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Kali Bichromicum.

Potassium Bichromate. K2Cr2O7.

Prepared from the metal Chromium discovered by Vauquelin in 1797 in a Siberian mineral, composed of chromate of lead.

Introduced by Drysdale, and extensively proved by himself, Dudgeon, Hamilton, Russell, Wright, Neidhard, Norton, Walker, Taylor, Turner, the Austrian provers, Berridge and others.


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MIND. [1]

Great weakness of memory.
Misanthropy and ill humor, even to disgust of life.
Frequent vanishing of thoughts; senseless staring at an object.
Listlessness, languor; great disinclination for mental or bodily labor.
Indifferent of low spirited after least annoyance, with distress in stomach.
Ill humored; low spirited.
Aversion to motion; inclination to lie down.
Anxiety arising from chest.
Anthropophobia; taciturnity; misanthropy.


Lightness in head, across forehead, on stooping; agg. mornings.
Sudden, transient attacks of vertigo, rising from a seat.
Vertigo, with nausea, inclination to vomit; pain in epigastrium.
Confusion and heaviness in head.


Headache in forehead over one eye.
Soon after dinner a dull, heavy throbbing above eyes, as if head would burst; amel. by lying, or pressing head against anything, or in open air; agg. stooping or moving about.
Pain beginning in right supraorbital ridge and spreading over one side of head, coming on early in day and lasting ten hours, leaving soreness of scalp. ~ Supraorbital neuralgia.
Pain in left temple, stretching across forehead to right temple, and round eye and malar bone of right side; complete loss of sight in right eye, and puffy swelling on malar bone during pain; attack begins 9 A. M. and goes off in afternoon. ~ Supraorbital neuralgia.
Shooting pains over eyebrow.
Acute throbbing pain in centre of right eyebrow, commencing in morning, lasting all day, and accompanied by persistent retching and vomiting of food and bile, without relief. ~ Migraine.
Pain in left side of head and over left eye; agg. at night; pain in right side of chest, from scapula round to anterior part; gnawing at epigastrium after meals; menses scanty; leucorrhea. ~ Headache.
Sudden violent pain in temples; a shooting outward, in temples and over eyes, continuing day and night, but less severe during night; agg. stooping, which also brings on vertigo; no coryza. ~ Headache.
Stinging headache in one temple.
Blindness, followed by violent headache, must lie down; aversion to light and noise; sight returns with increasing headache.
Headache which involves optic nerve; comes in morning, sight is blurred; as pain increases, dimness of sight decreases; comes and goes with sun and is accompanied by nausea.
Burning headache with vertigo, during which all objects seemed to be enveloped in a yellow mist; amel. by warm soup.
Violent pain in left side of head, at zygomatic process; agg. when lying on it; shooting inwards and towards throat; throat a little reddened but not swelled; gastric symptoms present. ~ Headache.
Periodical attacks of semilateral headaches on small spots that could be covered with point of finger; nausea, eructation, vomiting.
Periodic headache with vertigo and nausea, morning awaking, also in evening; often amel. by pressure, in open air, or by eating.
Pain in head, at a point.
In morning, on awaking, pain in forehead and vertex; later extends to back of head.
Headache from suppression of discharge from nose.


Violent shooting pains from root of nose along left orbital arch to external angle of eye, with dim sight, like a scale on eye; begins in morning, increases till noon, and ceases towards evening.
Frontal headache; usually over one eye; shooting at intervals in right temple.
Semilateral headache in small spots, or along course of a few nerves.
Darting or aching pains on one side; flying pains.
Pressure on vertex, as from a weight.
Bones of head feel sore; sharp stitches in bones. ~ Rheumatic headache.
Eczema of scalp, which all over and down to eyebrows was red, raw and oozing a thin moisture, which dries into yellow scabs here and there; hair thin and scattered, and nearly all fallen off; much creeping, itching and smarting of affected parts.
Circumscribed patches of eruption, varying greatly in size, commencing at supraorbital regions, and covering nearly entire scalp; eruption consists of a number of minute vesicles closely crowded together, and filled with a transparent, viscid fluid, which burst and form thick, laminated crusts, of a dirty grey color; no inflammation or swelling of skin between patches of eruption; much itching; agglutination of lids, and discharge of purulent matter from inner canthus; patches of eruption on face, and thick crusts around nostrils; external ears greatly swollen, red and glazed, behind ears excoriated with profuse discharge of serous fluid; patches of eruption about 1 1/2 inches in length, deeply fissured, in folds of skin of neck, with sero-purulent discharge; fretful, rests badly; sucks with difficulty, from stuffing up of nostrils; emaciation; green, slimy diarrhea.
Eruption began on ear and spread over half the head; greenish crusts, with oozing of whitish, thick matter.
Eruption of painful small boils on back of head.


Photophobia only by daylight; when opening lids they twitch.
Various colors and bright sparks before eyes.
Burning headache with giddiness, during which objects seem to be covered with a yellow veil.
Eyeball tender when rubbed, especially the left; sees point of pen double.
Sight dim, confused: before headache; with vertigo; with yellow sight.
Indistinct outline; figures vanish on looking at them.
Granular lids, complete pannus of right eye so could barely count fingers, and partial pannus of left eye; considerable discharge; everything appeared slightly red to him; amel. when lying on face. ~ Trachoma with pannus.
Rheumatic sclero-iritis, with excessive pain and photophobia. ~ Syphilis.
Sequela of iritis; pains pricking, stinging, wandering; mostly left eye; lymph and pigment deposited upon anterior capsule of lens, or posterior wall of cornea; photophobia not commensurate with degree of inflammation; edema of lids; great desire to rub lids; conjunctival chemosis with small spots here and there like ecchymoses.
Indolent ulcers of cornea; pale ring around cornea.
Right eye inflamed; lids ulcerated; ulcer on cornea; slight blepharospasm.
Ulcers and pustules of cornea with no photophobia, no redness.
Ulcer with slight photophobia in morning and agglutination; smarting agg. after rubbing; stringy discharge from eye. ~ Ulceration of cornea.
Corneal ulcers which have a tendency to bore in without spreading laterally.
Small, white, granular pustules on left cornea, with pricking pain.
Cornea affected with a large opaque spot, to which large red vessels ran from injected conjunctiva across clear margin; a zone of fine injection of bulb round cornea. ~ Catarrho-strumous ophthalmia.
Much injection of conjunctiva, both of the bulb and eyelids of both eyes; very red at edges of cornea, and phlyctenula on edge; several deep ulcers on the cornea; great photophobia and flow of tears; no pain. ~ Scrofulous ophthalmia.
Long lasting dense opacities of cornea.
Pustule on left cornea, with surrounding indolent inflammation.
Left eye greatly injected; cornea dim; much photophobia in both eyes; upon right eye and old cicatrix; eczema squamosum over whole body; ~ Conjunctivitis scrofulosa.
Mild cases of croupous conjunctivitis (a condition midway between purulent and genuine croupous inflammation), in which the false membrane is loosely adherent, easily detached, and has a tendency to roll up and separate in shreds, which come away in discharges, giving them a stringy appearance; conjunctiva very much inflamed, even chemosis; lids swollen and cornea may be hazy.
True descemititis; fine punctate opacities in membrane of Descemet, especially over pupil, with only moderate irritation of eye.
Iris muddy and sluggish; cornea looked projecting; fine sclerotic injection round it, and some conjunctival injection; sight very dim, like a gauze; lachrymation on exposure; stiffness at outer canthus; burning pain on upper eyelid on touching it. ~ Rheumatic inflammation.
Small white pustules in conjunctiva.
On opening eyes, lachrymation and burning.
Itching and burning in both eyes, lachrymation and photophobia.
Burning in eyes.
Heat and pressure in eyes.
Heat and redness in eyes, with desire to rub them.
Conjunctiva red, traversed by large vessels; or chemosis, with small spots here and there, like ecchymoses.
Inflammation of eyes; conjunctiva reddened, injected and chemosed; much flow of tears; eyelids reddened and agglutinated, with thick matter at edges.
Conjunctivitis, congestion of lids and globe; no photophobia; soreness in eyes agg. by reading or using eyes, with smarting lachrymation upon using.
Catarrhal inflammation, stringy discharge, or scanty secretion, agg. morning on awaking.
Inflammation of eyes, with yellow discharge and agglutination, in morning.
White of eye dirty yellow, puffy, and covered with yellow brown points.
Lids agglutinated in morning; yellow matter in canthi.
Edema of lids; great desire to rub them.
Heaviness of upper lids on waking; requires an effort to open them.
Lids red, itching, tender; tarsi seem rough, causing a sensation as from sand in eyes; granular lids.
Margin of lids very red.
Eyelids burning, inflamed, much swollen; granular.
Large acute granulations of lids.
Large polypus springing from conjunctiva of upper lid.


Stitches in left ear and left parotid gland, with headache.
Violent stitches in left ear, extending into roof of mouth, side of head and neck; glands swollen, neck painful to touch.
Stinging from external meatus into internal ear.
Pulsating pain at night, purulent otorrhea; stitches extending into mouth, or down neck, enlarged parotid.
Pulsating pains in ears at night, also stinging; external meatus swollen and inflamed.
Thick, yellow, fetid discharge from both ears. ~ After scarlatina.
Chronic suppuration; membrana tympani perforated; cicatrization of edges of perforation complete; tissues appear as if changed to mucous membrane, and secretion is often more mucus than pus; discharge yellow, thick, tenacious, so that it may be drawn through perforation in strings; lancinations, sticking sensations that cannot be located with any degree of positiveness.
Ulcers upon tympanum, dry but not painful, excepting sharp stitches.
Violent tickling and itching in ears.
External meatus of left ear swelled and inflamed.
Redness; heat and itching of external ears.
Eruption covering both ears, and considerable portion of surrounding skin; hot and itching, and constant oozing of watery discharge. ~ Eczema.
Itching of right ear lobe, waking him.
Mumps on right side lip.


