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Anagallis Arvensis.

Scarlet Pimpernel. Primulaceae.

The common red chickweed. A little herb growing by the wayside, in fields and gardens, known since Dioscorides, and a famous polychrest through all ages. Allen has only Schreter's provings, not the French. We add Dr. Gnther's valuable proving. He collected the plants in Rhode Island. Gnther and his son took 10 drops of the tincture in water, finally the tincture itself from 10 to 15 drops every day from January 27th to February 14th, 1854. He took the red-flowered variety; some make a distinction between this and the blue-flowered, or coerulea.

MIND. [1]

Exhilarated, mind very active; thinks of everything.
Cannot collect his thoughts while listening to a sermon, on account of very joyful feelings, without special cause.
Great hilarity for several days; everything gives him pleasure.
Frenzy in continued fever; febrile delirium.
Anxiety in chest.
After mental exertion, great prostration.
(OBS:) Hypochondriasis, (hence its Greek name, signifying “to laugh”).
(OBS:) Mania.


Vertigo (cerulea).
(OBS:) Epilepsy.


Heat rising to head, slight sweat on forehead, followed by pressing stitching in eyeballs and a tickling pricking in urethra, inclining him to coition.
Headache just over supraorbital ridges, with eructations and rumbling in bowels.
Spasmodic lancinations in both temples, extending to eyes.
Headache with fever (cerulea).
Pressive aching in forehead and occiput from a current of air blowing on him.
Intense headache and nausea, with pains throughout body.
Occiput: dull or tearing pains and inclination to vomit; violent headache, with hard, knotty stools; knocking pain in left side; dull pain all night.
Headache relieved by coffee.


Skin of forehead feels too tight, when closing eyes or wrinkling brows, agg. on left side.
Vehement itching on vertex and occiput.
Stitches on several places on scalp, chiefly over left ear and on occiput.
Chilly sensation on right frontal protuberance.
Violent pain as if occasioned by external pressure on occiput behind left ear.


Things seem to float to and fro, he cannot write.
(OBS:) Amblyopia.
(OBS:) Cataract.
Glittering before left eye; evening by candlelight.
Pressing in eyes after headache.
Stitching in temples extending into eyes.
Pain in right eyeball, agg. from touching lids.
Itching of eyelids.
(OBS:) Spots on cornea.


Obstruction and pain in right ear following pressure in eyes.
Violent stitches in right ear.
Pain in right ear as if meatus auditorius externus was obstructed.
Tickling and itching in left ear.


Nosebleed. ~ Syphilis.
Violent sneezing, expelling a lump of viscid yellow phlegm.
Unpleasant tickling on tip of nose, with violent sneezing.
Violent sneezing following pain in right side of back.
Frequent running of water from nose.
Copious secretion of yellow phlegm.


Neuralgic pains in right cheek bone, extending to supraorbital region; during night.
Pains in facial muscles.
Bran-like, ring-shaped tetters on face.
Itching on cheek bones.


Itching and tickling stitches on left corner of mouth and lower lip, just under border.


Dull pain in a hollow tooth, with trembling of heart.
Dull pain in upper molars and tearing pain in right cheek bone.
Teeth pain as from cold; agg. from touch; chilly sensation in teeth.
Gums swollen around a hollow tooth.
Dull pain in gums, accompanied by very hard stools.


Sensation on tongue as if something cold was placed upon it; also near frenum.


Viscid saliva in mouth, raised by coughing.
Collection of water in mouth, with slight tearing pains in molars.


Sensation of dryness in throat, with scraping.
Tickling at soft palate at night, as from touch of something cold.


After eating: scratching in throat; pressure on lungs.
Coffee: relieves headache.


Eructations, nausea, inclination to vomit and rumbling in bowels, with headache.


Inflammation of stomach (horses).


Hepatitis and indurated liver.


Abdomen distended with wind.
Weak feeling in abdomen.
Rumbling in bowels, with headache.
Visceral obstructions.


Inflammation of rectum (horses).
Itching in rectum; pressure in sacrum; piles.
Passes offensive flatus.
Stools soft and pappy.
Diarrhea watery.
Stool hard like stone, knotty.
Itching at anus after evacuation of bowels.


Inflammation of kidneys.
Burning in urethra when urinating, mostly in morning.
Orifice seems agglutinated; presses to urinate; urine escapes in a divided stream.
Tickling, prickling along urethra, inclining to coitus.
Urine dark, sometimes straw-colored.
Copious urination (horses).
(OBS:) Gravel.


Desire for coition.
(OBS:) Is said to be useful in syphilis with deranged mind, nosebleed, pain in small of back; skin itches.
The burning in urethra before and during erection ceases during coition.
Drawing pains in right testicle and cord.
Tearing pains in spermatic cords.
Tickling on symphysis pubis.


