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SELECTED AND ARRANGED BY B. F. JOSLIN. M. D.*[Communicated to the American Institute of Homoeopathy and ordered printed in their transactions.]

PRELIMINARY EXPLANATIONS.-There have been seventeen provings of Rumex by ten provers. Each of the proving?, with few exceptions, occupied several weeks or several months, during which the drug was repeated at various intervals, and the system of the prover was usually in some degree under the influence of preceding doses. Those are regarded as separate provings which were commenced at least two months after Rumex had been taken.

The mother tincture was extemporaneously diluted, the potencies generally used in the form of minute dry globules, in a few instances in water, always few in number.

The following are the provers, the dilutions in the order in which each took them, and the times at which the provings were respectively commenced. First proving, B. F. Joslin, M. D. (marked J.) Rumex12 and', June 12th., 1845. Second. B. F. Joslin Jr. (J. jr.) Rumex13 and 6, same date; short proving. Third. B. F. Joslin, M.D. (J.) Rumex13 and 3 Sept. 23, 1850. Fourth. B. F. Bowers, M.D. (Bs) Rumex 30 and 12, Sept. 24, 1850. Fifth. Mrs. B. F. Joslin, (Jp.) Rumex12, Sept. 24, 1845, short proving. Sixth. E. Bayard, M.D. (Bd.) Rumex30, December 24th, 1850. Seventh. H. A. Houghton, M. D. (H.) Rumex1 and 0 of Rumex 0, the tincture, the dose was fifteen drops, November 11th, 1851.†[H. included the leaves and stalks, and Pa. a small proportion of them. All others used the root only, which is decidedly preferable.] Eighth. E. M. Kellogg, M.D. (K.) Rumex0, 1/8 of a drop, March 30th, 1852. Ninth. B. F. Joslin, M.D. (J) Rumex30 and 2, May 25th, 1852. Tenth. E. M. Kellogg, M.D. (K) Rumex3, June 1st, 1852. Eleventh. The same prover, (K) Rumex6, Sept. 20th, 1852. Twelfth. B. F. Joslin, Jr. M.D. (J jr) Rumex1, July 8th, 1856; fragment of proving. Thirteenth. H. M. Paine, M.D. (Pa) Rumex0, ten drops, Nov. 11th, 1856. Fourteenth. Same prover, (Pa) Rumex0, ten drops, Feb. 19th, 1857. Fifteenth. W. E. Payne, M.D. (Py) Rumex0, 1 and 2 The dose of Rumex“ was five or ten drops, March 28th, 1857, Sixteenth. M. J. Rhees, M.D. (R) Rumex0 and 6. The dose of Rumex0 was one, ten, fifteen or twenty drops. Seventeenth H. M. Paine, M.D. (Pa) Rumex0, ten drops, Feb. 7th, 1859.

These provings have been either communicated to this Institute, or published in the order in which the symptoms occurred, in the Philadelphia Journal of Homoeopathy, vols. I and II.

Each of the following symptoms was experienced by at least two provers; and where expressions used by them are nearly but not exactly synonymous, the disagreeing parts are separated by the disjunctive “or,” and those that respectively belong to them are put in the same order as their names. The same rule is followed in the few cases where the character of the conjoined symptoms is more widely different, but other points of agreement rendered the connection desirable.

No symptom or combination is referred to any prover, unless it occurred on one and the same occasion. A different method would have increased the number, but reduced the value.



1. Sensation of fulness in the head-Rum. 12, J.: Rum12., R.
2. Headache after awaking in the morning, preceded by a disagreeable dream-Rum30., J.; Rum0., Pa.
3. Headache worse by motion. 30, Bd. 0, H.; °, K.; 1, Py,; 6, R.
4. Dull pain in the head, between the time of waking and breakfast, preceded by a disagreeable dream in the morning-30, J.; 0, Pa.
5. Dull pain in the head in the forenoon, commencing at ten o'clock. 0, H.; 0, K.
6. Dull pain in the forehead. 12, and 30, J. 0', H.; 0, K.; 0, Pa. 6, R.; i. e., half of the provers.
7. Frontal headache on awaking in the morning. 30, J.; 0, K.
8. Pain over the right eyebrow. 12, J.; 12, Bs.
9. Pain on the right side of the forehead, in the region of casuality. 12 J.; 30, Bd.
10. Pain in the left temple. 12, Bs.; 0, R.
11. Darting pain or sharp piercing pain, in the left side of the head, for half an hour or less. 0, Pa.; 0, R.
12. Dull aching pain in the occiput. 0, Bd.; 0, R.