Loss of smell.
Fetid smell from nose.
Dryness of nose.
Nose very dry, with feeling of pressure in nasal bones.
Nose painfully dry; air passes with great ease through it.
Dryness of nose; constant feeling of being stopped up; disagreeable feeling of burning and swelling, and at times actual swelling; tensive feeling as if it must burst; hot upper lip; eyes affected; agg. in warm, amel. in cool temperature. ~ Chronic inflammation of mucous membrane of nose.
Dryness of nose with pressive sensation at root as in commencement of stopped catarrh; pressive pain extended to temples and affected head.
Disagreeable sensation in nose, as if it were swollen, mucous membrane dry; walls of nose feel stiff and velvety.
Sensation of a hard substance compelling one to blow nose, but there is no discharge.
Sensation as if nose was swollen and stiff; must blow out a thick substance, but no discharge; feels as if a heavy weight was hanging from it.
Sensation as if nostrils were made of parchment.
Burning and beating inside of root of nose; externally heat and distinct throbbing rhythmical with pulse; nose swollen at root and hot without being red; nose seemed thick and full, “spoke through it;” frequently inclined to blow nose on account of sensation of thick substance in it, but nothing was expelled; nose dry; sensation as of a heavy weight hanging from it.
Violent shooting pains from root of nose along left orbital arch to external angle of eye, with dimness of sight like a scale on eye; beginning in morning, it increases till noon, and gives way towards evening. ~ Ozaena.
Pressure and pressive pain in root of nose.
Aching pain at root of nose, with acrid discharge.
Soreness in nose; yellow scab at lower (outer) surface of septum; dorsum of nose painful to touch.
On blowing nose violent stitches in right side of nose, as though two loose bones were rubbed against each other.
The nose feels too heavy.
Expired air feels hot in nose.
Tickling, as from a hair, high up in left nostril.
Frequent sneezing: in morning; on going into open air.
Constant snuffing in warm, damp weather.
Watery secretion, great soreness and tenderness of nose.
Burning, excoriating, watery discharge from right nostril; whitish scabs in nostril; sensation of pressure at root of nose; eyes watery, agg. in wind; dizzy on stooping and on going up stairs; easily takes cold. ~ Nasal catarrh.
Watery discharge with redness of nose and putrid smell.
Scanty, acrid, mucous discharge from nose, causing burning of septum.
Coryza fluent, excoriating nose and lip; nostrils sensitive, ulcerated; round ulcer or scabs on septum.
Small perforating ulcer on septum.
Distress and fullness from inflammation in frontal sinuses.
Coryza, with pressure and tightness at root of nose; agg. evenings and in open air; in morning obstruction and bleeding from right nostril.
Troublesome coryza and loss of sense of smell and taste; after syphilis and large doses of mercury.
Constant running from eyes and nose, severe pain in frontal sinuses, some fever and great weakness; cough prevents sleeping; always agg. at night.
Sneezing, redness of Schneiderian membrane and alae of nose, suffused eyes, lachrymation, rawness of throat and great languor. ~ Hay fever.
Nose stuffed up; especially upper part, with a difficulty of detaching thick mucus which more readily passes by posterior nares.
Formation of plugs in nostrils.
Nose constantly full o thick mucus.
Clinkers in nose; if allowed to remain a few days can be easily detached; but if pulled away too soon, it causes soreness at root of nose, and intolerance to light.
Discharge of large masses of thick, clean mucus from nose, if that ceases he has violent headache; pain from occiput to forehead.
Pinching pain in bridge of nose, amel. by hard pressing; small, lumpy, nasal discharge; greater portion, which is tough and ropy, passes down from posterior nares into throat, and is hawked up with difficulty and disgust. ~ Nasal catarrh.
Ropy, tough discharge, often from posterior nares; offensive or not.
Nasal catarrh, with acrid or thick yellow, ropy discharge from posterior nares.
Constant discharge of thick yellow matter from left nostril, mostly early in morning, and fetid smell, after any fresh cold; severe pain up muscles of left side of neck to one small spot in side of head, brought on and aggravated by blowing nose; in left nostril, half way up, severe smarting pain, extending to malar bone below eye; constipation; tongue white. ~ Chronic inflammation of Schneiderian membrane.
Discharge of tough, green masses, or hard plugs.
On blowing nose, violent sticking in right side of nose, as though two loose bones rubbed against each other; frequent discharge of greenish colored masses of offensive odor, that, passing through posterior nares, have very disagreeable taste; right nostril filled with hard masses; small ulcers on external borders of nostrils.
Mucus tough, ropy, green, bloody; in clear masses, and has violent pain from occiput to forehead if discharge ceases.
Nostrils filled with a dry, hard crust, bloody at edges when discharged; itching pains in ethmoid bone; crista nasalis, or septum narium, which irritation often affects periosteum of superior maxilla. ~ Catarrh.
Discharge of crusts slightly tinged with blood.
Internal ulceration, with thin, watery discharge or collection of elastic plugs, which cause great pain in removal, and leave nose very sore.
Membrane of septum dotted with minute ulcerations.
Ulceration of septum narium; purulent inflammation of whole nasal mucous membrane.
Entire cartilaginous septum destroyed, and whole nasal mucous membrane in a state of purulent inflammation; disease mistaken for syphilis.
Septum narium completely ulcerated away.
Swelling of a highly vascular spongy texture in right nostril, distending it and apparently growing upwards, finally also traveling downward and protruding externally; left nostril also became affected in same way; soft parts of alae nasi involved, but bony structure unaffected; very slight and occasional muco-purulent discharge; fetor; occasionally, severe paroxysms of lancinating pain in affected parts, making him cry out; by the continued growth and pressure of the tumors neighboring soft parts were absorbed, causing much disfigurement; voice hoarse. ~ Malignant ulceration of nose.
Syphilitic caries of septum narium.
Small ulcers on edges of right nostril, violent burning when touched.
Spot in right lachrymal bone is swollen and throbbing; profuse secretion from nostril.
Ulceration of frontal sinuses, with violent headache at root of nose, and in frontal prominences, if discharge stops.
Nasal polypi, recent or of long standing.
Thick, dark red blood from nose; irregular, small, contracted pulse.
Nasal lupus.


Face: pale, yellowish; red, in blotches; flushed; expression anxious.
Sensitiveness of bones of upper jaw, beneath orbit.
Shooting pain in left upper maxillary bone, towards ear.
Shooting inward in left malar bone, with pressure; also same across bridge of nose; hot and cold alternately; cough agg. in morning; sputa greenish yellow, bitter; inclined to cry; shooting sometimes in bone over the eye; cough hurts painful part of cheek.
Thick brown scabs, under which yellow matter formed; much itching; eruption extended from root of nose to upper lip. ~ Syphilitic eruption.
Twenty years previously small tubercle appeared on right side of nose; this gradually melted away and formed an ulcer, which has ever since slowly traveled in furrows, healing behind; there is now present an irregular sulcus one inch and a half long; besides this there are scabs on nose, and scars indicating the sites of former sores; troublesome itching. ~ Lupus.


Twanging like wires in left face and neck, followed by burning sensation, as if losing her reason.
Sore on left cheek about size of large almond; base clear and raw; profuse discharge of clear, watery fluid, very hot and scalding. ~ Herpes exedens or lupus.
Pustules on cheeks, forehead and chin, becoming covered with brownish scab, without oozing of matter; itching after washing.
Impetiginous eruption on face; pustules form frequently, discharge a watery pus and leave a brownish scab, and are accompanied with much itching.
Perspiration on upper lip.
Lower lip swelled, chapped.
Ulcerations with indurated edges and smarting pain on mucous surface of both lips.
Digging in rami of lower jaw.
Mumps on right side.
Parotids swollen; pains from ears into glands.


Gums of right lower jaw very much swollen, of a dirty white color, and extremely tender to touch; teeth on that side quite loose, and will not bear slightest pressure; profuse ptyalism; gums of both sides of mouth unusually sensitive; cannot masticate any food; liquid food causes gums to feel very sore, and tongue rough; tongue furred, dirty brown at sides, in centre red and irritable looking; throat swollen and painful; sour taste in mouth; constant eructation for some time after taking food; after meals aching pain in forehead and occiput, and a feeling of giddiness and faintness; light pain across lower part of chest, extending to between scapulae, particularly when eating; is very weak and has become thin. ~ Stomacace.


Taste: coppery; sweetish; sour; bitter, in morning.
Tongue dry, smooth, red, cracked; dry and red.
Tongue broad and flat, with raised, almost scollop shaped edges, surface rough and yellowish, dry or moist, while underlying this yellow roughness tongue is very red, fur being thin, and lying on a red ground. ~ Dyspepsia.
Tongue coated: yellowish white; thick yellow mucus, edges red and full of small painful ulcers.
Thick yellow fur toward base of tongue. ~ Catarrh of stomach.
Papillae of tongue very long on dorsum; with a brown colored patch.
Tongue coated, thick brown, as with thick yellow felt, at the root; papillae elevated.
Syphilitic ulcers on tongue; deep; stinging; yellow base.
Deep ulcer on edge of tongue.
Stinging and pricking pains in tongue.
Sensation of a hair on back part of tongue and velum; not amel. by eating or drinking.


Dryness in mouth.
Dryness of mouth and lips, amel. by drinking cold water.
Sticky saliva in mouth and upper part of throat about uvula.
Saliva: increased, bitter, viscid, frothy, tasting salt.
In forepart of palate single circumscribed spots, of size of barley corn, colored red, as if little ulcers were about to form.
Ulcer on roof of mouth, with sloughing. ~ Syphilis.
Ulcers with hard edges, smarting, at mucous surface of lips.
Aphthous ulcers, deeply corroding.
Syphilitic affections of mouth and fauces.


Soft palate slightly reddened; uvula relaxed, with sensation of a plug in throat, not amel. by swallowing.
Sensation as if an acid acrid fluid was running through posterior nares over palate, causing cough.
Edematous uvula.
Deep, excavated sore, with a reddish areola, and containing a yellow, tenacious matter, at root of uvula; fauces and palate erythematous, bright or dark red, or coppery.
Uvula and tonsils red, swollen and painful, finally becoming ulcerated.
Swollen tonsils with deafness of children.
Tonsils swollen; neck thick outwardly below angle of jaw; Eustachian tubes seem blocked up; is very deaf; could not hear watch, except when very close to ear.
Sharp, shooting pains in left tonsil, extending toward ear amel. by swallowing; suppuration of tonsils.
Indolent enlargement of tonsils, where there is little perceptible inflammation; patient flabby; leuco-phlegmatic habit of body; foul tongue; thickening of nasal mucous membrane, and disposition to scabby nostrils.
Subacute inflammation of tonsils, with little fever, but tendency to formation of small ulcers on tonsils and velum.
Swelling of amygdala with dirty redness, violent pain on swallowing; no suppuration; very little fever.
Ulcers on tonsils and throat, surface of which seemed covered with an ashy slough; surrounding mucous membrane dark, livid and swollen.
Congestion of all vessels, ulcers on tonsils, pimples on uvula, uvula swollen and red.
Sensation of hair in fauces.
Dryness in mouth and throat.
Dryness and burning in throat, morning; often coincident with inability to breathe through nose.
Throat pains more when putting tongue out.
Much tenacious mucus, sometimes thick, gelatinous, hawked in morning.
Mucus so viscid that it draws out like a long thread from gullet and throat; continually a troublesome retching and cough.
Very sore throat, pain much agg. by swallowing; throat full of tough mucus which she could neither swallow nor hawk up; pains agg. putting tongue out; pain in side of head; shooting pain in left ear; left side of neck painful to touch and much swollen; tonsils, especially left much swollen and inflamed.
Burning in pharynx, extending to stomach; solids cause pain when swallowed, and leave a sensation as of something remaining there.
Posterior wall of pharynx dark red, glossy, puffed, showing ramifications of pale red vessels; to left of middle a small crack, exuding blood.
Two ulcers in back part of throat, over one half inch in diameter, deep, filled with cheesy looking matter, edges elevated, with well defined borders; also one ulcer which had eaten through velum palati, and from which continually oozed matter like that of the others; pale; emaciated; loss of appetite; very weak; “miserable all over. ~ Ulcerated sore throat.
Follicular enlargement of mucous membrane of pharynx, with chronic coryza, that forms hardened yellow pieces of mucus.
Ulcers in fauces, also in pharynx, discharging cheesy lumps of offensive smell.
Deep-eating ulcers in fauces, often syphilitic.
Chronic ulcer of pharynx.
Tonsils red, ulcerated; uvula nearly destroyed, only a very small portion remaining; large ulcer on gums gradually increasing in size, with dirty edges and foul discharge; destruction of nasal septum, foul smelling ozaena, thick, puslike discharge from nose; upon drinking water it escapes through nose; glands of neck and lower jaw enlarged; severe pain on swallowing; voice hoarse, nasal; excruciating pains in small of back. ~ Syphilis.
Ulceration of fauces to a great extent, with much redness of tissue surrounding ulcerated parts; at one part ulcer has perforated velum palati, forming a clean oval hole; much pain on swallowing; cough and thick, blackish mucus in morning; frequent tickling cough; swelling and feeling of fullness in nose and sensation of a fetid smell. ~ Syphilis.
Syphilitic mercurial sore throat, full of pockets.
Increased redness of sound places of mucous membrane of mouth and fauces, with heightened sensitiveness. ~ Diphtheritis.
Pharynx red and swollen; thick, tenacious, ashy grey membrane, tough and glutinous, on tonsils and between them; thick, gurgling sound, with a flapping noise as of a piece of loose membrane, heard over larynx; face and especially forehead, of a bluish tinge; nose pinched; mouth drawn; low fever; unable to swallow. ~ Diphtheria.
Entire throat much swollen; thick, tenacious membrane covering both tonsils and extending down pharynx, and also to nostrils and eyes; fetid discharge from nose; shivering chills followed by dry heat; prostration extreme. ~ Diphtheria.
Diphtheria; pseudo-membranous deposit, firm, pearly, fibrinous, prone to extend downwards to larynx and trachea; bladder-like appearance of uvula, much swelling, but little redness.
Entire pharynx coated with tenacious, greyish, pseudo-membrane of offensive odor; harsh and stridulous breathing; voice partially suppressed; harsh cough. ~ Diphtheria.
During course of diphtheria, croupy cough; epiglottis covered on apex and sides with membrane; breathing labored; could not lie down; cough hard, expectoration consisting of long, tenacious mucus; paroxysms of suffocation at night; great drowsiness. ~ Diphtheritic croup.
Patch on right tonsil, croupy cough, bad odor from mouth, no appetite; temperature 101; pulse 100. ~ Diphtheritic croup. (Kali bich. during day and Spongia at night).
Shrill, croupy cough, occasionally whistling and wheezing; rough, hoarse sound of voice with difficult breathing, as though lungs were stuffed with cotton; throat purple, with numerous isolated patches of greenish yellow exudation all over fauces; tongue, cheeks, gums smelling like decayed meat; pains extending to right ear, when swallowing; expectoration frequently streaked with blood; exudation tough and firmly adhering, spreading upwards into nostrils and down into larynx; tendency to diphtheritic deposits upon remote mucous membranes; great weakness; cachectic look; swollen glands. ~ Diphtheria.
Almost unconscious condition; when aroused from it or when awaking from apparent sleep, complains most, or feels worse; awakes often with desire to cough, or to hawk up detached portions of diphtheritic deposit; while making this attempt throws off tough, ropy, yellow, discolored mucus; very great fetor; deposit covers throat, uvula, tonsils and even roof of mouth, and is of a yellow greyish color; becomes hoarse; tongue either quite red, or covered with a thick, yellow substance; the (r.) parotid gland is much smaller and, upon deglutition, pain shoots up to ear and down neck of affected side. ~ Diphtheria.
Diphtheria: pain in ear extending to swollen parotid glands and to head; tongue coated yellow, especially at root; pricking in tonsils and scraping with stitches in throat; burning in throat; after abuse of Iod. of Mercury.
Violent stitches in left ear extending into roof of mouth, into corresponding side of head and same side of neck, Which was painful to touch and glands swollen. ~ Diphtheria.
Diphtheria on a wounded palate; much prostration; exudation looked like mould on bread; discharge from nostrils.
Extensive, well organized deposit, exciting much cough.
Corresponds to form of disease in which vegetable parasite found in diphtheritic deposit resembles the spirobacteria.


