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Mrs. C., aged 35 years, mother of four children, the youngest four years of age, had been suffering for more than three years before coming under my care, in May, 1862. Mrs. C. is emaciated and of nervous temperament. For more than three years she had not menstruated; she had frequent attacks of violent colic almost always at night, between two and four o'clock, a.m., those attacks came on at irregular intervals from three to ten days and were followed at times by vomiting of food or mucus, and, if this vomiting did not take place, by a severe headache the next morning. The day after such an attack she would feel very weak in body and mind, unable to fix her attention on any subject, and loosing herself in the street because she could not know where she was; when she thus spoke she could not find the right words. The pulse was small and feeble. Mrs. C. had had all sorts of treatment, she had found some palliatives at times, but the disease always returned more violent when the palliatives ceased to relieve.

She took, on the 25th day of May, one dose of Kali carb200 (Lehrmann). The first night after taking the medicine she had a very severe attack lasting one hour, but she did not suffer so much during the day, the following night she had another attack, less violent then the first night and another still lighter attack came on the following night; all at the same hour, three o'clock, a.m. The repetition of attacks in this manner had never taken place before. The patient improved afterwards, had for some weeks considerable pain in the small of the back, menstruation returned and she has remained well since.


In the month of April, 1860, the following case came under my care. Mrs. M., married six months and in the fifth month of pregnancy, has been sick for three days with headache, pain in the limbs and fever. I visited her on the third day; she had taken no medicine, complained of great weakness, severe pains in her head, in all her limbs, but mostly in her back; much worse when moving, no sleep, bitter taste, much nausea, tongue yellow and becoming very dry, moderate thirst, face red, skin hot and dry, pulse 120 beats a minute, full and hard constipation, discharge of urine scanty and dark. Several members of the family had died during the last few years of typhus fever under allopathic treatment. I gave the patient several doses of Bry. 200 and found her easier the next day, I omitted the medicine. The following day, the fifth day of the disease, she was much worse, she had vomited frequently during the night, mostly bilious matter; the headache had been much worse, she was now unconscious, delirious, talked incessantly, she passed urine involuntarily, picked the bed clothes, tongue dry and black, face very dark red, eyes wide open, glassy, pupils dilated, when she drank a loud gurgling noise in her throat to the stomach. I gave her Cuprum met.200 (Jenichen) six pellets dissolved in half a tumbler full of water, every two hours one tablespoonful to be given till an improvement was apparent. After the second dose she fell asleep, slept uninterruptedly for ten hours, perspired profusely, and awoke feeling well but very weak. She took no more medicine and was able to take her meals with the family on the twelfth day of her sickness. The pregnancy progressed and at the proper time she was delivered of a healthy child.


Source: The American Homoeopathic Review Vol. 03 No. 08, 1863, pages 372-373
Description: Clinical Observations.
Remedies: Kalium carbonicum, Bryonia, Cuprum metallicum
Author: Lippe, Ad.
Year: 1863
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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