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Standard name Calcarea carbonica
Other names Calcarea ostrearum
Standard abbr. Calc.
Other abbr. Calc. carb.
Scientific name calcium carbonate (impure)
Other scientific names
Common names
Substance description Triturations of the pure white middle layer of the oyster-shell. Precipitated carbonate of lime from a solution of chalk in hydrochloric acid, is triturated with an equal quantity of sugar of milk; twenty parts of this are mixed with one hundred parts of alcohol, and this is termed the tincture. Neither of these preparations consists of pure calcium carbonate.
Distinctness VARIANTS (1. Oyster shell; 2. Carbonate of lime.)
Classification Chemical substance – Mixture
Provings mixed with Calcarea acetica


Materia medica


All standard homeopathic remedy names are listed in the Official Remedy Name List. Extended Remedy Name List includes all known naming variations (homeopathic names only). The Complete Remedy Name List includes all homeopathic names and all common names. This page is a part of ongoing Project Remedies.

Also see Calcarea ostrearum calcinata, which is also made of oyster shell, but calcined at red heat and slaked (forming mostly calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2).

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