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Project HomeoPublish

Perhaps you did not know, but there is a whole mountain of valuable homeopathic literature buried in the libraries – old books, magazines, articles, essays, reviews etc.
The goal of the project is making these available for study, research or software development – never to be lost again.

This project is a part of Legatum Homeopathicum effort. Please also have a look at other projects we are working on.

Preliminary criteria for inclusion

  • must be out of copyright (otherwise a written permission of the copyright holder is necessary)
  • author's or editor's understanding of homeopathy must be (vaguely) in line with Hahnemannian classical homeopathy
  • instructive, high-educational-value material is preferred

The process

The process of getting from an old dusty badly-printed book to a nice clean crispy electronic text runs as follows:

  1. Scanning the source.
  2. OCR processing.
  3. Basic proofreading.
  4. Formatting.
  5. Sentence disambiguation 1).
  6. Publishing in a suitable output format (online, SQL export, e-reader format such as .mobi)
  7. Further error corrections, formatting improvements, interlinks etc. (optional)
  8. Translation to other languages. (optional)

Current status

We are currently working on The Homoeopathic Physician magazine. If you wish to help with proofreading and learn a lot about homeopathy during the process, please apply here.

The articles of the American Homoeopathic Review magazines have reached step 6 of the process and are available online.

The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica have reached step 6 of the process and are available online.

Get involved

You can help by proofreading the processed texts or reading the texts currently online and

Remember, this site runs on a Wikipedia-like engine (called DokuWiki), so you can make any changes as easily as clicking the Edit button, making your modifications and saving it.
Please read the formatting syntax manual before plunging into making any changes and test your first steps on the playground.

Get super involved

If you have plenty of time to waste and consider yourself a high priest of OCR processing, you could even help with the actual processing of the source materials! If you dare, please send us your application. Excellent attention to detail and saintly patience are a must.

If you wish to donate specifically for this project, please use the donation link below. For general purpose donations, please proceed here.

PayPal donations for Project HomeoPublish

For direct bank transfer, please use the following banking information:

Name on the Bank Account: LEGATUM HOMEOPATHICUM
Foundation address: Hrušková 28/A, 836 01 Bratislava, Slovakia
Bank Name: FIO BANKA, A.S.
Bank Address: Nám. SNP 21, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia
Bank Account number: 2900308392
IBAN: SK94 8330 0000 0029 0030 8392

In the message to the recipient, make sure to state PROJECT HomeoPublish or something similar indicating you wish to support this particular project.

1) marking the beginning of each new sentence


jim hebert, 2014/03/12 08:16

I am making this 3 euro donation for you to use as you best see fit. I enjoy reading and learn so much from the articles you e-mail to me. Thank you.

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