(OBS:) Cancer of mamma.


Is given to cows if they fail to become pregnant.


Sensation as if a brush was brought in contact with epiglottis, with hoarseness.
Scratching and scraping in throat, especially after meals.
Hoarseness proceeding from trachea.

COUGH. [27]

Cough dry: with a scratching sensation when reading aloud; with yellow phlegm from nose; with spitting of saliva.


A kind of restlessness in chest.
Soreness on chest with fever.
Pressure on right lung after a meal or when walking fast.
Stitches in left side in region of fourth and fifth ribs.
Pulsations in right side of chest.
Pains in lungs felt in front and in back up to scapulae.
Suddenly a feeling internally in chest, as if struck with a cushion full of pins.
(OBS:) Consumption.
Bluish red spot on condensed lungs.


Violent trembling of heart, with general trembling and weakness, preceded by aching in a carious tooth and anxiety in chest in evening in bed.
Coagulated black blood in chambers of heart (horses).


Itching on left side of chest, principally on nipple.
Eruption on chest.


Tensive drawing from left shoulder up to neck; returns when lifting or stretching arm.
Itching on neck and scapula; on right scapula.
Pains in right side of back, followed by violent sneezing.
Trembling of muscles of neck (horses).
Violent pains in sacrum when lifting a slight load, they take her breath.


Tensive drawing ascending from left shoulder to nape of neck, agg. raising and extending arm.
Pain in shoulder (cerulea).
Pain in lungs and back into shoulder blade.
Pains in muscles of upper arm, outside, near shoulder.
Drawing pains in muscles of upper arm, lasting for some time, especially felt when moving hand or arm, e. g., in writing.
Vehement pains in muscles of forearm, inside, near elbow joint.
Violent pains in carpal and metacarpal bones of right hand, extending up arm to shoulder.
Drawing pains in carpal and metacarpal bones of right hand.
Pains in left thumb, violent twitching in it.
Drawing tearing in right metacarpus, sometimes left, returning at regular intervals.
In metacarpus of thumb a dull drawing, or tearing mostly right side, sometimes also in left.
When cutting with shears cramp in ball of thumb, when it ceased it appeared on left, in evening.
Intense pains in palm of right hand, in fork of thumb and forefinger, with a sensation as if a pin was thrust through it.
Gouty swellings on joints of fingers.
Itching on upper arm, inside, immediately above joint of elbow.
Itching on back of right hand.
Skin of hands and fingers very dry, sticky and dirty looking.
Tetter on hands dry, bran-like, squamous; or groups of small vesicles, smarting and itching, oozing a yellow brown lymph when scratched, which soon turns into a scurf; new vesicles appear beneath.
Dry, bran-like, squamous tetters on hands and fingers, principally on fore and middle fingers of right hand.


Pain in hip (cerulea).
Lumbago and itching.
Tickling pains in right leg and at os ileum.
Drawing pains in muscles of left leg; tearing during night.
Weakness like lameness in right leg, as if it was too short.
Pains in bend of left knee.
Slight pain near left knee and in posterior muscles of left leg.
Sensation of tightness in bend of left knee, as if there was something swollen or sore.
Pains in right leg, above knee, in knee and shin bone, when in a sitting posture and having legs lightly crossed.
Stitches in left shin bone, when in a sitting posture, but only in moving leg or foot.
Pain in right shin bone when extending leg.
Cramps in right calf, slight in left.
Pain in upper part of metatarsus of right foot.
Pains in great toe and little toe of left foot, in morning.
Pain in curved or concave part of left sole.
Pain in sole of left foot near toes.


Trembling of muscles of hind legs and neck (horses).
(OBS:) Gout.


In bed: trembling of heart with toothache; chilliness.
Sitting with legs crossed: pains in and about right knee.
Stretching arm: tensive drawing from left shoulder to neck.
Lifting: tensive drawing in left shoulder; pain in sacrum.
Walking: pressure on right lung.
Motion of leg or foot: stitches in right and left tibia agg.

NERVES. [36]

A sort of chilly trembling; trembling all over.
Great prostration, especially after mental work.
Exhausted and drowsy.
(OBS:) Epilepsy.

SLEEP. [37]

Falls asleep late; sleep restless; awakens early, feeling unrefreshed.
Agitation disturbs rest at night.
Sleep troubled by tearing or stitching pains.
Lascivious dreams.

TIME. [38]

Night: dull pain in occiput; neuralgia in cheek; tickling at palate; erections.
Morning: burning in urethra when urinating; pain in feet.
Towards evening: spells of chilliness.
Evening: glittering before left eye; trembling, anxious feeling in chest; toothache.