Appetite lost; thirst increased; foul tongue; languor.
Longing for beer; for acid drinks, which increases.
Dislike to meat.


Food lies like a load; sensation after a full meal as if digestion was suspended. ~ Dyspepsia.
Pressure and heaviness in stomach, immediately after eating. ~ Dyspepsia.
After dinner external stitches in epigastrium and breast into nipple (male), and in right hypochondrium.
Secondary bad effects from malt liquors; especially from lager beer.


Fetid eructations.
Eructations of air, relieving an uneasiness of stomach, like from pent up wind at great curvature.
Sudden nausea.
Nausea: feeling of heat over body, with giddiness, rush of blood to head; agg. on moving about, in morning, at sight of food, after meals, and after stool; excited by drinking and smoking; amel. by eating and in open air.
Nausea, with burning pain in anus, and erections lasting half an hour.
Giddiness, followed by vomiting of an acid, white, mucous fluid, with pressure and burning in stomach. ~ Ulcer of stomach.
Almost immediately after eating, vomits all her food, sour; appetite good; tongue red in middle; bitter taste; constipation.
Vomiting: sour, undigested; of bile, bitter; pinkish, glairy fluid; of mucus and blood; of blood, with cold sweat on hands, face hot; of yellow, purulent mucus.
Nausea and vomiting of drunkards.


Swelling of stomach (evening), with fullness and pressure; cannot bear tight clothing; tongue yellow.
Pressure and heaviness in stomach; immediately after eating.
Food lies on stomach like a load; digestion suspended.
Awakens with a start; heat in pit of stomach and spitting of blood; 2 A. M.
Awoke with uneasiness, soreness and tenderness, especially in a small spot towards left of ensiform cartilage; headache in a small spot.
Feeling of coldness in stomach and bowels.
Pains and uneasiness in stomach, alternate with pains in limbs.
Gastric pains amel. after eating and rheumatic pains reappear; when gastric symptoms reach to any height rheumatic pains subside.
Organic cardialgia; eructations; nausea like sea sickness; sensation of fullness, heaviness; malaise after a meal; chilliness; inflation; gnawing, burning, constricting pain in stomach and hypochondria, agg. in morning and during motion, amel. by eating.
After food, choking, as if there was something hard all down esophagus, then a hiccup, and a jumping and shaking as if stomach jerked up, not painful; then a curious feeling as of something eating in bowels; gulping up of food unchanged and not sour, with pain across middle of back; constipation. ~ Gastric affections.
Constant nausea and at times vomiting; choking feeling, like a hair in back of throat, comes suddenly and causes sickness; constant tearing pain at epigastrium; smarting between scapulae; bad taste; tongue white; vertigo on rising. ~ Gastric disorder.
Want of appetite; fullness at chest, much flatulence; taste of rotten eggs coming into mouth, with constant nausea; great dislike to fat meat; tongue reddish and rough; sharp, shooting, stabbing pains all over head, agg. afternoon and evening; constipation; heat of whole body when walking; eyes weak; pain in eyeballs; drowsiness and languor in daytime, sleeplessness at night; frequently sharp, shooting, aching pains in sides and back.
Nausea on moving about or taking a short walk; frequent sensation of nausea rising from stomach to pit of throat; paleness of face; flow of water in mouth; coppery taste; faintness and general coldness, and desire to lie down; frequent pain at epigastrium, pricking through to back, lasting about half an hour; thirst; brown tongue in morning; bowels very constipated; abdomen distended; constant hunger and craving; milk disagrees; almost daily headache, shooting from back to front; pains in both hypochondria on walking; excessive languor and indisposition to bodily and mental exertion; sleep unrefreshing. ~ Affection of stomach.
Pain in right hypochondriac region, towards epigastrium, agg. by touch and walking; vomiting of greenish, watery mucus in morning; thick yellow fur on tongue; no appetite. ~ Gastric derangement.
Appetite poor, but must eat often; as otherwise she felt faint; nausea, amel. after a meal; heartburn; not much flatulence; risings after food; metallic taste in mouth; pain or weight at stomach immediately after taking food, especially after meat; headache and giddiness; constipation; urine high colored; abdomen bloated; tongue too red and dry, but with a yellowish or brownish fur on it; arches of palate red; menses irregular and excessive; great weakness; rheumatism even when well. ~ Dyspepsia.
Bad effects of overindulgence in beer or other malt liquors; great weight in pit of stomach; flatulency; loss of appetite; oppression of food immediately after eating; nausea, confused feeling, especially in morning, and vomiting of mucus; bad humor.
Dines at 6 P. M., and in about three hours has waterbrash, raises phlegm continually, vomits whatever food remains in stomach, and rarely sleeps before midnight, as phlegm chokes him; cough; constipation, stools hard and passed with some exertion. ~ Affection of stomach.
Vomiting of food, sour, with nausea, coming on an hour after eating; pain at pit of stomach, like a stone; tongue white and flabby; bowels costive; meat, tea or coffee vomited immediately. ~ Dyspepsia.
Stomach complaint when there is pain in region of liver and sodden looking tongue, without much acidity or other symptoms, except general discomfort and sometimes white stools.
Gastric catarrh with acid vomiting; sudden dyspepsia while eating.
Dyspepsia and vomiting from chronic gastric catarrh; tongue coated thick, yellowish.
Chronic catarrh of stomach.
Ulceration of stomach and duodenum.
Round ulcer of stomach.


Dull pain or stitches in right hypochondrium, especially when limited to a small spot; clay colored stools; metallic taste; confusion in head.
In evening is seized with a violent aching continued pain, drawing her downwards, in right hypochondrium, stretching from epigastrium round to shoulder; must undress immediately, though not perceptibly swelled; great oppression of breathing; pain lasts several hours and subsides gradually, without any evacuation or passing of wind; at times it is accompanied with nausea and some little vomiting; tongue flat and furred; bowels regular; complexion not yellow.
Pain in a small spot in right hypochondrium; pretty constant, but agg. to a sharp stitch on sudden motion after sitting; appetite good and health not much affected.
Pain in hypochondrium, under ribs, unaffected by eating or pressure, or respiration, agg. by a chill, or great bodily exertion.
Constant dull aching in right hypochondriac region.
Spasmodic attacks resembling those accompanying gall stones.
Dull, heavy pressure or stitches in region of liver.
Stitches in region of spleen, extending into lumbar region, agg. from motion or pressure.


Tympanitis; abdomen feels bloated, followed by eructations.
Sensitiveness of abdomen to least pressure.
Stitches through abdomen, extending to spinal column.
Cutting, as from knives, soon after eating; colic, alternating with cutting at navel, during night.
Cutting pains in lower intestines, and rumbling of gas in upper.
Dull, colicky pain round navel, coming on after any exposure to cold wind.
Almost immediately after eating complains of coldness and nausea, looks pale, and has pain in abdomen, then vomiting of food, unchanged, sometimes sour or tinged with bile; vomiting gives relief; during rest of day languid, drowsy, and complains of cold, though body is hot; frequent colicky pains in abdomen; tongue white, furred; thirst; bowels moved several times a day; stools pale and liquid. ~ Gastro-intestinal irritation.
Attacks of periodical spasmodic constriction of intestines, with nausea, followed by a papescent stool and burning in anus, with tenesmus.
Pain as in enteritis; vomits in rapid succession bilious, bloody matter; blood bright and clotted; listless, indifferent, languid mood. ~ Intussusception.
Gastro-intestinal inflammation, cramps here and there, agg. in calves and inner parts of thighs.
Chronic ulceration of mucous membrane attended with vomiting of ingesta, hectic and emaciation.