13. Sore feeling in the eyes, without any external sign of inflammation. 0, H.; 0, K.


14. Ringing in the ears. 12, Bs.; 0, R.
15. Itching in the ear. 30, J.; 12, Bs.


16. Obstruction of the nose, 12. J.; 1. H.
17. Fluent coryza attended with painful irritation in nostril and sneezing. 12, J.; 3, Py.
18. Epistaxis. 0, H.; 0, K.
19. Mucous discharge from the posterior nares. ”,12.; 0, and 3, K
20. Violent and rapid sneezing. 30, J.; 2, Py.


21. Sensation of heat in the cheeks, within the first hour. 20, J.; 30, Bd.
22. Heat and redness of the face in the evening. 30, Bd.; 6, R.


23. Toothache with aching in the head. 0, K.; 0, R.


24. Sensation as from a burn or scald on the tongue. 12, Bs.; 30, Bd.
25. Sensation of excoriation, or else slight stinging, at edge of tongue. 30, J.; 30, Bd.
26. Flow of saliva within the first hour. 12, J.; 12, Bs.


27. Sensation of excoriation in the throat. 12, J.; 1, H.; 3.K.
28. Sore feeling in throat on swallowing, in the forenoon. 30, Bd.; 1 K.
29. Sensation as of a lump in the throat. 2, K.; 0, Py.; 0, R.
30. Raw feeling in throat with secretion of phlegm. 12, J.; 3, K.
31. Mucous secreted in the upper part of the throat. 12, J. 3, K.; 6, R.
32. Mucous secreted in the upper part of throat in the forenoon. 12, J.; 2, K.


33. Awoke with a bitter taste in the mouth in the morning in bed. .30, J.; 3, K.

Gastric Function and Region (of Stomach)

34. Flatulency after meals. 12, J.; 30, Bd.
35. Heaviness or sensation of a hard substance in the stomach or epigastrium soon after a meal. 0, K.; 0, Py.; 0, Pa.
36. After a meal has a sensation of weight in the stomach, like that produced by the presence of undigested food in it; the first symptom in two provers with the tincture., 0 K.; 0, Py.*[Dr. Payne, who experienced this symptom several times, adds-that this sensation of weight in the stomach, was accompanied with a pressing sensation as far upwards as the throat pit; it descended towards the stomach upon every empty deglutition, but immediately returned. Rum. 0 and 1., Py. I have clinical confirmation of this as well as the symptom of the text, by Rum. 30 and 200, J.]
37. Sensation as of a hard substance in the stomach or pit of stomach, remaining for two hours. 0, Py.; 0, Pa.
38. Tasteless eructations. 12, J.; 6, R.
39. Sensation of fulness or distension in the stomach or scrobiculus cordis, with eructations, on going to bed, or in the evening. 30, Bd.; 6, R.; 2, Py.
40. Nausea in the morning before breakfast. 0, K.; 0, Py.
41. Nausea in the forenoon. 12, J.; 20, K.
42. Nausea in evening. 20, J.; 30, Bd.
43. Nausea with eructation. 12, J.; 30, Bd.
44. Nausea, either with sensation of fulness in the abdomen as if diarrhea were forming, or else with moving in the intestines as from a cathartic. 3°, Bd.; 0, Py.
45. Sharp pain in the pit of the stomach, either worse on movement, or occurring while riding in the open air. 12, J.; 0. Pa. The first was stitches of pain, the last, cutting pain.


46. Pain in the hypochondrium in the afternoon after dinner, worse on movement, or occurring while walking. 12, J.; 12, J. jr.
47. Hypochondrium pained by coughing, rapid walking or deep inspiration. 12, J.; 12, J. jr.; 0. Pa.