FEVER. [40]

Trembling with chills.
Crawling and trembling.
Chilliness followed by heat (cerulea).
Spells of chilliness towards evening and in bed.
Chilliness penetrating teeth.
Fever with headache and sore chest.
Heat rises into head, with sweat on forehead, followed by sensation in eyeballs and tickling in urethra.
(OBS:) Bloody sweat; murrain of calves.


Below upward: pains in upper limbs.
Right: chilly sensation on frontal protuberance; pain in eyeball; pain and stitches in ear; drawing in testis and cord; pressure on lungs; itching on scapula; pains in palm of hand; tickling pains in leg and os ilium; weak, lame feeling in leg; pains in and about knee and tibia; pain in foot.
Left: knocking in side of occiput; stitches over ear; glittering before eye; itching in ear; itching and stitches in corner of mouth; itching on side of chest; tensive drawing from shoulder; drawing in muscles of leg; pain in knee and posterior muscles of leg; tight feeling in bend of knee; pain in tibia; pain in feet, in sole of foot.


As if skin of forehead was too tight; feeling of obstruction in right ear; itching and tickling stitches in left corner of mouth and lower lip: as if something cold was placed upon tongue; a kind of restlessness in chest; as if a brush was brought in contact with epiglottis; as if struck with a cushion full of pins in chest; as if a pin was thrust into palm of right hand; lameness in right leg as if too short; as if swollen or sore in bend of left knee.
Pain: in right eyeball; in right ear; in right side of back; in facial muscles; in lungs; in shoulder; in shoulder blade; in upper arm; in left thumb; in hip; in bend of left knee; in right leg above knee; in right knee and shin bone; in right metatarsus; in great toe and little toe of left foot; in left sole.
Teeth pain as from cold.
Violent pain: on occiput behind left ear; in sacrum; in muscles of forearm; in carpal and metacarpal bones; in palm of right hand, in fork of thumb.
Lancinations: in temples.
Stitches: in eyeballs; in temples; in scalp; in eyes, from temples; in right ear; in left corner of mouth; in left side, region of fourth and fifth ribs; in left tibia; disturb sleep.
Pricking: in urethra.
Neuralgic pains: in right cheek bone.
Tearing pain: in occiput; in right cheek bone; in molars; in spermatic cords; in muscles of left leg; disturbs sleep.
Drawing pain: in right testicle and cord; tensive drawing from left shoulder to neck; in right carpus and metacarpus, also tearing; in muscles of upper arm; in muscles of left leg.
Pressing: in eyeballs; in forehead and occiput; in eyes; on lungs; in sacrum.
Scratching: in throat, after eating; when reading aloud.
Scraping: in throat.
Soreness: on chest.
Aching: in forehead; in occiput.
Dull pain: in occiput; in hollow tooth; in upper molars; in gums.
Tension: in skin of forehead; tensive drawing from left shoulder to neck; in bend of left knee.
Weakness: in abdomen; in right leg.
Pulsations: in right side of chest.
Cramp: in balls of thumbs; in right calf, slightly in left.
Burning: in urethra.
Heat: rising to head.
Dryness: in throat with scraping; of hands.
Cold or chilly sensation: on right frontal protuberance; in teeth; as if something cold were placed on tongue; at soft palate, as from touch of something cold; a sort of chilly trembling.
Tickling: in urethra; in left ear; on tip of nose; at soft palate as from something cold; in urethra, and prickling; on symphysis pubis; as from a brush against epiglottis; pains in right leg and at os ilium.
Itching: on vertex and occiput; of eyelids; in left ear; in face; on cheek bones; in rectum; at anus; on left side of chest; on left nipple; on neck and scapula; on upper arm, inside, above elbow joint; on back of right hand; tetter; all over skin.


Pains in joints going from place to place (cerulea).
Rheumatic and gouty pains.
(OBS:) Dropsy.


Touch: aggravates pain in right eyeball; teeth painful.
(OBS:) Used in snake-bites and hydrophobia.

SKIN. [46]

Skin itches all over.
Skin rough, dry.
Dry, branlike tetter in rings.
Ulcers and swelling on joints.
(OBS:) Ill-conditioned ulcers.
(OBS:) Promotes expulsion of splinters.


Collateral relation. Cyclam.
Similar to: Coffea (joyous, excited); Cyclam. (sneezing); Lith. c. (rough skin, ringworm); Sepia, Tellur. (ringworm); Pulsat. (chilliness; catarrhs); Rhus tox. (see below).
Smelling of Rhus tox. and an hour later taking Coloc., relieved sacral pain; Rhus tox. relieved swollen gums.
Coffee relieved headache.
It is said to form an important part of Stoy's medicine for hydrophobia.


Source: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica Vol. 01, 1879
Description: Clinical materia medica of Anagallis arvensis
Remedies: Anagallis arvensis
Author: Hering, C.
Year: 1879
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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