Watery, gushing diarrhea in morning; awakes from urgent desire; followed by violent tenesmus, which prevents her rising; later, burning in abdomen, nausea and violent straining to vomit.
Diarrheic stool, of brown, frothy water, with excessively painful pressure, urging and tenesmus in anus.
Stools frequent, clay colored, thin, with lumps, blood streaks, much straining; little appetite, no thirst, no fever; insular large patches on tongue.
Clay colored stools. ~ Chronic diarrhea.
Chronic morning diarrhea; cough; early in morning, pains darting through right lung, from below mamma to back below right scapula; very acute pains darting from behind left hip down on outside of left thigh, and sometimes to calf of leg; severe acute pains about left eye and left side of forehead.
Chronic whitish diarrhea with hepatic derangement of children.
Diarrhea agg. from lager beer.
Stools: blackish, watery; yellowish, watery; clay colored, watery and lumpy; jellylike; involuntary and often painless and odorless; bloody and extremely painful.
Dysentery: brownish, frothy, watery, or frequent bloody evacuations, gnawing about navel, tenesmus; tongue smooth, red, cracked; after a burn.
Diarrhea or dysentery after rheumatism.
Periodical dysentery every year; early part of Summer.
After Canthar. has removed stools like scrapings, jelly-like stools will sometimes appear; Kali bich. will then complete cure. ~ Dysentery.
Before stool: abdominal pains; erections.
During stool: painful urging; burning and straining in anus; succus prostaticus; gnawing about navel; pain in region of spleen; metallic taste in mouth; offensive breath; confusion in head.
After stool: remission of complaints; tenesmus; burning soreness or drawing in anus with nausea.
Papescent evacuations, with much rumbling in intestines.
Constipation, debility, coated tongue, headache, cold extremities; stools dry, knotty.
Great constipation; stools too large in size, and very painful to expel; insular large patches on tongue.
Stool in one mass, of excessive hardness.
Hard, dry, knotty, difficult stools.
Hard evacuation, followed by burning and pressure in anus.
Scanty, lumpy stool, followed by burning in anus.
Habitual constipation; stools scanty, knotty, followed by painful retraction of anus.
Stools dry, with burning at anus.
Tendency to constipation, especially when there exists an aggravation of general symptoms in consequence of its presence.
Periodic constipation every three or six months.
During an emission of wind from anus, sweat all over body, but especially on face, from which it runs in streams.
Falling of rectum.
Pressing and straining in anus, with tenesmus.
Burning in anus after dry and knotty stool.
Sensation of plug in anus, can scarcely sit down.
Soreness at anus, making it very painful to walk.
Fullness in hemorrhoidal vessels.
Painful dry piles, protruding after stool.
Hemorrhage from bowels; strength much impaired; lips completely blanched; palpitation on slightest exertion; tenderness over cecum; stools sometimes natural, sometimes mucus streaked with blood, sometimes almost pure blood; somewhat distended abdomen; stools never caused pain when they were solid, but when there was mucus or blood there was some tenesmus.


Pain across back, with red urine.
Shooting in renal region, small pulse, prostration; suppressed urine.
Constant aching in region of kidneys, agg. in right side, where pain was frequently shooting through to bowels; soreness at stomach and acidity; urine high colored and scanty.
Continuous desire to urinate during day.
Frequent discharge of watery urine, of strong smell, awaking him at night.
Suppression of urine, with much pain in renal region.
Suppression of urine following cholera.
Scanty, reddish urine.
Scanty, high colored urine, with copious, whitish sediment and pain in back.
Scanty urine, with a white film and whitish deposit; mucous sediment.
Urine alkaline and ropy.
Painful drawing from perineum into urethra.
Before urination: pain in coccyx, extending into urethra.
During urination: heat in urethra; burning in glandular part of urethra, continuing long after; burning in fossa navicularis or in bulbus of urethra; backache.
After urination: burning in back part of urethra, with sensation as if one drop had remained behind, with unsuccessful effort to void it; stitches in urethra.


Sexual desire absent, in fleshy people.
Constrictive pain at root of penis; morning on awaking.
Itching in hairy parts, skin inflames, small pustules form, of size of a pin's head.
Chancres ulcerating deeply.
Indurated chancre.
Pricking and itching at glans penis; ulcers.
Stitches in prostate when walking, must stand still; prostatic fluid escapes at stool. ~ Chronic prostatitis.
Gleet, with stringy or jelly-like, profuse discharge.


Prolapsus uteri, seemingly from hot weather.
Subinvolution of uterus.
Membranous dysmenorrhea.
Menses: too soon, with vertigo, headache, nausea and feverishness; obstinate suppression of urine or red urine.
Soreness and rawness in vagina.
Swelling of genitals.
Itching, burning and excitement about vulva; genuine pruritus.
Leucorrhea yellow, ropy; pain and weakness across small of back, and dull, heavy pains in hypogastrium.
Leucorrhea that can be drawn out in long strings; yellow, ropy, stiffening the linen.
Accumulation of thick, tenacious mucus.
Flushes in face, during climacteric period.


Sudden nausea; yellow coated tongue; inward coldness and heat of face; constipation; violent abdominal pains; faintness. ~ Vomiting of pregnancy.
Long and continued vomiting during pregnancy; can retain no food in stomach; great emaciation and debility.
Milk, as if flows from breast, has appearance of being composed of stringy masses and water.


Rough, hoarse or nasal voice.
Hoarseness and accumulation of mucus in larynx, in morning.
Hoarseness in evening.
Chronic hoarseness with laryngitis.
Throat dry and rough, with great hoarseness or aphonia.
Tickling in throat, causes cough.
Accumulation of tough mucus in larynx, causes hawking.
Hawks copious, thick blue mucus, in morning.
Sensation as from ulceration in larynx.
Frequent attacks of hoarseness, cough and difficulty of swallowing; sore throat and sensation of a lump, partially amel. by swallowing; hoarseness and loss of voice; cough with blackish sputa, most in morning, with pain at sternum “like pins and needles”.
Pain in throat, and feeling of swelling in larynx; hoarse, husky voice; cough with sputa difficult to detach; cough and dyspnea in morning; pain across epigastrium and abdomen; constipation. ~ Affection of larynx.
After catching cold, sensation of dryness in throat sometimes becoming a burning, which extended to larynx; voice rough, hoarse; at times, short, dry cough; greyish white coating on posterior wall of pharynx; debility and lassitude. ~ Laryngitis.
Oppression of chest; without cough, expectoration of blood mixed with phlegm, brought on by any exertion, or by reading or talking loud or laughing; agg. morning; cannot bear clothes tight over chest or throat, otherwise a sensation of faintness comes on; sore, smarting feeling in left side of throat, somewhat amel. by swallowing; feeling of throat as if lined with wash leather; amel. dry, warm air; agg. in damp weather, whether hot or cold. ~ Affection of fauces and larynx.
Catarrhal laryngitis and catarrhal aphonia; agg. in evening and when weather is going to change, and after long talking.
Attacks of dyspnea, and more or less difficulty in taking an inspiration at all times; tough, offensive expectoration; constant hoarseness; appetite poor; emaciation. ~ Chronic inflammation of larynx and trachea.
Pharynx bluish with varicose veins; vocal cords and posterior parts of larynx red and puffy and covered with greyish mucus; sensation of dryness; tickling in larynx when speaking; voice rough and hollow; cough with scanty, stringy expectoration, provoked by speaking and laughing; chronic laryngitis.
Chronic laryngitis, with congestion; swelling of tissues and increased secretion of a glutinous fluid; agg. towards morning, when tough mucus nearly strangles him. ~ Follicular laryngitis.
Gradual and insidious onset; at first only slight difficulty of breathing, when mouth is closed; as disease progresses there is fever, increased difficulty of breathing, hoarse voice, constant cough at intervals; cough hoarse, dry, barking, metallic; deglutition painful; tonsils and larynx red, swollen, covered with false membrane, difficult to detach, with expectoration of tough, stringy mucus; finally breathing performed only by abdominal muscles, and those of neck and shoulders; head bent backwards, breath offensive; diminished temperature, prostration, stupor and death from asphyxia, if not relieved. ~ Membranous croup.
Croupy cough; labored and quick breathing; epiglottis slightly covered with a pale, pearly coating; cough dry and severe; pain and soreness in larynx; expectoration gelatinous. ~ Membranous croup.
Fever, fluent coryza, croupy cough, agg. in morning; membrane throughout fauces, tending to spread downwards to larynx; epiglottis faintly covered; coughed up tough, chunky mucus. ~ Membranous croup.
On fourth day of slight attack of diphtheria, sudden croupy cough; breathing labored; could not lie down; cough hard; expectoration of long, tenacious mucus; very drowsy; epiglottis covered on apex and sides with membrane. ~ Diphtheritic croup.
Croupy cough and difficult breathing, with wheezing; expectoration of yellow, somewhat stringy mucus, which had to be removed with finger; tonsils and fauces lined with a white, pearly coating, extending down to larynx; agg. on right side. ~ Membranous croup.
After riding against a cold west wind, cold in head and throat, followed by croupy cough; increased dryness of throat at night, breathing could be heard distinctly through house; cough in paroxysms, fearfully increased after sleep. ~ Croup.
Membranous or diphtheritic croup invading larynx, trachea and even bronchi; voice hoarse, uncertain, cough hoarse, metallic; deglutition painful, tonsils red, swollen, or covered with false membrane difficult to detach, with expectoration of tough, stringy mucus; coughs up casts of elastic, fibrinous nature; loud mucous rales; wheezing rattling in sleep; insidious approach; fat, chubby, light haired children.
Early, formative stage of croup; agg. 2 to 3 A. M.; tough mucus strangles him.
Sensation of lump in upper part of trachea, and of hairs across base of tongue, which neither hawking, swallowing nor eating relieves.
Catarrh of fauces and trachea; great accumulation of ropy mucus; hoarseness; cough; suppressed voice; burning of mucous membrane, extending up into nostrils; tonsils enlarged, causing dullness of hearing; ulceration of pharynx and larynx; oppressed breathing.
Burning sensation in trachea and bronchi.
Sensation of dryness in bronchi in morning.
Violent ringing cough; difficult, yellowish white expectoration; burning, raw pain down throat and along sternum; dyspnea and wheezing, must sit partially up in bed; pulse quick and small; no sleep throughout whole night. ~ Acute bronchial catarrh.
Constant cough, keeping him awake whole night, and causing much distress from pain in chest, which he described as a tearing and burning; constant running from nose; pain in frontal sinuses; general feeling of lassitude and languor. ~ Catarrh of chest.
Frequent severe paroxysms of cough, loose, wheezing sound, no sputa; perspiration agg. at night; loud wheezing and rattling; dyspnea on lying down. ~ Bronchial catarrh.
Violent paroxysms of cough, with little expectoration, and that of stringy mucus, leaving patient excessively exhausted, sometimes attended with dry retching. ~ Bronchitis.
Acute capillary bronchitis.
Every two or three weeks, after any slight exposure, is seized with chilliness and languor, with flushed face, headache and hot hands for half a day; then heat of whole body; disturbed sleep and screaming at night, followed by paroxysms of coughing, with vomiting of tough mucus like white of egg and yellow, acid fluid; then for several days cough; want of appetite; foul tongue; constipation. ~ Bronchial attacks after whooping cough.
Common bronchitis, vacillating between acute and torpid inveterate character of disease, and especially if attended by periosteal or rheumatic pains of chronic character.
Violent, tight, dry cough, agg. during day, and always excited by any exposure to smoke; wheezing at night in bed. ~ Chronic bronchitis.
Rattling in chest, dyspnea on lying down. ~ Chronic bronchitis.
Chronic bronchitis for many months; cough slight, but much viscid expectoration, in grey lumps; slight sore throat; pain at epigastrium; flatulence.
After catching cold, one year ago, cough, with great oppression of chest and swelling of veins of neck; sputa in tough, black lumps; cough agg. after eating or drinking; dyspnea on exertion. ~ Chronic bronchitis.
Stringy expectoration; sensation of choking on lying down. ~ Chronic bronchitis.
Chronic bronchitis caused by inhalation of vapor of arsenic.
Subacute and chronic inflammatory processes in larynx or bronchial tubes, with congestion and swelling of tubes and increased secretion of glutinous mucus, which veils and alters voice.
Bronchial dilatation with fetid breath and expectoration.


Oppressed breathing, awakens at 2 A. M.; palpitation; orthopnea, sits bent forward; caused by mucus, croup, croupous diphtheria, chronic bronchitis, membranous bronchitis, or from disturbed circulation; cold sensation and tightness about heart, lower portions of lungs oppressed.
Pressure and heaviness on chest, as from a weight; wakens with this sensation at night and is relieved after rising.
Like a heavy load on chest when awaking from sleep.
Wheezing, panting on awaking; then cough which forces him to sit up, bent forward.
Wheezing at night after whooping cough.
Slight dyspnea, as if mucous membrane of bronchi was thickened, on rising in morning.
Tightness at bifurcation of bronchi.
Sensation of choking on lying down.