48. Dull pain in the abdomen in the day time, continuing two hours. 0, H.; 0, R.
49. Pain in abdomen in the night. 12, J.; 30, Bd.
50. Pain in abdomen in the morning. 12, J. jr.; 30, Bs.; 0, H.
51. Pain in the abdomen in the morning in bed. 30, Bs.; 0, H.
52. Protuberance and hardness, or else sensation of fulness, in the abdomen. 30, J.; 30, Bd.; 0, R.
53. Rumbling in the bowels, or much flatus moving about in them. 12, Bs.; 0, Pa.
54. Pain in abdomen, occurring or increasing during deep inspiration. 12, J.; 1, H.
55. Movings in intestines. 30, J.; 30, Bs.; 0, Pa.; 0, Py.
56. Flatulent colic near the umbilicus soon after a meal, mitigated by discharge of flatus. 12, J.; 6, R.
57. Emission of flatus in the morning. 12, Bs.; 0, R.
58. Pain in the umbilical region with eructation, soon followed by pain over eyebrow. 12, J.; 12, Bs.
59. Pain in abdomen in the morning, followed by an evacuation of the bowels. 30, Bd.; 0, H.

Stool and Anus

60. Dark colored feces. 30, J.; 0, K.
61. Stool brown or else black. 30, J.; 30, Bd.; 0, K.
62. Constipation, or else scanty feces, 1. H.; 3. K.
63. Sensation in the bowels as if a diarrheic evacuation would ensue, the sensation passing off without subsequent evacuation. 2, Py.; 6, R.
64. Liquid diarrheic stool in the morning. 30, Bd.; 0, H.; 6, K; 3, Py.
65. Diarrheic stool in the morning, preceded by eructations. 30, Bd.; 3, Py.
66. Diarrheic stool in the morning, preceded by pain in the abdomen. 30, Bd.; 0, H.
67. Sensation as if from the pressure of a stick in the rectum. 30, Bd.; 30, J.
68. Itching in the anus. 12, Bs.; 0, K.
69. Discharge of offensive flatus. 0, P.; 5, R.

Urinary Organs.

70. Urine extremely pale, or colorless. 12, J.; 10, R.
71. Very sudden and urgent desire to urinate. 12, J.; 0, Pa.


72. Pain in the larynx; in the second prover in a few minutes, and the first rumex symptom in six years. 30 and 12, Bs.; 1, J. jr.
73. Tenacious mucus in the throat, or larynx. 1, H.; 6, R.
74. Mucous in the larynx, detached and removed by an expiratory effort, or attended with a constant desire to hawk and raise it. In the first prover it was the first symptom in the second proving, five years after the first. 12, J.; 6, R.
75. Much mucous in the bronchi or in the larynx, expectoration made by coughing and hawking, or attempted by hawking; worse at night. 12, J.; 6, R.
76. Scraping and tenacious mucous in the throat, or else much tough mucous in the larynx with a constant desire to hawk and raise it, but without relief. 1, H.; 6, R.
77. Cough excited by tickling or irritation behind the sternum. 12, J.; 12, Jp.
78. Cough excited by irritation in the chest, 12, J.; 12, Jp.
79. Cough attended with pain in head, 12, J.; 0, H.* [I have not included in the cough symptoms, because not yet pathogenetically confirmed, the following: Cough in the night before midnight., commencing or increasing on lying down, 12. J. In this note it is mentioned, on account of the evidence of its genuineness derived from cures by Rum. 30. in a great number of my cases. P. P. Wells, M.D., has kindly communicated to me a case of severe cough cured by Rum. 30., another by Rum. 200.; the first worse at night. I have since used the 200th with success.]
80. Sudden change of voice at the same hour on consecutive days, the first and second of the proving: it became suddenly hoarse at eleven at night, or else rose several notes in pitch at two in the afternoon 12, J.; 0, K.


