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Translation guidelines

You are welcome and encouraged to translate any article to any language you desire. This article aims to serve as a preliminary guideline to maintain structure and order.

Language namespaces

If you look at the URL of this page – – the en part denotes the English language namespace. To translate any article, you need to take the URL of the article, change the language namespace to your desired target language and direct your browser to this new page (preferrably in a new window). If the article already exists, you can improve it, if it does not, you will need to click Create button to create a new page.

Currently maintained language namespaces are as follows:

Language Namespace
English en
German de
Slovak sk
Polish pl


If you wish to translate the article from English to German, you would direct your browser to

If your desired target language is not in the list and you wish to translate more than just a few articles, please make a contact so we can setup a new language variant of the web site.

Starting a new translation

When starting a new translation, always begin by copying/pasting the original source markup code1) to the new page which is to contain a translation. This is necessary to maintain sentence anchors, interlinks, formatting etc.
Source markup code is what you see when you click Edit button. To understand the function of various markups, please refer to formatting syntax manual.

For example, this is how the beginning of source markup code for the article looks like.

====== OUR MATERIA MEDICA.====== 
{{anchor:s2}}["Advice to Beginners, Etc.;" a lecture delivered at the Homoeopathic College of Pennsylvania, October, 1864.]
{{anchor:s3}}By Constantine Hering M.D., Philadelphia, PA.
{{anchor:s4}}So you would begin in earnest to study the Materia Medica, if you had a "purified" one. 

Basic translation guidelines

  • make sure you have at least a basic notion of DokuWiki markup code before attempting a new translation – please refer to formatting syntax manual if you don't
  • never translate any markup code, only translate the core text (see previous point)
  • if at all possible2), do not divide the sentences – meaning, if it is one sentence in original language, try to make it one sentence in the translation too (not two or more sentences)3)

1) please note this is different from copying/pasting the text of the actual article you see in your web browser
2) if not possible, try harder
3) hint: use semicolons where appropriate
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