COUGH. [27]

Cough excited by: tickling in larynx, or at bronchial bifurcation; by oppression at epigastrium, or accumulation of mucus in larynx.
Dry, short, continual tickling cough and pain in larynx, as if from an ulcer.
Cough accompanied by inward soreness in chest, especially in one point, as if an ulcer was there.
Cough, with pain, from mid-sternum through to back; severe stitching, or weight and soreness in chest.
Dry cough, with stitches in chest, pain in loins, vertigo, dyspnea, shootings in chest.
During cough: bloody taste in mouth; nausea; ulcerative pain in throat; pressure in sternum and larynx, extending into os hyoides; burning pain in sternum, extending into shoulders; heaviness, sensitiveness and pains in chest; palpitation with rattling in throat; pains in sides and loins amel. by pressure.
Loud, harsh cough, in single coughs, at different times, for an hour or two, and then not for some hours, most in morning on waking.
Cough in morning on awakening, with dyspnea, amel. by lying down.
Cough, especially in morning, with expectoration of white mucus, “tough as pitch,” can be drawn out into strings.
Constant hacking cough, sometimes with expectoration of blood; nocturnal perspiration; night disturbed by cough; tickling irritation in larynx; no appetite; pale; phthisical habitus.
Continuing cough, with expectoration of blood; irritation to cough coming from larynx; sweating in sleep nights.
Cough agg. : undressing; morning on awaking; after eating; deep inspiration; amel. after getting warm in bed.
Wheezing and panting, then violent cough, with retching and difficult expectoration of mucus, so viscid that it can be drawn in strings down to feet.
Cough caused by eating; dry cough after dinner.
Cough with smooth or follicular inflammatory redness of pharynx and fauces.
Dyspnea and dry cough for six weeks, followed by expectoration of dark grey mucus of consistence of white of egg, with soreness and oppression of chest.
Cough resonant, whistling, with nausea and expectoration of thick mucus; whistling, loud rattling in chest.
Choking cough, with tough, stringy mucus, which sticks to throat, mouth and lips.
Cough hoarse, metallic, in croup (membranous or diphtheritic), with expectoration of tough mucus or fibro-elastic casts.
Stuffing cough with pain at chest, and expectoration of yellowish, heavy, tough matter.
Cough with expectoration of yellowish green tough matter.
Cough with thick, heavy expectoration, bluish lumps of mucus.
Cough with transparent, dirty, slate colored sputa.
After whooping cough, six months previously, cough still continued, loose and rattling and tickling in fits at night; wheezing during day without cough; occasional pituitous vomiting.
Whooping cough; mucus so viscid that it stretched in long strings from mouth to ground.
Expectoration is very glutinous and sticky; adhering to fauces, teeth, tongue and lips, finally leaving mouth in long, stringy and very tenacious mass.
Expectoration with traces of blood.


Pains from back to sternum; or, from mid-sternum darting to between shoulders.
Itching behind sternum, causing violent, racking, paroxysmal cough.
Face slightly flushed; nasal mucous membrane irritable, either dry or secretes copiously a yellow mucus; eyes now healthy, often catarrh in corners; teeth all destroyed (mercurial sequela); tongue clear at tip, which is covered with red points, root thickly coated yellow; great dryness of mouth, alternating with salivation; gums livid; fauces and pharynx covered with red granulations, interlaced with white streaks and reaching down to esophagus; constant irritation, as from a foreign body in throat, sometimes severe burning and scratching; taste sour, often metallic; great thirst; stomach bloated, with sensitiveness, fullness and pressure; vomits sometimes; region of rectum sensitive to pressure; urine very acid; stool hard and defecation difficult; dysmenorrhea; dull percussion sound over right upper anterior and posterior part of chest; weak, rattling murmur in apex of right lung; same symptoms on left side, only weaker; cough mostly dry, but troublesome, especially in morning after dressing and late in evening; thick, tough, white sputa; heat and titillation in larynx before coughing, causing restlessness and impatience. ~ Consumption.
Cough, with profuse, yellow, stringy expectoration, and much sweating; pain, as of ulceration of larynx, causing cough at almost every inspiration; feeling of stiffness in larynx. ~ Phthisis pulmonalis.
Scirrhous degeneration of both lungs, expectoration so viscid that it could be drawn a yard from mouth; cough very violent, preventing sleep and rest.
Haemoptysis; pneumonia.


Cold sensation about heart; tightness of chest; dyspnea.
Pressure on heart after eating.
Pricking pain in region of heart.
Palpitation, dyspnea, accelerated pulse, heat; awakens suddenly with a start, 2 A. M.
Hypertrophy of heart; insufficiency of aortic valves.
Pulse: irregular, small, contracted, with nosebleed; accelerated, often soft, weak, even fluttering.
Pulsation felt in all the arteries.


Dull pain in right side over a circumscribed spot, agg. on inspiration.


Stiffness of nape of neck on bending head.
Brown spots on throat like freckles.
Stabbing from third cervical to fifth dorsal vertebra, striking forward through chest to sternum, agg. on motion; inability to straighten spine after stooping.
Pain in back striking through to sternum with cough and expectoration of tough, black mucus.
Pain in small of back.
Sharp, shooting pains, first left then right renal region, extending down thighs, agg. on motion.
Sharp, stinging pain in region of kidneys.
Aching in back and down left side into hip.
Pain: as from a knife, through loins; cannot walk.
Pains across loins with coldness of extremities.
Rheumatic pains in back, while stooping felt as if something cracked across sacrum, cannot stoop or move for pain, which remains constant even while at rest, but agg. on least movement of trunk or legs.
A violent aching pain, “like a gathering,” in a small spot in sacrum, a steady, throbbing pain, most felt at night and hinders sleep; amel. in day, when up and walking about, but unable to lift anything.
Pain in sacrum; cannot straighten himself.
Cutting pain in outer left side of sacrum, shooting up and down.
Pains in os coccygis, agg. from walking, or touch, and after rising after long sitting.
Pain in coccyx, while sitting.


Rheumatic pains in both shoulders, agg. at night.
Stitches at lower angle of left shoulder blade.
Stiffness of shoulder joint.
Painful stiffness of right arm.
Sensation of lameness in right arm, as if it had gone to sleep.
Burning pain in middle of forearm, extending to wrist.
Swelling of arm, followed by a boil-like elevation, which turned into a large ulcer with overhanging edges.
Pustules on arms size of split pea, with a hair in centre.
Itching of forearms and hands, then intolerable pain and formation of numerous ulcers, from which above a dozen nearly solid masses of matter fell on striking the arm firmly, leaving ulcers clean, dry cavities, which slowly filled up and healed.
Rheumatic pains in elbows and wrist joints; stinging in left elbow.
Papular eruption on forearms, lasting a few days, and frequently recurring.
Redness, swelling and itching in a spot on wrist; then great pain; after some time matter formed and broke the skin, and continued to ooze out for two or three months, then healed, leaving a cicatrix depressed as if scooped out.
Great weakness of hands.
Spasmodic contraction of hands.
Psoriasis diffusa of hands, after some time degenerating into impetigo.
Hands completely covered with depressed cicatrices which look as if they had been punched out with a wadding cutter.
Hands become covered with deep, stinging cicatrices.
Bones of hands as if bruised, when pressed; ulcers on fingers, with caries.
Rheumatic pains in fingers joints.
After redness and swelling of finger, with some throbbing pain, an ulcer formed over joint of forefinger, with white overhanging edges and dark, gangrenous central points, skin and cellular tissue movable as if separated from their attachments.
Small pustules on roots of nails, spreading over hands to wrists; arm became red and axillary glands suppurated; small pustules on hands secreted a watery fluid when broken; if not touched fluid became thickened to a yellow, tough mass.
Painful ulcer under thumb nail.


Rheumatic pains in hip joints and knees, on walking or moving, also with restlessness, in diphtheria.
Pain in course of left sciatic nerve, from behind great trochanter to calf; amel. in motion.
Stitches in right side of chest and in left sciatic nerve.
Sciatica: in males; left side, pain running from hip to knee; wandering, erratic pains, sharp pain in knee and hip joint, aching in leg, with trembling; pains come on quickly and subside soon; jerking aching pain in hip; pain amel. by walking and flexing leg; agg. in hot weather, by standing, sitting, or lying in bed; pressure causes pain to shoot along entire length of nerve. ~ Sciatica.
Severe pains in hip and down outside of thigh; agg. in afternoon and evening, amel. in bed; agg. on any change in weather. ~ Sciatica.
Pain aggravated by standing, sitting, or lying in bed; amel. by walking and flexing leg; pressure caused pain to shoot along entire length of nerve; left leg affected. ~ Sciatica.
Sciatica from getting her clothes damp; pain in left hip, amel. from motion.
Pain in right hip, extending to knee.
Heaviness of legs; aching and weakness in calves on walking or going up stairs.
Eruption on legs and thighs of reddish, hard knots, from size of a pin's head to that of a split pea, with a depressed, dark scurf in centre, with an inflamed base.
Violent pains in shin bones and burning, extending up legs; aching and shooting in front of thighs and knees; agg. at night, without swelling.
Pain in tendons of muscles of calf, as if stretched, causing lameness.
Tearing in right tibia.
Tearing pains in tibia, from tertiary syphilis.
Pain in middle of tibia.
Periostitis from a blow on skin, leaving an ulcer on spot about size of a shilling, skin and cellular tissue around it much inflamed; great pain in leg when he stands; violent pain shooting up to knee; stiffness of flexor muscles of knee.
Red, painful, doughy swelling on right shin; tender to touch and after standing, but especially painful at night, when gnawing and scraping pains keep her awake; leucorrhea and itching of vulva. ~ Syphilitic periostitis.
A number of small, irregular ulcers on leg, which leave a depressed cicatrix on healing. ~ Syphilis.
Small pimples on legs, which spread into large scarlet blotches, discharging yellow matter.
Sensation of dislocation in left ankle.
Violent burning heat around ankle and heel, deep seated, and hindering sleep; three small, irregular, shallow ulcers; costive bowels; fluttering at heart.
Soreness in heels when walking.
Blister, full of serum, on sole of right foot.
Ulcers on previously inflamed feet.


Shooting pricking pains, agg. in morning.
Frequent and severe pain in limbs, especially arms, attended with cramping of hands; when free from pain in limbs had pain and uneasiness in stomach and pain in malar bones.
Periodical, wandering pains, also along bones; generally without localized inflammatory process.
Pain in limbs shifting from place to place.
Bones feel bruised; cracking in joints from motion.
Stiff all over, could hardly move in morning.
All the limbs stiff, with shooting pains, agg. in morning.
Rheumatism of limbs, especially in joints.
Rheumatic pains: in limbs; in hips and fingers, agg. during day.
Chronic rheumatism of a cold variety; bones feel sore and bruised.
Periosteal and syphilitic rheumatism.
Audible cracking in joints on slight motion of wrists, ankles and spine, agg. by motion.