81. Pain in chest right and left, either aching pain in the anterior portion of both lungs, which harassed him day and night for five days, or else raw pain just under each clavicle while hawking mucous out of the throat, 0. H.; 6. R.
82. Pain in chest when in bed at night. 30, and 2, J.; 1, H.; 6, R.
83. Pain in outer-superior part of chest near the axilla; near the left axilla pain undefined, near the right sharp; both after the same dilution; first symptom in two provers; in one in ten minutes, the first symptom ever produced in any proving of rumex; in the other in two minutes, his first symptom. 12, J.; 12, J. jr.
84. Sharp pain in the right chest. 12, J. jr.; 0, K
85. A burning pain in the left chest. 12, J.; 0, R.
86. Dull pain in the left chest. 12, J.; 0, H.; 0 and 6, R.
87. Sharp pain in left chest 12 and 30, J.; 12, J. jr.; 1, H.; 0, Pa.; 6, R.; five provers.
88. Shootings in the left chest. 12, J.; 0, Pa.
89. Sticking pain in the left thoracic region. 12, J.; 0, H.
90. Stitches in the left chest. 12, J.; 0, Pa.
91. Sharp cutting pain at or under the left breast. 1, H.; 0 Pa.
92. Pain in the chest, a little below and to the right of the left nipple. 12, Bs.; 0, R.
93. Burning sticking or burning stinging pain in the left chest 12, J.; 0, R.
94. Burning smarting or burning stinging pain in the left chest 12, J.; 0, R
95. A very acute stitch or burning stinging pain, in the left chest. 0, Pa.; 6, R.
96. Shootings, or else dull pain, in the left side near the back a little above the seventh rib. 12, J.; 6, R.
97. Pain in the left chest when recumbent. 30 and 2, J.; 6, R.
98. A sticking or stitch felt in the left chest, while riding in the open air. 12, J.; 0, Pa.
99. Painful sensation in the anterior part of the left chests immediately after waking, about two o'clock at night, and between five and six hours after taking a low dilution. 3, J.; 0, Pa.
100. An acute stitch in the sternal region, or a raw stinging, there which obstructs respiration. 0, Pa.; 6, R.
101. Itching at or near the sternum. 30, J.; 0, R.
102. Dull pain in the region of the heart. 2, J.; 6, R.
103. Burning pain in the region of, or near, the heart. 2, J.; 6, R.
104. Palpitation of the heart, or else a sensation in the left chest as if the heart suddenly ceased beating, followed by a heavy throbbing through the chest. 20, Bd.; 0 R.

Back and spine

105. Sore or burning pain at or near the sacro-iliac symphysis. 1, Py.; 0, R.
106. Chilliness in the back. 12, J.; 30, Bd.
107. Sensation of heat in the back. 12 and 20, J.; 0 R.
108. Pressive or aching pain in back, at the inferior angle of scapula. 6, J.; 0, R.
109. Aching pain in back, on the left of the dorsal spine, either extending from the spine half way to the side, or else situated under and below the apex of the left scapula. 12, Jp.; 0, R.
110. Stinging pain in the left dorsal region near the inferior angle of the scapula. 12, J.; 0, R.
111. Pain in the back in the evening. 6, 12 and 3, J.; 12, Jp.; 0, K.
112. Itching on the back in the evening. 30 and 2, J.; 0, H.

Superior Extremities

113. Pain in shoulder; either pain in the left shoulder, and from it along the upper arm to the elbow, including the joint, and leaving the upper arm with a sensation as if strained, commenced after four minutes, or else pain in the right shoulder on waking in the morning, ameliorated by rest, and passing off in two hours. 12, Jp.; 0, K.
114. Itching on shoulder in the evening. 30, J.; 0, H.
115. Pain in upper arm in the evening. 30, J.; 1, J. jr.
116. Numb sensation in the right hand about 10 P. M., or else in the left upper arm after lying down in bed. 12, Jp.; 0, R.
117. Pain at the inner side of the right upper arm. 6, J.; 0, R.
118. Dull aching in the left upper arm. 30, J.; 6, R.
119. Pain in the upper arm and elbow. 1, J. jr.; 12, Jp.; 6, R.
120. Pain in the left upper arm and elbow, undefined or dull. 12, Jp.; 6, R.
121. Pain in wrist, the left aching; or ulnar half of the right, character undefined. 30, J.; 20, Bs.

Inferior Extremities

122. A sensation of weakness or fatigue in lower limbs. 1 and 0, H.; 0, K.; 1, Py.
123. Aching of the lower extremities. 6, K.; 0, R.
124. Itching on lower extremities when the part is uncovered and exposed to cool air. 0, Pa.; 6, R.
125. Stinging or prickling itching at an upper part of inferior extremity, either at the anterior part of the left thigh, or on the nates. 30, J.; 6, R.
126. Pain in knee when in the erect posture; stitch-like at the inner part of the right when stepping, or rending aching in the flexure of the left while standing. 3, J.; 0, R.
127. The legs feel weak in the evening, or tired then though he had done but little walking. 1, H.; 0, K.
128. Pain in an anterior part of both lower extremities, either rheumatic pain at the anterior part of the tibiae, or rending in the anterior part of the ankle joints, running down the insteps. 0, K.; 0, R.
129. Aching in the calves, or drawing pain in the right calf. ', Py.; °, R.
130. Itching on the calves of the legs. 1, Py.; 0, R.
131. Legs densely covered with a rash, composed partly of small red pimples, itching worse on exposure to the air in the evening when undressing to go to bed. 0, H.; 0, Pa.
132. Aching or rending in the upper-anterior part of the tarsus, the instep. 12, J.; 0, R.
133. Sensation of coldness of the feet during the forenoon. 30, Bd.; 0, H.
133 a. Pain in a corn on toe. 20, Bs.; 0, K.


