders swallowing.

As if raw in the throat, with tenacious saliva when hawking.

Burning, smarting, sticking in the throat especially when swallowing.

The tonsils red, swollen, painful, smarting.

Stomach :

Loss of appetite. No thirst with dropsy; with dryness of the throat, during the heat. Desire for a drink of water with sinking of the vital forces.

Eructations with waterbrash with taste of the food, increased after drinking water.

Disgust, nausea with vertigo, fainting, sinking of the forces, even to vomiting, with headache, swelling of the head, pain in the stomach and diarrhea

Pressure in the stomach; prickings, as with needles; rawness; burning; add extreme sensitiveness to pressure.

Below the ribs, sensation as if crushed, more on the left side. Burning. Pains which extend from below upwards.

Abdomen :

Throbbing boring over the left os ileum, relieved by eructation.

Rumbling in the abdomen.

Sensation of nausea in the abdomen.

Pain in the· abdomen in the morning, with urgency to stool.

Heaviness, painful pressure, severe squeezing, contractions (zusammenziehen) in the abdomen.

Pain in the abdomen while walking.

Severe pain while lying down, relieved by rising up.

Burning, internal rawness, externally sensitive to pressure even of the bed-covering (of the abdomen).

The abdomen is full, swollen and sensitive to pressure, with swelling of the feet and scanty urine.

Stool :

Sensation as of diarrhea:, with urgency, pressure and tenesmus.

Soft stool every morning, of a light color.

Greenish yellow, watery, slimy, diarrhea, without pain, especially in the morning.

Offensive diarrhea, then tenesmus with blood. Discharge of mucus with pain as if the bowels were crushed.

The anus as if completely stopped, with heat and throbbing in the rectum.

Electric shocks in the rectum before the inclination to stool. Rawness in the anus with diarrhea. Insupportable itching, with swelling; intolerable shooting, boring pains in the hemorrhoids; a bloody oozing with swelling of the anus.

Urine and Genitals :

There is little or no urine discharged, with great pain.

Frequent inclination to urinate.

Increase of urine, day and night. Scanty and high colored urine.

Burning and excoriation in the urethra, as if scalded.

Uneasiness in the spermatic cord.

Pain in the ovarian region as if dislocated, with sensibility to pressure. Cuttings in the left side, then in the right, drawings, shootings, with bearing down.

Bearing down in the uterine region as if the menses would appear.

Swelling of the labia.

The menses are interrupted for a single day, and then appear again, and this is repeated many times. Hemorrhage from the uterus with abortion.

Respiration :

Hoarseness with sensitive larynx, roughness in the throat and dryness.

Coughing and tickling behind the throat-pit, in the evening. Cough before midnight, after lying down and sleeping with headache; it ceases immediately on the least expectoration.

Respiration slow, difficult, with constriction in the throat, accelerated especially by motion, ascending stairs, walking, with soreness as if bruised under the ribs, with heat, headache and drowsiness. Sensation as if the breath would fail.

A heated room is insupportable.

Fullness in the chest, he must sit up .

Pressure in the chest, especially in the upper part. Pain in the left side near the sternum. Sharp pains. Shootings, especially in the left side.

Excoriation and bruised, as if crushed, especially in the false ribs and more in the left side.

Coldness and heat in the chest.

Pain in the region of the heart, shooting and impeding respiration.

Pulse accelerated, full and strong; hard small and rapid.

Trunk and Extremities :

Tense pain in the nape of the neck, on the left side from the shoulder over the head; shooting in the right side when moving the head to this side.

Pains under the shoulder-blade, aggravated by motion.

Stiffness of the loins.

Drawing pains which begin at the shoulder and extend to the finger ends. Numbness, especially of the left arm.

Burning and shooting in the hands, redness, heat, swelling, they are blueish and cold.

Itching, burning and chapping of the hands.

Weakness and pain as if from excoriation in the hip joint.

Drawing pain through the leg to the end of the toes.

Sensation as if bruised, in the flesh.

Pains about the knee, swelling, burning and shooting.

Shooting in the left outer ankle and in the toes. Burning of the feet and toes.

Swelling of the feet. As if the toes were too large.

In the evening the feet were heavy, stiff, painfully full, swollen, crawling, itching, as if they had been frozen.

Itching nodules on the joints.

Extreme sensitiveness of the fleshy parts to the least pressure.

Disposition and Strength :

Irritability and restlessness; weakness and trembling. Painful weakness.

Exhausted, as if after severe labor, especially in the back. Must lay himself flat on the ground.

Weakness, especially in the back, in paroxysms, with vertigo. Fainting, with paleness, coldness, vomiting and diarrhea

Sleep :

Yawning and great desire for sleep, starts up suddenly from sleep. Frequent waking. Tension in the face, stitch in the skin, burning pain under the left ribs and other troubles prevent sleep.

