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Standard name Sabal serrulata
Other names
Standard abbr. Sabal
Other abbr.
Scientific name Serenoa repens (W.Bartram) Small
Other scientific names Diglossophyllum serrulatum (Michx.) H.Wendl. ex Salomon; Sabal serrulata (Michx.) Schult.f.; Serenoa serrulata (Michx.) Hook.f. ex B.D.Jacks.; Corypha obliqua W.Bartram; Chamaerops serrulata Michx.; Corypha repens W.Bartram; Brahea serrulata (Michx.) H.Wendl.
Common names Saw Palmetto
Substance description (1) Tincture of fresh ripe berries and seeds, all crushed and macerated in 90 percent. alcohol for fourteen days and decanted (Hale). (2) Fluid Extract, “probably four times stronger than the tincture” (Hale). [C. S. Estep (Am. Hom., xxvi. 133) uses a dark-green Fluid Extract which is made from the fresh green berries, and is “almost as green as grass and has an oily surface”. He makes his dilutions from this. Other preparations have disappointed him.] (3) Oil (prepared from the expressed juice of the fruit by allowing it to stand a few days). (4) Saccharated Oil (one part of the oil to seven parts of cane sugar). (5) Malted Sabal (one part of the Oil to seven of Maltine). (6) Aqua Olei Sabal (a preparation suggested by Hale made by triturating gtt. xvi. of the Oil with Mag. carb. one ounce, gradually adding a pint of distilled water and decanting. For use as a spray).
Distinctness GROUP (see Substance description)
Classification Organism – Plantae – Magnoliophyta – Liliopsida – Arecales – Arecaceae – Serenoa


Materia medica


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