134. Great propensity to sleep in the evening before the proper time. 6, J.; 30, Bd.; 0, K.
135. Unquiet sleep at night. 12 and 20, J.; 1, H.; 0, K.; 0, R.
136. Restless and uncomfortable in bed at night. 1, H.; 0, K. 0 and 6, R.
137. Unquiet sleep with dreams of danger or trouble, early in the morning. 12 and 30, J.; 30, Bs.; 0, K.; 0, Pa.
138. Dream of theft or burglary. 12, Bs.; 0, Pa.
139. An unpleasant dream in the morning between five and a half and six o'clock, just before waking. 30, J.; 0, Pa.
140. Unquiet, dreamy sleep, followed by headache and bitter taste on waking in the morning. 30, J.; 6, K.


141. Heat and other symptoms of fever in the morning, preceded by restlessness at night. 1, H.; 0, K.
142. Increased frequency of pulse. 30, Bd.; 0, K.
143. Sensation of heat, followed by that of cold without shivering. 30, J.; 0, K.


144. Itching on various parts of the body, either in this order,-left portion of back, left ear, left shoulder and left loin, or else principally on the lower extremities. 30, J.; 6, R.
145. On various parts, a stinging itching or prickling itching. 30, Bs.; 6, R.
146. Itching on the shoulder in the evening, with itching in lumbar or dorsal region. 30, J.; 0, H.
147. Itching on the body, principally on the lower extremities. 0, Pa.; 6, R.
148. Itching of skin when uncovered and exposed to the air. 0, H.; 0, Pa.; 6, R.
149. Eruption on the limbs, first perceived in the evening. 0, H.; 0, Pa.
150. Itching of the vesicles on undressing in the evening to go to bed. 0, H.; 0 Pa.
151. An itching rash in which numerous small red pimples are developed, the eruption itching in the evening and worse on exposure to the air when undressing to go to bed 0, H.; 0 P.

General Symptoms

152. General languor. 0, H.; 3, K.; 0, R.

153. General pulsations, or throbbings through the body. 30, Bd.; 6, R.
154. Sensitiveness to the open air in cold weather, or to the cold. 30, Bd.; 0, Pa.


[By characteristics, I here mean those features, which, as to locality, character and condition are best confirmed, by several provers, and a considerable number of which when grouped together, would determine the selection of the medicine.]

Locality and Character.
The left chest has more verified symptoms than any other region; they are generally sharp pains. The other regions which afford a considerable and nearly equal number of symptoms as compared with each other, are-the head, stomach, abdomen and inferior extremities. The symptoms of the head are generally dull pains in the frontal region. The symptoms generally appear to be either in a mucous membrane or in a muscular locality, and to be about equally numerous in both. I leave it for others to decide whether the latter are neuralgic. They present about the same number as the former, both of first symptoms and of verified ones. Those symptoms observed in two minutes, and nearly all of those in ten minutes or less, are in the muscular or nervous tissues; those first symptoms observed later, are generally in the mucous.

Headache worse on movement. Sensation of weight or of a hard substance in the stomach or pit of stomach, after a meal. Liquid diarrheic evacuations in the morning. Pain in chest when in bed at night. Unquiet sleep with dreams of danger or trouble, early in the morning. Itching of skin, worse on un covering and exposing it to the air, especially on going to bed in the evening, or at night.


The earlier sensible action results generally from the potencies; the later from the tinctures. I believe this to be not a feature specially characteristic of Rumex, but a principle applicable to toxic agents in general.


Source: The AMERICAN HOMOEOPATHIC REVIEW Vol. 01 No. 10, 1859, pages 453-463
Description: Verified symptoms of Rumex Crispus.
Remedies: Rumex crispus
Author: Joslin, B.F.
Year: 1859
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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