Sleep is restless, frequent waking and incessant dreaming.

Dreams full of cares and troubles, - of flying through the air - of traveling long roads.

Tossing about, especially the last half of the night. No enjoyment of sleep. Long sleep in the morning.

Fever :

Shivering, in the afternoon, at three or four o'clock, aggravated by warmth, afterwards heat and cough.

Slight shiverings on the least movement, while sitting, in the evening, with headache, heat of the face and hands.

Shaking chill, with nettle rash after the heat.

Sensation of heat in the whole body, especially over the chest and region of the stomach.

Skin :

Heat and redness of the skin, evening and night; with excitement, headache and diarrhea, swellings and cough. Burning of the hands and feet.

Alternation of sweating and dryness of the skin. (Emaciation.)

Violent itching, like pricking of needles, as if from insects, recurring after motion. Itching, in small and defined spots; hindering sleep, nights.

Burning, sticking, irritating, insupportable itching.

Violent shooting pains with swellings.

Bright red swellings, with red streaks lengthwise the limbs

Swelling of the skin, pale red, as if puffed, extending itself farther and farther over the surface.

Burning, shooting, flat swellings, with redness or paleness or both.

Nettle rash, red spots, small white spots, with red areola, which itch violently; pale blotches; elevated spots, which are very sensitive; blueish red, painful, hard spots. Dropsical swellings of the body, limbs, hands, feet; of the abdomen, without thirst.

Character and Condition :

Burning sticking pains in all parts, with and without eruption. Excoriating pains, especially under the ribs; tension of skin and muscles, especially about the shoulders, neck and head.

Warmth aggravates the sufferings, especially in a close room.

Cold water relieves the pains, swelling and burning.

Aversion to cold air.

Extreme sensibility to touch and external pressure, especially on the abdomen.

External pressure relieves the headache.

Lying down increases many of the sufferings which are relieved by sitting. Walking and movement relieve many of the most violent sufferings.

Evening attacks of vertigo, headache, pains in the eyes, teeth, and abdomen; hoarseness, cough, chilliness and heat.

Night attacks, besides those connected with sleep, especially in the eyes and chest. Towards morning, increased restlessness, chills, headache, slimy mouth, pain in the abdomen, inclination to stool and diarrhea.

Apis is especially indicated, where there is the required similarity of symptoms, in cases of widows and children, and for many of the results of repelled or suppressed eruptions, or in those cases when the appearance of acute eruptions on the surface is delayed; as of nettle rash, scarlet rash, measles, miliary rash and other important eruptions.

When cases of disease present the above symptoms and indications, we may expect Apis to prove curative, especially if the other symptoms of these show correspondence to the other symptoms of the poison, and also, in these circumstances, in the following acute and chronic diseases and groups of symptoms:

Different forms of mania, especially sexual mania of females. Hydrocephalus of children, and apoplexia of the aged. Headache of all varieties. Neuralgias of the head, with bilious and abdominal complications. Migraine, proceeding from ganglionic centres; also gastric. Baldness. Inflammations of the eyes, internal and external, rheumatic and gastric. Iritis. Corneitis. Blindness. Cloudiness of the cornea, cicatrices, staphyloma, edema of the eyeball. Hordeola. Fistula lachrymalis. Neuralgia of the lips, tongue and gums. (See Dolichos.) Edema of the face. Erysipelas of the face, especially if the pale and livid, of one side, of the chin, under jaw and throat. Inflammation of the tongue, swelling:, ulcers, and cancer of the tongue. Inflammation of the palate, mouth, fauces and throat, erysipelatous and other ulcers in the throat. Gastralgias. Erysipelatous and nettle rash affections of the stomach and intestines. Abdominal inflammations. Inflammations of the diaphragm and spleen. Ascites. Chronic diarrhea, especially bilious and erysipelatous. — Hemorrhoidal affections. Cystitis. Morbus Brightii. Diabetes, dysuria, strangury. Gonorrhoea. Pains, inflammations, swellings, hypertrophy and dropsy of the ovaria. Uterine hypertrophy. Uterine dropsy. Menstrual affections. Swelling and neuralgia of the vulva. Threatening abortions. Uterine hemorrhage. Cancer of the breast. Edema of the larynx. Hydrothorax. Hydrops pericardii. Pleuritis. Peri carditis. Rheumatism. Gout. Gouty concretions in the joints. Edema of the limbs. Swelling of the knees. Swellings, spots, nettle and scarlet rash on the skin. Measles. Boils. Inflammation of the fingers. Hysteria. Hysterical spasms. Punctured wounds, erysipelas of wounds and many other affections too numerous to mention.


Source: The American Homoeopathic Review Vol. 06 No. 11-12, 1866, pages 485-493
Description: Apis Mellifica.
Remedies: Apis mellifera.
Author: Hering, C.
Year: 1866
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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