Lying: throbbing over eyes amel.; on painful side agg.; dyspnea; sensation of choking; cough amel.; sciatica agg.; pains from patella to foot agg.
Lying on face: pannus of eyes amel.
Bending head: stiffness of nape of neck.
Head bent backward: membranous croup.
Twisting head: during epileptic attack.
Must lie down: on account of violent headache.
Inclination to lie down.
Could not lie down: during diphtheria.
Stooping: lightness in head; throbbing over eyes agg.; shooting in temples and over eyes agg.; dizziness; felt as though something cracked across sacrum.
After stooping: cannot straighten spine.
Rising after sleep: sensation of weight on chest amel.
Rising from a seat: vertigo.
Sitting: pain in coccyx; sciatica agg.; profuse sweat on back.
After rising after long sitting: pains in os coccygis agg.
Could hardly sit down: sensation of plug in anus.
Must sit up partially in bed: on account of dyspnea.
Sits bent forward: orthopnea; on account of wheezing.
Standing: sciatica agg.; great pain in leg.
After standing: doughy swelling on right shin.
Motion: aversion to; organic cardialgia agg.; sudden, after sitting, sharp stitch in right hypochondrium; pain through chest to sternum agg.; shooting pain in renal region agg.; rheumatic pain agg. on movement of trunk and limbs; rheumatic pains in hip joints and knees; pain in course of sciatic nerve amel.; cracking of joints.
Slightest motion: pain in blood boil on right side of spine.
Slightest exertion: causes palpitation; expectoration of blood mixed with phlegm; dyspnea.
Moving about: throbbing over eyes agg.; nausea agg.
Cannot stoop or move: with pain across sacrum which remains constant even while at rest.
Putting tongue out: pain in throat agg.
Going up stairs: dizziness; aching in calves.
Flexing leg: amel. pain in hip.
Walking: heat of whole body; pains in both hypochondria; in right hypochondriac region; painful on account of soreness at anus; stitches in prostate, must stand still; pain in sacrum amel.; pain in os coccygis agg.; rheumatic pains in hip joints and knees; jerking aching pain in hip amel.; aching in calves; soreness in heels.
Must walk up and down room whole night on account of burning itching of papular itching.
Cannot walk: on account of pain through loins.
Tossing arms: during sleep.

NERVES. [36]

Great weariness, and general discomfort; debility, with desire to lie down.
Weariness in limbs as the pains subside.
Prostration; face pale, cold sweat on face and body.
Neuralgia every day at same hour.
Epileptic attacks; hands get lame; nausea followed by chill, gaping, fainty feeling and headache; loses consciousness with the headache; winking with eyelids during attack; twisting the head; loud screaming; face changing, now pale, now red; froth at mouth; tough, stringy fluid runs from mouth, could be drawn out in a thread six yards long.

SLEEP. [37]

Great inclination to yawn and stretch.
Drowsy in open air.
Unrefreshing sleep; feels debilitated, especially in extremities.
During sleep frequent starts, incoherent talk, tossing arms.
Awakened: with desire to urinate; by dyspnea; palpitation; heat; headache.
Worse on awaking: head and chest symptoms especially.

TIME. [38]

Most symptoms appear in morning, or are then most severe.
At 2 A. M.: heat in pit of stomach and spitting of blood; oppressed breathing awakens; awakens with a start.
From 2 to 3 A. M.: croup agg.
Mornings: lightness in head agg.; pain in one side of head comes on; acute throbbing in eyebrows, lasting all day; sight is blurred; on awakening, headache; pain in forehead and vertex; slight photophobia; catarrhal inflammation agg. on awaking; inflammation of eyes with agglutination; frequent sneezing, obstruction and bleeding from right nostril; thick, yellow discharge from left nostril; cough agg.; taste coppery, sweetish, sour, bitter; dryness and burning of throat; much tenacious mucus hawked; black mucus from throat; nausea agg.; organic cardialgia agg.; brown tongue; confused feeling; watery, gushing diarrhea; chronic diarrhea; pains darting through right lung; on awaking, constrictive pain at root of penis; hoarseness and accumulation of mucus in larynx; hawks copious, thick, blue mucus; cough with blackish sputa; cough and dyspnea; expectoration of blood mixed with phlegm agg.; chronic laryngitis agg. towards mornings, when tough mucus nearly strangles him; fever and croupy cough agg.; dryness of bronchi; when rising, slight dyspnea; loud, harsh cough agg.; cough with dyspnea; cough agg.; limbs stiff with shooting pains agg.; great thirst.
At 9 A. M.: attack of pain in head begins, goes off in afternoon.
Begins morning, increases till noon, ceases towards evening; violent shooting from root of nose to external angle of eye.
Day: shooting in temples and over eyes; drowsiness and languor; continuous desire to urinate; violent, tight cough agg.; wheezing without cough; aching in sacrum amel.; rheumatism of hips and fingers agg.
Afternoon: sharp pains all over head; sciatica agg.
Evening: headache; coryza agg.; swelling of stomach; sharp pains all over head; violent aching pains in right hypochondrium; hoarseness; catarrhal laryngitis; catarrhal aphonia agg.; cough agg.; sciatica agg.
Night: pain in left side of head agg.; shooting in temples and over eyes; pulsating pain in ears; running from nose and eyes, always agg.; paroxysms of suffocation; sleeplessness; cutting at navel; frequent discharge of watery urine of strong smell awakening him; dryness of throat agg.; no sleep on account of cough; perspiration agg.; disturbed sleep and screaming; wheezing in bed; sensation of weight on chest; sweats; cough; tickling cough; aching in small spot in sacrum agg.; rheumatic pain in shoulders; aching in front of thighs and knees agg.; doughy swelling on right shin; heat and itching of skin; burning itching of papular eruption; throat sore on swallowing.


Complaints in hot weather.
Liability to take cold in open air.
Eruption begin in warm weather. (Rhus in cold).
Moderately cold air is felt very unpleasantly.
General feeling better outdoors, particularly vertigo amel. while walking in open air; chilliness and complaints of stomach agg. in open air.
Uncovering agg.; wrapping up amel.
Open air: throbbing over eyes amel.; headache amel.; frequent sneezing and coryza agg.; nausea amel.; drowsy.
In bed: sciatica amel.; pain from patella to foot agg.
Seeks a warm place: on account of chilliness in back.
Dry, warm air: throat amel.
Warm temperature: dryness of nose agg.; cough amel.; itching of skin.
Warm, damp weather: constant snuffing; throat agg.
Warm soup: burning headache amel.
Hot weather: prolapsus uteri, seemingly from; sciatica agg.; violent itching of eruption agg.; eruption begins.
Wind: watery discharge from right nostril agg.
Cool temperature: dryness of nose amel.
Cold weather: itching of eruption amel.; ulcers painful.
Cold, west wind: riding against caused cold in head followed by croup.
Cold winds: cause dull, colicky pains around navel.
Cold, damp weather: throat agg.
Drinking cold water: does not amel. dry mouth and lips.
Change of weather: sciatica agg.
When weather is going to change: catarrhal laryngitis agg.
Undressing: cough agg.
After catching cold: cough.

FEVER. [40]

Chilliness in back, sleepiness; seeks a warm place.
Chilliness alternating with flushes of heat.
Chilliness with giddiness and nausea, followed by heat, with sensation of coldness and trembling; periodical stinging pains in temples; without thirst.
Attacks of chilliness from feet upwards, and sensation as if skull at vertex became contracted, in frequently returning paroxysms.
Chill, followed in an hour by heat, with dryness of mouth and lips, which have to be moistened all the time; followed in morning by great thirst but no sweat; ill humor.
Chilliness, especially on extremities, and flushes of heat alternating with general sweat.
Burning heat op upper part of body and face, with internal chilliness and violent thirst.
Giddiness; violent, painful vomiting followed by pain in forehead, burning of eyes, great burning heat of upper part of body and face, with internal chilliness and violent thirst.
Flushes of heat; in face. ~ Climaxis.
Heat of hands and feet; nausea; pain in upper part of abdomen; dryness of mouth; sleeplessness; followed by sweat of hands, feet and thighs.
Flushes of heat alternating with general sweat.
Hands cold and bathed in cold sweat.
Sweat on forehead; rest of face dry.
Sweat: on back, during effort at stool; profuse while sitting quietly; cold on forehead and hands; on hands, feet and thighs.


Pains fly rapidly from one place to another, not continuing long at any place, and intermit.
Symptoms alternate.
Gastric symptoms supersede rheumatic.
Pains appear rapidly, disappear suddenly.
Frequently returning paroxysms: sensation as if skull or vertex became contracted.
Periodical attacks: of semilateral headaches; spasmodic constriction of intestines; of stinging pains in temples.
Periodic: headaches; constipation.
At intervals: shooting in right temple.
An hour after eating: vomiting of food with nausea.
One hour after chill: heat.
Several times a day: bowels moved.
Comes and goes with sun: headache.
Every day at same hour: neuralgia.
Almost daily: headache.
On fourth day of diphtheria: sudden croupy cough.
For several days, after exposure: cough, want of appetite.
Every two or three weeks: after slight exposure is seized with chilliness and languor, flushed face, headache, hot hands for half a day.
For six weeks: dyspnea and dry cough.
Every three or six months: constipation.
Fall and Spring: alternately gastric symptoms and rheumatism.
For many months: chronic bronchitis.
Every year: periodical dysentery.
One year ago: after catching cold, cough.
Dines at 6 P. M., and in about three hours has waterbrash.
Lasting half an hour: erections; pricking through back.
Lasts ten hours: pain in head.
Lasting a few days: papular eruptions on forearms.


Right: pain beginning in supraorbital ridge, spreading over one side of head; pain round eye and malar bone; loss of sight of eye; acute throbbing in centre of eyebrow; pain in side of chest; shooting in temple; complete pannus of eye; eye inflamed; na old cicatrix upon eye; itching of ear lobe; mumps on side of lip; on blowing nose violent stitches in side of nose; watery discharge from nostril; obstruction and bleeding from nostril; violent sticking in side of nose on blowing it; nostril filled with hard masses; swelling of a highly vascular, spongy texture in nostril; small ulcer on edge of nostril; spot in lachrymal bone swollen and throbbing; small tubercle on side of nose; mumps; gum of lower jaw very much swollen; patch on tonsil; pains extending to ear; stitches in hypochondrium; pain in hypochondriac region; aching in hypochondrium; pains in a small spot in hypochondrium; constant dull aching in hypochondriac region; pains dart through lung from below mamma to back below scapula; aching in region of kidney; dull percussion sound over upper anterior and posterior part of chest; weak rattling murmur in apex of lung; dull pain in side over a circumscribed spot; painful stiffness of arm; stitches in side of chest; pain in hip to knee; tearing in tibia; red, painful, doughy swelling on shin; blister full of serum on sole of foot; blood boil of thigh; blood boil on side of spine; blisters full of serum on sole of foot.
Left: pain in temple stretching to right temple; pain in side of head and over eye; violent pain in side of head, zygomatic process; shooting pain along orbital arch; eyeball tender when rubbed; partial pannus of eye; pricking, stinging pains in eye; small, white, granular pustules on cornea; eye greatly injected; shooting pains in ear; stitches in ear and parotid gland; violent stitches in ear extending to roof of mouth, side of head and neck; external meatus of ear swelled and inflamed; tickling high up in nostril; constant discharge of thick, yellow matter from nostril; severe pain up muscle of side of neck; half way up nostril severe smarting pain; spongy swelling in nostril; shooting pain in upper maxillary bone towards ear; shooting inward in malar bone; twanging like wires in face and neck; sore on chest; shooting pain in tonsil; uneasiness, soreness and tenderness in a small spot towards left of ensiform cartilage; pain in hypochondrium; acute pains darting from behind hip, down on outside of thigh; acute pains about eye and side of forehead; smarting feeling in side of throat; weak, rattling murmur in apex of lung; aching down side into hip; pain in outer side of sacrum; stitches at lower angle of shoulder blade; stinging at elbow; pain in course of sciatic nerve; stitches in sciatic nerve; pains running from hip to knee; sensation of dislocations in ankle.
First left then right renal region: sharp, shooting pains.
Outward: a shooting in temples and over eyes.


Pains in small spots, which can be covered with point of finger.
Pains attack first one part, then reappear in another.
Heavy feeling in many parts.
As if head would burst; pressure on vertex as from a weight; sensation as from sand in eyes; as if nose must burst; as if nose was swollen; a stiff sensation of a hard substance in nose; as if a heavy weight was hanging from nose; as if nostrils were made of parchment; as if two loose bones were rubbed against each other; nose feels too heavy; tickling as from a hair high up in left nostril; as if losing her reason from burning sensation in face; sensation of a hair on back part of tongue; sensation of a plug in throat; as if acid fluid was running through posterior nares over palate; as if something remained in throat after swallowing; as though lungs were stuffed with cotton; as if digestion was suspended; as if there was something hard all down esophagus; as if stomach jerked up; as if something was eating in bowels; sensation of plug in anus; as from ulceration in larynx; as from a lump in throat; feeling of swelling in larynx; throat as if lined with wash leather; cutting as from knives in abdomen; sensation as if one drop of urine had remained behind; pain at sternum “like pins and needles;” as if a lump was in upper part of trachea, and of hairs across base of tongue; like a heavy load on chest; as if mucous membrane of bronchi was thickened; pain in larynx as if from ulcer; as if an ulcer was in chest; irritation as from foreign body in throat; as from a knife through loins; as if something cracked across sacrum when stooping; as if right arm had gone to sleep; cicatrices on hands look as if they had been punched out with a wadding cutter; bones of hands as if bruised; as if tendons of muscles of calf were stretched; as if skull on vertex became contracted; stitches in bones as if from needles; pain as if in bone of foot.
Pain: in epigastrium; in forehead over one eye; beginning in right supraorbital ridge, spreading over one side of head; in left temple; across forehead; to left temple; around eye and malar bone of right side; in left side of head and over left eye; in right side of chest; in head at a point; in forehead and vertex; from occiput to forehead; from ears into glands; in throat when putting tongue out; in side of head; extending from throat to ear; in ear extending to swelled parotid gland and to head; in stomach; in limbs; across middle of back; in eyeballs; in epigastrium; in both hypochondria; in right hypochondriac region; at pit of stomach; in region of liver; in abdomen; as in enteritis; in region of spleen; across back; in coccyx into urethra; at sternum; in throat; across epigastrium; in larynx; in chest; in frontal sinuses; in larynx from mid sternum through to back; in loins; in sides; in sacrum; in small of back; across loins; in os coccygis; in coccyx; in course of left sciatic nerve from behind great trochanter to calf; from hip to knee; in left hip; in right hip to knee; in tendons of muscles of calves; in middle of tibia; in forehead; in upper part of abdomen.
Excruciating pain: in small of back.
Intolerable pain: in forearms and hands.
Excessive pain: in eyes.
Violent pain: in temples; in head; in left side of head at zygomatic process; from occiput to forehead; in throat; in abdomen; in shin bones; from patella to foot.
Severe pain: in frontal sinuses; up muscles of left side of neck to small spot on side of head; on swallowing; about left eye and left side of forehead; in hip and down outside of thigh; in limbs; in arms.
Great pain: in nose on removal of elastic plugs; in a spot on wrist; in leg when he stands.
Acute throbbing pain: in centre of right eyebrow.
Tearing pain: in chest; in right tibia.
Constant tearing pain: in epigastrium.
Cutting: in abdomen; at navel; in lower extremities; in outer left side of sacrum, shooting up and down.
Stabbing: from third cervical to fifth dorsal vertebra.
Lancinations: in ear; in nose.
Darting pains: in head; through lungs; from behind left hip on outside of left thigh.
Violent shooting pain: from root of nose along left orbital; arch to external angle of eye, up to knee.
Sharp, shooting, stabbing pains: all over head.
Sharp, shooting, aching pains: in sides and back, first left then right renal region, extending down thighs.
Shooting pain: over eyebrow; in temples; over eyes; inward towards throat; in left upper maxillary bone; in left malar bone; in bone over eye; in left tonsil; in left ear; from back to front; in renal region; from kidneys through to bowels.
Shooting: in chest; thighs and knees; in limbs.
Violent stitches: in left ear, extending into roof of mouth, side of head and neck; in right side of nose.
Sharp stitches: in bones of head; in ulcers on tympanum; in right hypochrondrium.
Stitches: in left ear and left parotid gland; in throat; in epigastrium and breast into nipple; in right hypochondrium; in region of liver; in region of spleen; through abdomen; in urethra; in prostate; in chest; at lower angle of left shoulder blade; in right side of chest; in left sciatic nerve.
Violent sticking: in right side of nose.
Sharp pain: in knee and hip joint.
Pinching pain: in bridge of nose.
Digging: in rami of lower jaw.
Constricting pain: in stomach; in hypochondria; at root of penis.
Stinging pains: in eyes; in ulcers on tongue; in tongue; in left elbow; in temples; in skin; in one temple; from external meatus into internal ear; in region of kidneys.
Severe smarting pain: extending to malar bone below eye.
Scraping pain: in right shin.
Pricking pains: in eyes; in granular pustules on left cornea; in tongue; in tonsils; through to back; in glans penis; in region of heart.
Burning pain: in head; on upper eyelid; in anus; down throat, and along sternum; in chest; in sternum; in middle of forearm.
Violent aching: in right hypochondrium; in small spot in sacrum.
Steady throbbing pain: in sacrum.
Ulcerative pain: in throat.
Pulsating pains: in ears.
Jerking, aching pain: in left hip.
Aching pain: on one side of head; at root of nose; in forehead; in sides and back; in region of kidneys; down left side to hip; in legs; in hip; in calves; in front of thighs and knees.
Flying pains: in head; to all parts.
Wandering pain: in eyes; from hip to knee; along bones without localized inflammatory processes; to all parts.
Rheumatic pains: in stomach; in back; in both shoulders; in elbows and wrist joints; in finger joints; in hip joints and knees; in limbs.
Raw pain: down throat and along sternum.
Pressive pain: in root of nose.
Colicky pains: in abdomen.
Gnawing: at epigastrium; in stomach; in hypochondria; about navel; in right chin.
Cramps: in hands; in calves and inner side of thigh.
Dull aching: in right hypochondriac region.
Throbbing, dull, heavy: above eyes; distinct and rhythmical with pulse; in right lachrymal bone.
Beating: inside of root of nose.
Light pain: across lower part of chest.
Semilateral headache: in small spots.
Gastric pains: in stomach.
Dull pain: in hypochondrium; around navel; in right side.
Dull, heavy pain: in hypogastrium.
Painful pressure: in anus.
Drawing: in anus; painful, from perineum into urethra.
Twanging like wires: in left face and neck.
Bruised feeling: in bones.
Scratching: in throat.
Smarting: of affected parts; between scapula; in left side of throat; scabs of pustules on arms and legs; on mucous surface of lips.
Sticking sensation: in ear.
Soreness: of bones of head; in eyes; in nose; of gums; in small spot towards left of ensiform; in anus; at stomach; in vagina; of throat; of larynx; of chest; in heels.
Rawness: in vagina.
Violent burning: in small ulcer on right nostril; in throat; around ankle.
Great burning heat: of upper part of body.
Burning: in both eyes; in eyelids; of nose; inside of root of nose; of septum; in face; in throat; in pharynx; in stomach; in hypochondria; in anus; in abdomen; in glandular part of urethra; in fossa navicularis; in bulbous portion of urethra; about vulva; of mucous membrane extending up into nostrils; in trachea and bronchi; in shin bones and up legs; in skin.
Heat: in eyes; of external ears; in external nose; in pit of stomach; in urethra.
Painful stiffness: of right arm.
Dull, heavy pressure: in region of liver.
Constriction: of intestines.
Tightness: about heart; at bifurcation of the bronchi; of chest.
Pressive sensation: at root of nose; in temples.
Stiffness: of larynx; of nape of neck; of shoulder joint.
Stiff sensation: in walls of nose.
Lameness: in right arm; of hands.
Fullness: in stomach; at chest.
Great weight: in pit of stomach; in chest.
Pressure: on vertex; in eyes; at root of nose; in stomach; in anus; on chest; in sternum; on heart.
Heaviness: of head; of upper eyelids; in stomach; on chest; of legs.
Oppression: of chest.
Lightness: in head; across forehead.
Confusion: of head.
Sensation of choking: on lying down.
Dryness: of nose, of mouth and lips; in throat; in bronchi.
Velvety feeling: on walls of nose.
Gaping, fainty feeling: with headache.
Uneasiness: in stomach.
Sensation of dislocation: in left ankle.
Tickling: high up in left nostril; in throat; in larynx; in bronchial bifurcation.
Violent tickling and itching: in ears.
Intense burning itching like fire: of eruption over body.
Violent itching: over whole surface of body.
Itching pain: in ethmoid bone.
Itching: of affected parts; of eruptions on scalp; of lids; of external ears; of eruption on ears; of right ear lobe; of scabs on face; of pustules on face; in hairy parts of male sexual organs; at glans penis; about vulva; behind sternum; of forearms and hands; in a spot over wrist; of chin.
Creeping: of affected parts.
Inward coldness and heat: of face.
Feeling of coldness: in stomach and bowels.
Cold sensation: about heart.


Emaciation; anemia; general cachexia.
Diphtheritic formations in nose, mouth, fauces, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi, and even uterus and vagina.
Plastic exudations.
Affections of any mucous membranes, with discharges of tough, stringy, adherent mucus, or can be drawn out into long strings.
Catarrh alternating with rheumatic pains.
Rheumatism alternating with gastric symptoms, one appearing in the Fall, the other in Spring.
Bones feel bruised; caries.
Cracking in all joints from least motion.
Rheumatic pains in nearly all joints.
Bone pains with stitches as if from sharp needles.


Touch: burning pain on upper eyelid; neck painful; dorsum of nose painful; violent burning in ulcer on nostril; gum on right lower jaw tender; left ear and neck painful; pain in hypochondriac region agg.; pain in os coccygis agg.; swelling like a knot painful.
Pressure: hard, amel. throbbing over eyes; headache amel.; pinching pain in bridge of nose amel.; teeth will not bear slightest pressure; stitches in region of spleen agg.; abdomen sensitive; pains in sides and loins amel.; region of rectum sensitive; causes pain to shoot along length of sciatic nerve.
Cannot bear clothes tight over chest or throat.
Must undress immediately on account of pain in right hypochondrium.
Desire to rub eyes.
Rubbing: smarting of eyes agg.
After an abrasion: swelling like a hurt.
From a blow on chin: periostitis.

SKIN. [46]

Burning stinging in skin.
Skin hot, dry and red.
Whole of lower part of body, from a little below navel in front and from top of nates behind, down thighs and legs, covered with a smooth, shining, elevated, bright red eruption, giving those parts appearance of boiled lobster shell; skin has na appearance of thickening and induration; not much irritation or heat.
Heat and itching of skin at night, when warm in bed, followed by reddish, hard knots, from size of pin's head to that of a split pea; centre depressed, with a dark scurf, surrounded by an inflamed base.
Dry eruption like measles.
Upon development of eruption, hoarse, croupy, distressing cough; nose sore, small ulcers in nostrils, and discharge tough, thick, viscid, stiff; expectoration stringy and tough, and detached with great difficulty. ~ Measles.
Papular eruption, began as a spot on calf of leg and spread all over body; large papular elevations, red and irregular, like measles, but more raised, with intense and excessive burning itching like fire, especially at night, compelling her to walk about room whole night; general debility; gnawing and pain at epigastrium, and sensation of internal itching there, amel. taking food; bowels open; urine hot and high colored, and at times scanty; menses regular.
Violent itching of whole surface; then small pustules form, mostly on arms and legs; scabs smart, pain and burn; agg. in hot, amel. in cold weather.
Small pustules over body like small pox; they disappear without bursting; mostly on face and arms.
Pustules over whole body, appearing on inflamed parts of skin, as large as a pea, with a small black scab in middle.
Eruption all over body, beginning as a small lump on skin, which inflames and gets red, and finally discharges a bloody fluid, and leaves a small, depressed, ulcerative surface with an inflamed base, which heals and breaks out again; wherever discharge touches it causes a fresh spot; violent itching at night. ~ Pustular eruption.
Small pustules on roots of nails, spreading over hands to wrists; arm red, axillary glands suppurate; small pustules on hands secrete a watery fluid when broken; if not touched, fluid thickens into a yellow, tough mass.
Boil-like elevation which turned into a large ulcer, with hard centre and overhanging edges.
Blood boil on right thigh; right side of spine, near last rib; painful on least motion.
Vesicular eruptions.
Blisters full of serum on sole of right foot.
Herpes after taking cold, with fluent coryza and bronchial irritation.
Scabs on fingers, or corona glandis; deep, stinging cicatrices on hands.
Brown spots like freckles on throat.
Suppurating tetter (ecthyma).
Pustular syphiloderma.
Impetigo, pustules.
Lupus, chronic form, with burning and itching.
The eruption begins in hot weather.
After an abrasion, swelling like a knot, forming an irregular ulcer, covered with a dry scab and painful to touch; under skin, hard, movable knot, like a corn, with small; ulcerated spot in middle, where it touches the cuticle; the hard, knotty feel remains after the healed ulcer is covered with white skin.
Ulcers: deep yellow, dry, oval; edges overhanging, bright red areola; base hard, corroding; becoming deeper; blackish spot in centre; cicatrix remains depressed; deep as if cut out with a punch, edges regular.
Syphilitic ulcers, deep with hard edges, on genitals, in throat, uvula, septum of nose, etc.
Ulcers painful in cold weather.
Suppurating, solitary skin tubercles, forming deep holes.
Head and scalp covered with dry, red, scaly patches at roots of hair, and bringing out hair; much itching at night, but no moisture or pain; on face and body brown flat spots and papulae; cervical glands behind ears swollen and painful; violent pains from patella to foot, of a “linking” character, and as if in the bone; pains agg. in bed and on lying down; at night must get up and walk about most of the time; at times much swelling along tibia; leg feels swelled and doughy along the bones; throat sore on swallowing, especially at night, and is red but not ulcerated; several flat, elevated ulcerations on tongue, and one large patch in centre; voice hoarse; constipation; nausea after meals; flushes of heat and perspiration; menses regular but painful. ~ Eruption and periostitis, probably syphilitic.


Fat, light haired persons, who suffer from catarrhal, syphilitic, or scrofulous affections.
Fat, chubby, short necked children, disposed to croupous inflammations.
Persons of florid complexion, of a blotchy, red appearance and thick skin.
Dyspeptic beer drinkers.
Suited to persons subject to catarrhs of mucous surfaces.
Boy, aet. 5 months; constipation.
Child, aet. 5 months, strumous constitution, ailing three months; eruption on head.
Boy, aet. 10 months, bright, vivacious, light complexioned; membranous croup.
Child, aet. 11 months; diphtheria.
Girl, aet. 18 months; eruption on body.
Child, aet. 1 1/2; six months ago had whooping cough, since then suffering; cough.
Boy, aet. 2; scrofulous conjunctivitis.
Boy, aet. 2 1/2, suffering nine months; hoarseness.
Boy, aet. 3, good constitution; bronchitis.
Girl, aet. 3; membranous croup.
Child, aet. 3; diarrhea.
Boy, aet. 4; scrofulous conjunctivitis.
Child, aet. 4; diphtheria.
Girl, aet. 4, fair complexion; diphtheritic croup.
Girl, aet. 4, light complexion, flaxen hair; membranous croup.
Boy, aet. 4, sanguine temperament; chronic diarrhea.
Boy, aet. 5; diphtheritic croup.
Girl, aet. 5, fair haired, had whooping cough, after which she caught cold; gastro-intestinal irritation.
Girl, aet. 5; pustular eruption.
Boy, aet. 6, suffering two days; catarrhal ophthalmia.
Boy, aet. 6; scrofulous conjunctivitis.
Child, aet. 6; diphtheria.
Girl, aet. 7, affected most of her life; scrofulous ophthalmia.
Boy, aet. 7, lymphatic, pale complexion, sanguine temperament; eruption.
Girl, aet. 8, had whooping cough four years ago, since then ill; recurring bronchial attacks.
Boy, aet. 8, stout, large head, after a burn; dysentery.
Girl, aet. 8 1/2; scrofulous conjunctivitis.
Boy, aet. 9; scrofulous conjunctivitis.
Child, aet. 10; diphtheria.
Girl, aet. 10, ill six weeks; eczema.
Girl, aet. 11, ill two months; vomiting.
Girl, aet. 12, had croup six years ago, since which she has been suffering; hoarseness; cough.
Girl, aet. 13, suffering a month; scrofulous ophthalmia and ulceration of cornea.
Girl, aet. 13; sore throat.
Girl, aet. 13; croup.
Girl, aet. 14, not yet menstruated; affection of stomach.
Boy, aet. 14, lymphatic, nervous temperament, fair hair, light eyes; pustular eruption.
Girl, aet. 15, suffering for a year; catarrh of nose; Young lady, aet. 17, just returned from India; pain in right hypochondrium.
Girl, aet. 17, caught cold one year ago, since which she has been suffering; bronchitis.
Young girl, suffering several months, operation unsuccessful; nasal polypus.
Girl, sanguine, lymphatic temperament, for six years after diphtheritis; pains in limbs.
Lady, aet. 22; pain in hypochondriac region.
Man, aet. 22, had syphilis two years ago; ulcers on leg.
Woman, aet. 22; syphilis.
Man, aet. 24, has gastric and rheumatic troubles; pain in back.
Young man, blonde; gastric derangement.
Young tenor singer, after catching cold; laryngitis.
Man, aet. 24, healthy, suddenly seized with violent pain in temples a month ago, since which he has suffered; headache.
Officer, aet. 24, strong, plethoric constitution, choleric temperament, 15 months ago had chancre; syphilis.
Young woman, mother of two children; ulcerated sore throat.
Woman delicate, married five years; eruption and periostitis.
Woman, aet. 25, unmarried, suffering for three months; stomacace.
Lady, aet. 25, strumous constitution, suffering many years; lung fever.
Man, aet. 26; chronic bronchitis.
Woman, aet. 26, blonde, small figure, steel grey eyes, oxygenoid constitution; gracile, but not phthisicky habit; excessively nervous, anxiety at least ailment; irritability and tendency to spasm, and of tearful disposition; catches cold easily and then coryza and cough are troublesome for a long time; suffered from acute gastric and intestinal catarrh, for which she took very large doses of nitrate of silver; consumption.
Woman, aet. 27, married; migraine.
Man, aet. 27; trachoma with pannus.
Woman, aet. 28; ulcer.
Man, aet. 28; pustular eruption.
Woman, aet. 30, had syphilis eleven years ago, and was treated with mercury, had one stillborn child; syphilitic sore throat.
Irishman, aet. 30, strong and hearty, during day is able to work and enjoys his breakfast and lunch; affection of stomach.
Man, aet. 30, after being exposed to cold some months before; affection of kidneys.
Lady, aet. 30, unmarried, suffering for years; affection of fauces and larynx.
Woman, aet. 30, since confinement three months ago; cough.
Mrs. —, aet. 30, delicate, subject to perspirations; papular eruption.
Man, aet. 32; supraorbital neuralgia.
Man, aet. 32, suffering three years; pain in right side.
Mrs. D., aet. 32, phthisical habit, lymphatic temperament; convalescent from mild attack of gastric fever; pain in tibia.
Woman, aet. 33, had syphilis several years ago; affection of nose and throat.
Woman, aet. 35, married, fair hair, stout; suffering daily for about ten days; pain in right hypochondrium.
Policeman, aet. 35, suffering for one month; sciatica.
Maid servant, aet. 36, suffering three years; eczema of scalp.
Woman, aet. 36, suffering two months; affection of larynx.
Woman, aet; 37, ill seven weeks; gastric disorder.
Woman, aet. 38, suffering six months, headache.
Man, aet. 38, spare, blonde, father of four healthy children, four years ago had syphilis and was subjected to severe mercurial treatment; coryza with loss of taste and smell.
Man, aet. 39, suffering 18 months; dyspepsia.
Woman, aet. 39, general health impaired, feeble frame; ulcer on leg.
Man, aet. 40; boils on head.
Man, aet. 40, in bad health for two years, has had rheumatic gout and rheumatic iritis; inflammation of eyes.
Lady, aet. 40, fat, fair, of florid complexion, uses beer at meals, and whiskey in evening, suffers from enlarged liver and jaundice; dyspepsia.
Middle aged woman, suffering for four years; gastric affection.
Man, tall, spare frame, suffering for eight years; sciatica.
Florid, red haired woman, husband had syphilis before marriage; five years ago, had sore throat and ulcer on lips; first two children premature and stillborn, remaining two delicate, now nursing for last six months; syphilitic periostitis.
Woman, aet. 44, suffering for a fortnight; supraorbital neuralgia.
Lady, aet. 44, stout, florid countenance, subject to chronic coughs; acute bronchial catarrh.
Man, aet. 45; laryngitis.
Mrs. —, aet. 45, nervous temperament; chronic inflammation of larynx and trachea.
Man, aet. 45; chronic bronchitis.
Man, aet. 45; cough.
Woman, aet. 46, suffering one month; headache.
Man, aet. 46, suffering seven years; pustular eruptions.
Man, aet. 48, chronic bronchitis.
Man, aet. 48; pustular eruption.
Man, aet. 50, operated upon three times within last 23 years; nasal polypus.
Mrs. H., aet. 50, subject to colds in head, and determination of blood to head, menses ceased about two years ago, after influenza two years previously; chronic catarrh of nose.
Man, aet. 50, stout, red faced, suffering many months, had been treated with caustics and counter irritants; enlarged tonsils with deafness.
Woman, aet. 50, delicate; laryngitis.
Man, aet. 50, rheumatic; general pains.
Man, aet. 50, after a blow; periostitis.
Man, aet. 50; affection of kidneys.
Lady, aet. 52; polypus of conjunctiva.
Man, aet. 55, major; chronic inflammation of larynx and trachea.
Man, aet. 55; chronic bronchitis.
Woman, aet. 60, weak, rheumatic, for several weeks has been suffering from sudden and profuse discharges of clear, watery fluid from nose which suddenly ceased; affection of esophagus.
Man, aet. 60, fell and hurt leg 16 years ago; periostitis.
Mrs. —, aet. 60, subject to attacks of dyspepsia and sick headache; lupus.
Man, aet. 62; chronic rheumatism.
Man, aet. 64, had syphilis 40 years ago, but no symptoms of it during intermediate time, for last ten years; sore on cheek.
Woman, aet. 65; cough.
Man, aet. 67; bronchitis.
Man, aet. 69; chronic bronchitis.
Man, aet. 82, lived for thirsty years in India, had fever, dysentery, bronchitis; bowels generally loose, habitual snuff taker; malignant ulceration of nose.


Antidoted by: Arsen., Laches. (croup, diphtheria, etc.), Pulsat. (wandering pains).
It antidotes: effects of beer; effects of arsenical vapors; Mercur., Merc. jod.
Compatible: after Canthar. in dysentery; after Iodium in croup, when hoarse cough, with tough membrane, general weakness and coldness are present; Ant. tart. follows well in catarrhal affections and skin diseases.
Compare: Bromium in croup; Cannab. in orbital pains; Hepar in croup, ulcers, etc.; Kali i. in syphilitic affections after mercury; Mezer. in bone diseases; Nitr. ac. in syphilis; Phytol. in syphilitic bone affections; Spongia in croup; Silica in bone affections.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 06, 1888
Description: Clinical materia medica of Kalium bichromicum
Remedies: Kalium bichromicum
Author: Hering, C.; Raue, C.G.; Knerr, C.B.; Mohr, C.
Year: 1888
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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